A Dutch Girl in Silicone Valley Ch. 02

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This time my wife Ann was home, so she was with me. Ann and I met Karla and Arno at the monthly Clubhouse wine tasting party. I felt an intense jolt of desire when I saw Karla walking toward us, Arno in tow. None of the three of us made any special references or comments about the ‘Event’ as Arno now called it, so I began to relax. Ann travels, often for several days at a time, because she has a growing career as an independent ‘Specials’ writer for magazines and newspapers. That’s how I came to be the lone dinner guest with them earlier.

When the Wine Tasting was breaking up Arno said, “Karla wants to have you over for another ‘Event’. She thinks it’s her idea.”

“You and she are really O.K. with this?”

“The three of us are ‘simpatico’. Not easy to find people that mesh so well together. …I know!”

“The great cocksman talks.” I replied.

“Karla has no idea of how much sex I had before we got married. Back home in Argentina, while going to college, I was a real organizer.”

“I’ll bet! Clearly you have an idea again, as usual. Anyway, count me in … any time Ann’s away.”

He was watching Ann nearby, talking to a neighbor couple.

He nodded toward her, “Do you think we could get Ann in on this? Would YOU be O.K. with THAT?”

“You bet! I’d like to, but don’t get your hopes up. You know how Ann is. Some things she just won’t do, but if she decides yes, it will be all the way. She and I have talked fantasies while ‘getting it on’ a time or two, but neither of us have made a move to act on them.”

… … …

My wife Ann is a genuine tall blonde, with long hair and a nice figure she struggles to keep. But I guess that’s information only a husband would know. She is near sighted and wears contact lenses, causing her eyes have a large and deep quality that is appealing. Her best feature is her mouth. Can’t quite explain it, but it is naturally sexy. Of course her quiet, sultry voice doesn’t hurt either.

Ann is a good sex partner. She is generous with her body and I can count on sex almost any time I express an interest. She has a good appetite for things sexual and knows how to ‘get me going’.

Unfortunately for her, she has to struggle, sometimes mightily, for her organisms. There have been times when she seemed close to cumming, that went on so long, I got sore before she finally ‘made it’. She compensates by being extra interested in the foreplay or experimenting part of sex. We have and use a large assortment of sex toys. If she reads or hears something about a different way to ‘get it off’ she wants to try it. We never have cum together because Ann has such a hard time, so we take turns pleasing each other. Ann has signals she gives me when she has a chance to make it off.

… … …

A few days later Arno called me saying he wanted to try and ‘organize’ an event, particularly when Ann was home. He insisted he had a plan that would let Ann show interest without putting her on the spot. Knowing Arno as I do, he may pull it off, so I agreed. The plan was to get Karla to call and setup a dinner. The last thing Arno said was, “You have some toys, right? Bring some. Stick ’em in a bag with the wine and be sure to give it to me.”

I was not about to have Ann walk into something like that without a ‘heads up’ of some kind, so we talked about Arno and his always trying to ‘organize’ something. Her reply was, “Well, he is welcome to try. If the spirits are right it might be fun.”

We were invited over for an evening so I looked over our ‘toy’ assortment. When Ann and I used them, it was usually to assist her. To me they had become tools. gaziantep escort Well, fun tools. I never tired of Ann. Now, thinking of the very different Karla, one particular ‘tool’ got my cradle rocking. I could just see me…… I put several items in a bag along with a bottle of wine and we headed for Karla and Arno’s.

Arno opened the door. Karla called from the kitchen and Ann joined her. I handed Arno the bag. He looked inside and gave me a leering theatrical smile.

“How is the director doing so far tonight?” I asked.

“Observe my sandwich friend and find out for yourself.” Arno smirked. I gave him a HARD goose in the butt with my thumb.

During dinner, conversation was normal and friendly. Arno stayed away from sex subjects, which was unusual for him. After dinner we all were all clearing the table and Karla brushed me meaningfully. Twice.

I watch as Arno fixed after dinner drinks. Karla and Ann went to the living room.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Karla believes she knows a way to get Ann into our ‘events’. We hang back, let Karla lead. Oh, yah. She said NOT to let on that we ever ….. well like this is the first time for all of us.”

“I don’t think it’s going to work but your slick Latin smile indicates otherwise.”

You Norte Americano’s always think you are sooo savvy.”

The girls were not in the living room. Arno and I sipped our drinks and talked about ‘safe’ subjects.

