Working for Mother

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“Men suck,” mom said as she entered the house. A tossed jack and handbag later she stood in front of me and said, “Do me a favor and look at me for a moment.” I did.

Mom was wearing a little black dress that clung to her body as if it were painted on. She was forty and thanks to yoga and regular exercise she had a great figure. Her breasts were still firm and round, her stomach still taut, and her ass… I know women in their twenties who’d kill for her ass. I know a few guys who’d do the same just for a small piece of her.

“Okay,” I said after taking her in.

“Would you fuck me?”

I laughed, “Is that an offer?”

She sat down next to me and kicked off her heels. “I’m serious, if you were a guy, would you want to fuck me?”

“Eh, I don’t know if I could think like a guy,” I said teasing her.

She rolled her eyes and slapped my leg, “You know what I mean. If you weren’t my son.”

“Oh, then, in that case, I’d fuck you. Why?”

“I’ve been out with this guy four times and still nothing. I get a few kisses and then nothing, not even a little light fingering.”

I laughed, “Damn, what’s a girl got to do to get a little dick, huh?”

“I’m not trying to be slutty, but yeah. I just need to find a young guy like you who’ll fuck my brains out. Know of any good escorts?”

“Yeah, me.” She looked at me like I was joking, “I’m serious, mom. I mean, I’m hardly ever serious, but on this topic I am. Remember after high school I got a job and told you I was working the night shift at the mall?”

“Yeah, you work for that hair place cleaning up, so?”

“So, I lied. I started pimpin’ myself out. Why do you think I live in the gym so much, and when have you ever known a mall job to pay enough to allow me to buy a car like I have? So, if you’ve got the cash, I got the product.”

Again, she looked at me as if I were joking, but I just raised my eyebrows. “Nah, stop playing.”

I pulled out my phone and told her to be quiet as I dialed. “Hey, Alex,” the voice said from the speaker.

“Hey, I just wanted to confirm your ‘hair appointment’. You still cumming?”

“As many times as possible,” the voice said suggestively.

“Okay, see you then.”

“Don’t be late, I want my full hour.”

“Don’t worry, that hair’s going to get blown out, just like always.”

She kaynarca escort laughed and said, “Good,” before hanging up.

Mom’s jaw was on her chest. “That’s Tiffany from next door. Are you saying she pays you to sleep with her?”

“Yep, every Saturday night for the last year and a half.”

“But she’s married.”

“Yeah, and Bob knows. From what she says they still love each other, but her urges hit more often than his. He can get it up about twice a week and then I come in on Saturday night to really clean her out. Here’s how I look at it all, it’s just bodies. Bodies in need of pleasure. It’s not about love or emotions just pure physical enjoyment.”

“Just bodies, huh? How much do you charge,” she asked quietly biting her lip.

I smiled, “Tell you what, I’ve got to get a book for class, buy that for me and we’ll call it even.”

“How do we start?”

“Tell me what you want. You want me to do all the work, do you want me to just sit here and let you satisfy yourself?”

“I love sucking cock, can I suck yours?” I nodded. “And I want to be eaten, I hate when a guy doesn’t eat me. Will you eat me?” Again, I nodded. “Ok, then after I’ve swallowed your load and I’ve cum on your face, I want to ride your hard cock to one final slow orgasm.”

“I understand,” I said as I pulled her off the couch.

Her breathing got quick as I removed my t-shirt before I began kissing her neck. My hands explored her back until I found the zipper of her dress. She gasped as I slowly pulled the metal pin down. As her dress dropped to the ground I was a little surprised to find her without underwear.

“Damn, Beth, you look amazing.” She stood there stiffly. “Remember, it’s just bodies.”

“No, it’s not that. I want you to call me Mother.”

My eyebrows raised. I had a few clients that had this request and we role-played mother/son sex, but this was going to be the first time I could actually make it come true. “Yes, Mother,” I said.

She moaned as she grabbed my rigid cock. “Tell me to suck you.”

Another frequent request. “Will you please suck your baby’s cock, Mother?”

“No, that’d be wrong, please don’t command me to do it. I don’t have to willpower to resist commands.”

