Snowed In with My Warm Mom Ch. 03

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Class is going by slower than normal today. I can’t focus on writing lines of code when just a couple of hours ago I was filling my mother with cum. I’ve tried to text her but she is adamant that I focus during class. She isn’t responding, which is a good thing. She’s doing what a mother should do. Maybe it’s just because I’ve never had sex before but I feel so strongly about what we did. I have nothing else to compare it to. The most I’ve had before this was heavy make-out sessions where I felt a girl up.

I only have classes three days of the week this semester. The other days I work and whenever I am off, I squeeze in school projects. I’ve been maintaining the business well. I wonder how whatever I have going on with my mom will fit into my schedule. What is going on with us? What are we? We enjoy being close and making each other feel good. But what are we? Are we together now? She called me “my love” earlier, but that’s something she would have already said. This is hard to navigate. I still would like her to be my mother but I also want to make her cum and spend time with her. I have no interest in seeing classmates or coworkers. None of them have made me feel this alive. Just watching a movie next to her gave me more of a rush than when Jennie kissed me and rubbed me off through my pants at the end of senior year.

It’s not just the sexual rush I’m after. I want to hold her hand and kiss her. I want to be the only one she is ever with again. But I still very much would like a mother. Can both realities co-exist with each other? It’s a little after 2 PM and I’m eating a bland burger I bought from the cafeteria. I text my mom that I’m on break right now and before I can even put my phone down, I see that she is calling me.

“Hi, mom,” I say excitedly.

“Hi, handsome,” She says sounding equally excited to hear from me. “I’ve missed you.”

I feel real butterflies in my stomach hearing that. The way she said it. It sounded so full of love and desire. She spoke it in a soft breathy tone. I can’t believe hearing from my mother is causing me to get this excited. Weirdly I didn’t feel as bad before about wanting to fuck my mother. She’s a hot girl so who wouldn’t? But now I have a desire to do more than just fuck her. I want her to be min and it’s fucked up. What is happening to us?

“I’ve missed you too…beautiful,” I say feeling awkward. “Did you enjoy this morning?”

“I’ve been masturbating thinking about it all day,” my mother says in a whisper tone.

“You have?”

“I came four times already, babe.”

My dick is growing inside my pants. Not only did I fuck her good. My mom touched herself thinking about what we did. Even if she wasn’t my mom. If I got a call from a girl I slept with and she said this. I would feel like I achieved something great as a man.

“Mom,” I say and pause for a few moments. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” she says in a warm motherly tone. “My sweet little man.”

“I mean…I really love you.”

“I know what you mean, dear.”

My heart is pounding right now. This isn’t right but I don’t care. If this pure unconditional love is considered bad by society. That’s society’s problem. Not mine. The woman tuzla escort I’ve been in love with my whole life wants me. I’m on cloud nine.

“Do you want to…I don’t know, do something?” I ask cautiously. I don’t know what kind of relationship she wants. She may want to just have sex and cuddle. She is within her rights to want that if that’s what she desires.

“Steven,” she says in a cheeky tone. “Are you asking your mother out on a date?”


“I’d love to go out on a date with you, honey.”

“I’ll pick you up after school in your car. Uhm, just one thing. How are we going to go about this?”

“What do you mean? Haven’t you been on a date before?”

“Yeah! Lots!”

“Oh, look at my little player.”

“Mom, I’m being serious. We can’t like…you know. Do stuff in public.”

“So I won’t kiss you and you won’t grab my ass until we’re back home. I’ll see you after school honey. Goodbye.”

She hangs up and I hold the phone over my heart. I’m smiling the biggest I’ve ever smiled. My heart feels full and my dick is hard.

“Who was that?” My classmate Sharon says sitting down across from me. “You look smitten right now. Who’s the lucky lady? Come on, tell me”

“It was nobody,” I say not wanting to get caught. “It was just my professor.”

“Damn, I wish my professor made me feel that good.”

“It was nobody.”

“Okay, okay, I won’t pry. I hope you have a good time tonight.”

“Thanks, I think I will.”

I rush to my mother’s car. Throw my bag in the trunk and speed to my apartment. I shower and throw on some nice black dress pants. I put on my nicest button-up dress shirt as well. My mom bought me this shirt last Christmas and now I’m wearing it on our first date. I ate my mother’s ass before we even went on a date. The realization that I’m going on a romantic date with the woman who gave me life is suddenly starting to sink in. I look in the mirror and see so much of her in myself. This is so wrong. It’s wrong that it turns me on that she’s my mother. It gets me hard seeing the family resemblance.

I pull in front of my mother’s condo and step out of the car. This is really happening. I’ve been on my dates in my life but this is the first one I’ve felt the need to impress. I enter the condo and my stunning mother comes walking around the corner. She’s wearing a tight short red dress. Her smooth legs are showing. If she bent over too far you would definitely see her ass. Over her dress, she’s wearing a short wool coat. She has a thick coat of dark red lipstick on her smiling lips. She walks over, grabs my shirt, and pulls me in for a passionate kiss. As she pulls away she licks me from my chin to the top of my lips and smiles.

“You look handsome tonight,” She says looking me up and down.

“You look stunning, mom,” I say amazed.

“Thank you, dear,” she says giving me a quick motherly peck on the cheek. “So where are we going tonight?”

“I’m taking you to Arlo’s.”


“You deserve the best.”

I hold the door open for my mother and check her ass out as she walks out. She stands by the passenger door and waits for me to open it for her. Is this what dating my mother will be like? I get to be a kind gentleman for pendik escort her. I greatly enjoy doing things like this though. I know a lot of modern women think it’s patronizing to do these things. But I’m just doing it because I love her. My mother is older than the women I would usually date. She’s old school and expects men to act a certain way.

