Black People Rule The World

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Let’s face it, folks. Black people officially rule the world. A Black man is President of the United States of America. A Black man is Governor of New York. A Black woman is Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia. A Black man is Governor of Massachusetts. A Black man now leads the Republican National Committee. Hell, a Black woman is Governor-General of Canada, chosen for this position by the Queen of England herself. We live in the age of absolute Black Power, folks. Not the Power of Black preachers and television personalities or political commentators but the Power of true Black leaders. Not much die-hard rednecks like my parents back in West Texas or anyone can do about it. Black Power is here to stay. Get used to it!

I for one decided to accept my new place in the grand scheme of things. In the age of enforced racial equality, being White isn’t an automatic advantage. Not as long as smart and educated Black men and Black women are standing up for their rights. I’m a White chick who loves having Black men and Black women in the Halls of Power. Not because they’re Black but because they’ve more than proven that they’re just as capable as White men and White women. Don’t you think it’s about time they ruled the entirety of our country? I do! It’s about time!

It should come as no surprise that I’m really turned on by interracial submission. I practice it in my own private life and I love watching others do it as well. Especially White men and White women submitting to handsome Black males and gorgeous Black females istanbul travesti sexually. Submitting to a sexy Black man or a gorgeous Black woman really turns this chubby White chick on. Yeah, gets my pussy wet just thinking about it. I know it’s not for everyone but it’s definitely how I roll.

It’s finally here! The big and tall, blonde-haired White Woman’s Guide to Interracial Submission and Raunchy Anal Sex. My name is Veronique Kendrick and I’m its author. I live in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts, and used to attend Brockton Community College. I once majored in Nursing, but I’ve moved on to bigger and better things. I have found what my purpose in life is and I am happy to say that I fully embrace it. This right here is my tale of getting down and dirty and experiencing some submissive sex and raunchy backdoor loving that’s definitely one for the ages.

I’m in the basement of my friends Paul Sanders and Mitchell Weaver’s apartment building in the South Side of Brockton and we’re having some raunchy fun together. Paul and Mitchell are a couple of really horny Black studs I know from the local community college basketball team. Their girlfriends Monica and Tamara are watching. Monica is a tall, dark-skinned and exquisitely beautiful Black woman. She carries herself like a proud African-American princess. As does her friend Tamara, a tall and beautiful, regal young Black woman. These two lovely Black ladies are watching with fascination as their boyfriends fuck the living daylights out of me. I istanbul travestileri can tell they like what they see.

Paul and Mitchell are having some truly wicked fun with me as their sexy Black girlfriends watch. They love sodomizing tall, pale-skinned and busty, fat-bottomed White females like myself. We’re all getting what we want here. They absolutely love to dominate and humiliate chubby White chicks like myself and I love getting dominated by strong Black men. I’m on my hands and knees, wearing a slave collar and bowing low before these two sexy and truly magnificent Black studs. I love sucking big Black cocks. As I suck on Paul’s eight-inch Black monster of a cock, I eagerly stroke Mitchell’s dick. His manhood is both long and thick. I breathe in the smell of their manliness while going down on them. Yeah!

I suck the both of them until they cum, spraying my face with their manly seed. I love getting my face sprayed with semen. It’s good for the skin, you know. After I got done sucking their big Black dicks, the two Black studs went to work on me. I was sandwiched between them. Paul spread my plump butt cheeks wide open and shoved his dick into my asshole while Mitchell rammed his cock into my pussy.

Paul and Mitchell slammed their cocks into my eager holes, calling me everything from a useless White slut to a cock-loving Irish whore. I screamed in pleasure and pain as they rammed their dicks into my forbidden depths. I took it all happily because deep down, I believe that’s what travesti istanbul I deserve. White chicks like myself have been put on a pedestal since the dawn of humanity while the Black man and the Black woman have been oppressed. Now the Black man has finally gotten his revenge by ruling the world and making the Black woman his proud Queen and the White woman his submissive whore. It’s the new world order and I embrace it happily. That’s why I offer Paul and Mitchell my mouth, pussy and asshole while Monica and Tamara watch us do our thing.

Monica and Tamara decide to join in on the fun and ask Mitchell and Paul to stop fucking me for a moment. The two Black studs pull their dicks out of my asshole and pussy at the Black women’s request. Smiling wickedly, Monica grabs me by the neck and whacks me hard across the face. Then she forced me to lick her pussy. Meanwhile, Tamara dons a strap-on dildo and shoves it into my pussy. The dildo is massive, bigger than the cocks which just fucked me. Mercilessly, Tamara fucks me with it. She calls me a useless White slut while slamming the dildo into me. Grabbing a handful of my long blonde hair, she yanks my head back and calls me a cracker while fucking me. I scream as these two gorgeous Black women completely dominate me. They’re not holding back while doing me and I love them for it. This is what I want.

After fucking me mercilessly, Monica and Tamara order me to clean the house. Then they kiss Mitchell and Paul, and they go out. Like a good slave, I do as I am told. When my Masters and Mistresses return, they will find the cleanest house ever. For I love making them happy. I’m really thankful they made my most private sexual fantasy come true. At last, I got dominated by strong Black men and strong Black women. Life is good!

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