About 20 minutes later Karla appeared. She had changed cloths and was now wearing a stunning dark red silky blouse and a short black skirt. The lights were low, but it was obvious she was braless.

Karla said to me, “Arno is in my Dog House tonight! Here. You like my new blouse?” She did a turn before me and stuck her tongue out at Arno. As I have previously described, Karla is a stunning, tall, dark haired woman with unusual, to me anyhow, breasts that taper more to a point with dark, firm nipples. Their presence under the red silky blouse left no doubt she was braless.

“I’m speechless Karla. You are a show stopper!”, I breathed.

“Bella Bella! She will follow you to the ends of the earth.” Arno laughed.

“What? You are Italian now? ” Now speaking toward the bedroom she continued, “Ann you are too nice for these thugs, but come on, show them your new blouse.”

Ann tentatively entered the living room. AMAZING! She was wearing a sheer red blouse like Karla’s and form fitting. No downright tight. Also form fitting faded Levis. She rarely wore tight pants because ‘It makes my butt look big’ regardless of what I said.

I whispered, “WOW.” While impolitely staring at her crotch and butt as she turned a circle for us.

“My God Ann.” Arno exclaimed, “you have a perfect butt! …And whoa, that blouse!”

A smiling Ann responded, “If my mumbling husband would quit looking at my crotch, I’d like to sit down and have my drink now.”

I tried to steal another look at Ann, but she was watching me, so I was busted. What the hell, I looked anyway. Her light skin showed clearly through the blouse. She too was braless. Her breasts were medium large and very firm. I know! You could see her pink nipples, large and hard. She looked the best I have ever seen her. Well except for the first time I saw her topless. I’ll never forget that night. … Enough reminiscing.

“You guys, especially you Arno, think you are so smart. Well Ann and I got together and decided we wanted to run this ‘Event’.”

Arno and I looked at each other. Arno was taken aback. I could see it. Well so was I for that matter. Both the girls laughed.

Ann said, escort bayan “Karla got to feeling guilty and we had a get-together. I know all about your other ‘Event’. You Arno should be ‘fired’ as video director because you got almost none of it!”

“Mmmm, it was good.” Karla chimed in. After a pregnant silence Karla continued, “Ann and I decided if we play together, just the four of us. No one else.” a hard look directed at Arno, “We will be safe from getting bad stuff from out there.”

Arno couldn’t keep a broad smile off his face. “So what are you proposing. Who’s going to take the video? Ahh, I’ve got it. Turns, we’ll take turns. And the tripod sometimes too.”

The director was back in charge. Arno’s face flushed with excitement. He couldn’t keep his eyes off Ann. Ann glanced at Karla, looked back at Arno, slowly cupped a breast with one hand and said. “We women have plans. We are not your pawns or playthings. Turns. Everybody gets a turn directing and the rest of us co-operate.”

That was vintage Ann. Ann is independent, a woman’s equality kind of woman.

Karla stood up saying, “O.K. You and Arno get acquainted, I will talk to Ken in the den.” Then she took my hand and firmly led me to their den.

“Look, my hands shake.”, she said, “I am so very nervous. I must tell you since the other time I have a thought that keeps me excited and is always in my head. But it is terrible, I am afraid you will not like me because of it.”

“Karla, I have not been able to get your stupendous body out of my mind either! I can’t think of ANYTHING you might do or want I think was terrible. Unless you want me to strangle Arno?”

She didn’t get my attempt at humor.

“You know when you, ah, ah, I can’t say. …… You know put your meat in my. Ach! When your meat was in my bottom? Is that terrible to you? Do you hate it?”

“No, of course not. Did I hurt you? I’m really sorry, I thought it was O.K. It was so exciting for me I guess I didn’t realize….”

“No. I mean I can’t stop thinking about it. It is an obsession, worse every day. I’m afraid doing such things will turn you off, but I think if we come in here and you will do this thing with me I will be over it. Arno and Ann will be busy for a while I think? O.K. by you?”

Karla’s accent was thick and her face was flushed. Her eyes paused at my bulging pants and she smiled. I was truly speechless.

“Yah, you will. I think your meat likes it too.” Her skirt dropped to the floor. Karla was wearing white panties. Her black muff showed through and a few unruly hairs curled around the seams. Her legs were long and lovely, thighs ending at a major crotch at least three fingers wide.