The restaurant is nice and I have no idea what any of the food on the menu is. My mother just giggled and ordered for the both of us. It’s some kind of saucy pasta dish with wine and bread along with pieces of fish. I’m not sure what it is but it tastes great. I’m resisting the urge to put my hand over my mother’s hand or give her gentle kisses. There are many lovers around us on dates as well and they can show their love for each other without facing judgment. The couple closest to us have their tongues down each other’s throats. They can do that but I can’t simply hold my mother’s hand and give her a peck on the lips.

“This is really nice, Steven.” my mother says and then sips some wine. “Can you afford it, hun? I can pay the bill if you don’t have enough.”

It is comforting to me how she can seamlessly go from my sexual lover to a warm mom at a moment’s notice. Without thinking I slide my hand across the table and put it on hers and she quickly pulls her hand back. She looks around nervously making sure no one saw.

“I can afford it, mom,” I say pulling my hand back as well.

“I hope that didn’t discourage you,” she says quietly. “I didn’t deny you because I don’t want you. If you could read my thoughts right now you’d go crazy.”

“I get it, mom. People shouldn’t know what we do.”

Much like breakfast, our meal isn’t unusual. There isn’t all this awkward romantic tension in the air. Just a mother and son who love each other more than anything. I can sense her desire to touch me below the waist and I’m sure she can sense mine but it’s still just a normal dinner.

We walk back to her car and when we are a good distance away from the building she holds my hand tight. I open the door, let her in, and then walk around and take a seat. She leans over and quickly gives me a soft kiss. All her kisses make my body and soul feel so alive. I can hardly focus on the road while driving home because my eyes keep wandering to her legs and her beautiful face. Whenever we pass a light I glance over so I can see the beauty next to me.

“Drive next to your car in the parking lot of the store,” she says.

“Why?” I reply.

“You have to work early tomorrow so I want you to go back to your apartment tonight.”

“I can crash with you again, mom.”

“We both know we won’t get much sleep. I have to work early tomorrow too, babe.”

“Okay, mom, but I’ll come to see you after work, okay?”

“I’ll be counting down the minutes.”

I pull up next to my car. The lot is empty other than our cars. All the stores are closed around us. I unbuckle my seatbelt and reach for the door handle but she grabs my hand. I turn and look at her and her lips find their way to mine. Like the couple at the Arlo’s, our tongues are in each other’s mouths. My mother gently whimpers as I lick her tongue and the inside of her mouth. My tongue explores everywhere it can aydınlı escort reach. She pulls my hand down between her legs and I feel her pussy right away. She’s not wearing any underwear in such a short dress.

“Baby,” my mother moans into my mouth. “Fuck.”

I rub her clit in circular motions and she starts bucking her hips back and forth. She takes her tongue out of my mouth and starts licking my lips and chin. She kisses my cheek and licks it as well. It’s hot when she gets like this. It’s like she loses control and just reverts to her primal instincts. I put a finger inside her and she moans loudly and covers her mouth. She reaches down, pulls my hand up to her mouth, and licks the moisture off my finger.

She bends down and quickly unzips my pants. My hard cock is already all the way inside her mouth. I lean back into my seat and moan. Her head is bobbing up and down and I feel her hair bouncing on my legs. She is expertly working her tongue on my dick as she sucks it. Her tongue wraps around my cock and licks and she licks the underside of it. Then she takes me out of her mouth and just wraps her lips around the head of my cock and rubs her tongue on the top. This causes me to moan even louder and start shaking. Suddenly she goes back down and puts me all the way inside her mouth again.

How did she get so good at this? Why would I want to spend any time fucking an inexperienced 20-year-old when I can be with my mother who seems to have mastered this. Every time I think about the fact that she’s my mother I get a shiver up my spine. But a good shiver, an addictive shiver. That feeling along with this amazing blowjob is going to make me cum soon. I never expected a blowjob to be this loud. I’ve seen it in porn but my mother is very loud. She moans like she’s being fucked and the car is filled with loud slurping and sucking sounds. She pulls me out of her mouth and plants several kisses on the tip of my dick and puts me back in her mouth.

“Mom,” I moan loudly and push her head down. “Mom.”

My mother doesn’t answer me. She just looks up at me and continues sucking with all her talent. I know she wants me to fill her mouth with cum. I let out a loud moan and press her head down. Cum shoots out of my dick and I lift my hips in the air as I press her head down. She doesn’t gag or struggle with this at all. Just like before she tightens her lips around my cock so no cum can escape her mouth.

“Fuck, fuck fuck!” I moan. “Mom, you’re so fucking amazing.”

I’ve finished cumming but she doesn’t take me out of her mouth. She keeps my softening dick in her mouth and continues giving it loving licks. These licks are giving me shivers. My god, this woman is amazing. It’s like she was made to please me. Finally, she takes me out of her mouth and does one big gulp. Again, there is no cum on her mouth or anywhere on the seats. She truly swallowed every last drop of my fluids. She leans forward, kisses me on the mouth passionately, and wraps her arms around me. We get out of the car and she goes around the front to stand next to me.

“Goodnight, my love.” She says holding both of my hands.

“Goodnight, mom, I love you.”

She gets in the driver’s seat of her car, enthusiastically waves, and drives away. I get in my car and lean back into the seat. I’ve filled my mother with cum twice today. I went on the best date of my life and I’m so in love. Just like that line in her favorite movie “you have bewitched me, body and soul.”

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