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This is my entry into the 2021 Summer Lovin’ Erotic Story Contest. It involves swapping, group sex, some female on female sex, and other hot stuff, all in an RV resort. Thank you for taking the time to read it and vote. Please read the other great author’s stories too.

As usual, thank you to Eva_Adams and Redhaired Wonder Woman for their beta-reads and proofing.

Please enjoy.

One night in a long lifetime of nights should not define a lifetime. Yet sometimes it does.


We stood on the beach as the tide went out, my arms wrapped tightly around her enthralling body, watching the sunset together.

“I read somewhere that a sunset is the sun’s fiery kiss to the night.”

“Hmm, I like that,” she said as she snuggled closer into my chest. “I love watching the sun go down. And I especially love to watch it when I can get up here to the Central Coast because sunsets are always so beautiful. There is something about the clouds and the evening fog that sets the sky on fire.”

She turned into me, stood on her toes and kissed me, softly at first and then turning more needy and intimate, pressing her substantial chest into mine.

Leaning back in my arms she said, ” But they also make me sad.”

“Sad? A sunset?”

“They’re so beautiful, but so bittersweet because they are fleeting, like childhood and love.”

She looked wistful for a while, and then she kissed me again harder.

My hands roamed down to the tight, cutoffs covering her ass and started to caress her firm cheeks. And speaking of firm, the kiss and her ass started to make my hardon’s presence known. Still on her tiptoes, she seductively started to grind her pelvis into mine, dry-humping me like teenagers at a prom as she snaked her tongue into my mouth with serious passion and desire.

Before long, the shirt that had been playfully tied under her boobs had come undone along with the front snap bra and Amber’s youthful, large breasts and pink nipples like ripe cherries were exposed to the moonlight and in my hands.

We made out some more until I broke and twirled her around on her toes back to facing the sea and the now, the moon.

The nearly full moon was reflecting its light off of the waves. I could see the reflections dancing upon the alabaster skin of Amber’s boobs. The freckles flirting across the top of them emerging from the soft curves of her sides as the moon’s reflections danced upon them.

I pointed out to the sea.

“Look. Have you ever seen the ocean glow blue before?”

She shook her head wondering at the fluorescence

“It’s bioluminescence. Caused by the so-called “red tide.” Plankton gets stirred up and gives us this natural wonder. Look at it. The ocean is putting on a lightshow for us, glowing blue with the natural shifting of the tides and the white surf, and the moon dancing across it like Misty Copeland on the stage of The American Ballet.”

“Look, you can see its glow and it dancing on your chest.”

“That’s the most wonderful thing I have ever seen after you,” she said as she spun around to grab my head and kiss me some more.

“Will you take me into your rig and fuck me already?”

I didn’t have to be asked twice.

We stood inside my RV. We had met at a rally. Amber had ridden up as a “plus one” since she was newly divorced and her friends thought she needed to have some fun.

She chose me for that task.

I was up for it.

“May I have another glass of wine?”

I poured it. A very nice Pinot from a winery in the local area. She slugged it down, grabbed my hand to the bedroom flopped upon the bed and said, “Andy, I haven’t made love in nearly three years. I am still a young woman. I want you to fuck me and I want it now.”

She looked up at me starting to cry.

“It has been so long. Please, I need it.”

I looked down at her on my RV’s double bed. Her long, wavy red hair flowing across it. Her luscious C-cup breasts splayed on the sides of her chest. I smiled. Natural for a change.

Her ivory skin and freckles framing the firm globes sporting taunt, erect nipples surrounded by now excited salmon colored, small areolas. There was a delicious butterfly tattoo on the inside of her left tit. Just high enough that with the right neckline, it might be seen.

I pulled off her cutoffs to discover a perfect pussy. Pink, ready, not too fleshy, and completely bare except for the tuft of ginger right at the top to remind that she was indeed a natural redhead.

And another tattoo, inner right thigh. A flight of butterflies going up to the Promised Land.

I stood at the end of the bed and slipped off my clothes. My hardon slapping against my belly as I did.

“Oww, I’m a lucky girl! Looks like I hit the jackpot tonight!!!!!”

I was going to ignore it, but said, “Thanks,” and I laid down to kiss her and makeout.

Her kisses were delicious, her breasts were perfection, and my hand traveled down to her already soaking pussy.

She took my head in her hands as she kissed escort izmir me.

“Please eat and make me cum.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I slowly traced my way down to her pussy. It demanded my attention.

I was happy to provide it.

In my book, all women’s pussies are delicious. All. And, all redhead’s pussy’s are not only delicious, but there is a special sweetness to a redheaded pussy.

A redheaded pussy was pungent yet sweet, acidic but alluring. The smell of a warm summer’s day on the bayou with the sweet Magnolias blending in with the water’s salty, fishy, smell that you love so much and you are drawn to.

It’s primal.

My mouth hit her vagina, and she jerked.

I put my arms up towards her to steady her down, luckily hitting those wonderful breasts and slowly started to caress them.

I looked up from Amber’s crotch.

“Honey, you are here, and so am I. It is time for you to lay back and let me work my magic.”

I slowly licked around her clitoris with a soft, wet tongue. Just to let it know I was in the neighborhood. Then I licked the fingers of my left hand, secured them over her clitoral hood, and started to masturbate her clit, and my tongue slid down to explore her deliciously, soaking pussy.