“Oh, wait.” I said and reached to run my thumbnail up the center of her crotch. She hissed an intake of breath, put her hand on my arm and pushed it away. Then stepped out of her panties and stood totally nude, looking at me. Her crotch was covered with thick, black hair. Lips just showing and a pouting ‘blossom’ in the center. Wonderful and perfect.

“We should go fast. It is crazy, but I want… before they will come in.” Karla downed my zipper and freed my cock.

“Ohh. It is so fat just here.”, she said testing the head between a thumb and forefinger.

Now I jumped and hissed because she ran a thumb and forefinger over my cock’s head, then pumped the skin behind it.

“We use lots of this.” Karla turned, picked up a jar of goop and spread a thick layer on my entire dick. When she let go, my cock remained at attention. Spearing another glob of goop Karla reached behind and pushed it between her ass cheeks. Her breathing was irregular, face red and sweaty.

“I want to see when you stick it in. I get up on here. This mirror is tilted just so. Now we have my ‘Exquisite Moment’ huh?” I had not noticed the large free standing dressing mirror.

Karla knelt as before, head down, looking at the mirror. After adjusting her backside some she said. “You like this? Put your meat in now, slow. Very slow.”

Without a word I stepped up and centered my greasy cock on her gooped hole.

“Wait! ….. Yah, … O.K. … Push now! … Little bit..” She ordered

I pushed and the greasy purple head slowly spread the tight muscle and disappeared. I glanced at Karla’s reflection in the mirror. Her eyes were glued to the action as she adjusted slightly for a better view as my cock head was pulled inside.

“Wait! ….. Yah, … O.K. … Push now! … Little bit..” She ordered.

I pushed carefully forward applying a steady pressure. The feeling and sight of my cock stretching her boosted my excitement several notches. My face felt deeply flushed.

“Aakk. Wait. Stop!” She ordered again. My cock had sunk into her up to its thickest diameter. “Back very slow. Yah, Wait. Same way again. Slow. Slow.” All this was causing a rising thrill deep in my groin. “Again. Just half way. Again. Slow.”

“It’s going to make me cum Karla.”

“Good. Good. You shove it in. HARD. NOW.” She lurched back; my cock plowing in so fast we slammed against each other. Her hands pressed forward to brace against my advancing cock.

“I take all the big meat you got. Fill me up. This Dutch girl takes all you got! You shoot. I keep you in my ass.”

I gave a flurry of long, hard shoves, my hands digging into her hips as I pulled us together. My ass was pumping, then my cock jerking as a gush of excitement and cum slammed through my cock and up Karla’s ass.

I didn’t know if Karla said anything or made a sound. I was lost in my own overpowering orgasm. I slid my hands up her back and leaned forward, exhausted. My cock was still quivering in little spasms. Her ass hole now clenching and jerking the root of my cock.

“Perfect you two!” Arno applauded. “I got it all, even a good shot of you Karla, looking in the mirror at him shoving it in. Sound this time too.”

Had again! Well I’m not sure who had whom, but it was clear this had been orchestrated by Arno. I wasn’t moving and Karla still pressed against me.

In the mirror I could see Arno just inside the door, naked, hard dick waving around, holding the camera. Ann was standing just behind him. What tha.. No pants, just the blouse and sticking between her legs was the ‘Rasputin’ dong I brought from home to try on Karla. I never used it on Ann because I thought it might be too big. The big cock head on ‘Rasputin’ must keep it hanging from her cunt. That’s the part I though was too big. Damn. I fantasized about screwing that big head into Karla’s cunt. Arno beat me to it with Ann. Am I jealous? No, I don’t think so, I still want to watch as I sink that huge dong into Karla’s cunt.

“You can quit now kids. I bet his pecker is limp by now anyhow. Come on, I want to show you this. It’s my best production yet.”

“I like holding his meat in my ass Arno. It’s still big and fills me up, not like you. Always want to quick poke in, pump 3 times, …and out you go to smoke.”

Arno laughed again.

I started to pull out.

“Slow! Go slow. I want to watch.”, said Ann waddling towards us, phallus hanging between her legs.

I did. My poor cock stretched and then fell, hanging.

Karla stood and put a hand to my cheek and kissed me warmly. I stood there with my now limp dick hanging and watched her walk to the bathroom. At the door she paused, wiggled her butt and said, “Your stuff comes out. I better plug it.”

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