Mmm, mom was starting to hit some of my own buttons. “Mother,” I said in orhanlı escort my best command voice, “Drop to your knees, now.”

“Yes, Alex.”

She grabbed my body and as she slid to her knees she ran a trail of kisses down my chest stopping at my waistband. She looked up. “Pull my pants and boxers off, now.”

“Yes, Alex.”

Normally, I get turned on enough to get hard to complete the job, but hearing her use my name was pushing me to the edge quicker than I was use to. My pants and boxers hit my ankles as my erection popped out. She took a deep breath and gave a little whimper.

“Do you like the cock you made, Mother?”

“Yes, Alex, it’s so thick. May I suck it?”

“No,” I said. She looked at me, disappointment in her eyes. “You’ll admire me first, you’ll worship at my altar, and then when you’ve paid enough tribute you may take your son’s cock into your mouth.”

Mom licked her lips as she grabbed my ass and pulled me hard into her face. She wasn’t sucking me, she sucked in a huge breath. “Oh God, I love that smell. Just a man being a man.” Her hands began exploring my body as her tongue licked everywhere but my member. “This is the most perfect penis I’ve ever seen, I want to sleep with it in my mouth like an infant.”

The more she ‘worshiped’ me the more aggressive she got until she held up my balls licking the underside. I moaned as she continued up the sensitive side. As she crested, her tongue was the only thing touching the small hole at the top. For a few seconds, she held that pose running little circles around the head, teasing me. Suddenly, her face slammed forward so fast and hard she gagged as I hit the back of her throat. Repeatedly she moved her head up and down as if she were angry at me. At the end of every downstroke, she gagged trying to force me into her throat.

I thought about stopping her, but with a grunt and her fingernails in my asscheeks I was finally in her throat and her nose was pressed against my skin. I could feel her satisfied hum. I have no idea what she did after that but it was like her muscles were massaging me. I’ve never felt anything like that before, I was powerless as I began cumming down her throat. She never missed a beat or spilled a drop only removing me from her mouth when she was finished milking me.

“Did I do good, tepeören escort Alex?”

“Yes, Mother, that was amazing. Now, it’s time for your son to eat you. Sit on the couch.”

“Yes, Alex.”

She leaned back and like her my first act was to breathe her in. Her aroma invaded me until my mouth was drooling as much as her pussy. I started low running my tongue around her outer lips, I was enjoying her taste. Unlike some of my other clients, Mom had a small tuft of hair above her clit but the rest was blissfully waxed.

“Please, Alex, stop teasing,” she begged as her hips bounced trying to get my tongue in her.

“Does Mother enjoy being eaten by her son?”

“Oh God, yes, I want you to do it all the time, but please just do it!”

I made my tongue stiff as I inserted it into her. It was much, but I was able to get far enough to cause her to moan. No longer was she the submissive mommy. As when she sucked my dick, her aggression came to the forefront and she took control as she began fucking my face. All I could do was pull her hips closer to me and force her into a better angle before she broke my nose. I finally got my mouth on her clit sucking it into my mouth. I used every technique I knew to get her off. I sucked, I bit and licked her little bud until she arched her back and held my head completely still, only my tongue continued to move.

“Uh… uh… uh…,” she said repeatedly as she came.

When she finished, she pushed me back onto the floor my face dripping from her orgasm. She pointed to the couch and as I sat she climbed on top of me impaling herself. Again, the soft uhs came from her as she slowly rode me. She put my hands on her breasts and held them there her hips moving a little faster.

Again, she began calling out, “Uh… uh… uh…,” over and over again and knowing this meant she was about to cum on my cock brought me closer. My hips thrust up and down matching her rhythm until she fell onto me exploding into my lap. That’s all I needed, to feel her walls grip and release me as she came to make me shoot up into her. I held her tight as we shuddered to a finish.

She looked at me. “Would Alex like for Mother to clean him?”

I smiled, “Yes, Mother, Alex would like that very much.”

Her tongue started at my face and ended at my crotch. Mother didn’t stop until I was completely clean of our cum.

Don’t worry, I gave her a special rate when she took me to her bedroom and fell asleep with my cock in her mouth. I couldn’t help it, she just looked so damn cute nursing on me like that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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