I licked around her entrance, drinking in her juices and my fingers on her clit made her bounce and moan.

My tongue dug as deep into her pussy as it could and Amber started to moan.

Made me think maybe she was a “G-spot” girl. I filed that one away for later.

Keeping my fingers on her hot button, I continued my exploration down to her ass. Her rosebud was as delicate as the rest of her. The soft outer ring was light in color, not the deep brown of so many, and her ass was small and winking at me, delighting in what my fingers were currently performing upon her clitoris.

I shoved my tongue into her backdoor, tongue fucking her asshole, probing in and out deeper with each thrust. And her clit had an erection jumping out over a quarter of an inch.

“Looks like Little Amber came out to play.”

An action I was hoping for with the ass tongue fucking and I darted back to her now erect clit and sucked it, base deep, into my mouth sucking as hard as I could, and rolled my tongue fully around her extended clit with my tongue over and over as her hips began to undulate uncontrollably and her breathing followed suit.

Remembering the G-spot I gathered some wetness from her pussy with my left fingers and slowly, lovingly, moved inside her, first finger fucking her a bit to moans and appreciation, and then finally landing upon her G-spot.

She jumped!

She was a G-spot girl.

There aren’t a lot. My experience is most women like to be caressed there either finger or cock, but it is not the female orgasm site as advertised.

But just as a few lucky guys can cum from a prostate massage, a few lucky women can cum from stimulation of their G-spot. It looked like Amber was one of the lucky ones.

I started licking and finger fucking. Amber was getting close. Really close. I pulled off.

“You going to cum?”

“Shit. You know I am! Motherfucker.”

I leaned back slowly fingering her clit, edging Amber’s orgasm.

“Oh, you think I’m a motherfucker?”

“No, God damn it! I don’t. Please make me cum.”

My finger continued edging her clit. I slowly slid my finger out of her and placed it gently on her rosebud. Not in it, on it because the ass never lies. It foretells a woman’s orgasm like an old school telegram.

And it started to twitch as Amber’s breathing became shallow and I could see her areolas flattening and expanding as her climax started again. So I pulled my finger away, again.

Jesus! You are a motherfucker. What are you doing?!

I moved up and silenced her with my tongue in her mouth and a hot-blooded kiss. She returned it, our tongues dancing together.

I lifted my head, “I’m edging you. That’s what I’m doing. By my count, you’ve had two minis. I was thinking of maybe four, five, six…”

And I slid back down and put my mouth back lightly on her clit.

“You motherfucker!” and she took both of her hands and shoved my head into her pussy hard! And that is exactly what she did cumming hard and fast and loud. Screaming so everybody in the RV Resort and the beach rally we were participating in heard her ecstasy.

I was trying to decide to be proud or embarrassed when I saw everybody the next morning when Amber started coming again.

“Jesus-Fucking-Christ!” she shouted as her second full orgasm overwhelmed her.

I couldn’t help myself, and as she was coming I plunged my finger deep into her ass.

“Oh my fucking God!” she shouted and came for the third time.

Deciding three is the charm, I took my mouth off of her clit and moved back up the bed to kiss and nuzzle.

We made out for a while. Her hair was so wavy and thick, I loved running my hands through it, caressing her head tenderly as I did.

Amber’s lips were delicious. Her izmir escort bayan kisses were like strawberries fresh off the vine. Sweet, succulent, and enticing. My hand moved down to her breast as we kissed. Soft but with the density of youth, the weight, and bounce filling my brain in a sexual overload.

Panting I said, “You ready to fuck?”

After two or three other “motherfuckers!” we did. All night. And in every way imaginable.

The one night that changed my life forever.

I fell in love.

The Invitation:

The email popped into my inbox on Wednesday from my RV manufacturer’s club.

Subject: 2021 SoCal RoadRunners Summer Rally

Friends and Members,

I am very excited to tell you that it’s finally here!!! Yes, we missed last year’s because of COVID restrictions, but the SoCal Roadrunners Association Members’ summer rally is on! We are back, and better than ever!

This year’s rally will be held at the Pismo Beach RV Resort right on what might be the most beautiful beach in all of Southern California.

Yes! We will be back for the second time in Pismo famous for Bing Crosby’s annual Pismo Beach Clambake for the Hollywood elite, and even though Bing and his friends won’t be joining us, we are looking forward to a special time with all of you including our first night, club members and guests, opening night party and clambake on the beach.

Some highlights include beach time, bike rentals, we’ve arranged cabanas to rent, if you choose, there is a spa, of course, two pools and hot tubs, dancing and our nightly no host bar.

We have reserved a large block for our members at a special rate and they will go fast. Email us for the discount code and to reserve your spot.

We look forward to seeing you all there for our 2021 SCRAM reunion and clambake!

Association Heads,

George and Anna Bacon

I motioned for Amber to come over to me by my living room chair.

“Look what just popped in,” and I showed her.


She slapped me playfully on the shoulder. “As if I could forget, motherfucker!”

I smiled. I fell in love with a potty mouth. What can I say? The gal I fell in love with.

“Want to go back to the scene of the crime?”

“You know I do. Come on! Wouldn’t miss it. You?”

“This time with you in the passenger’s seat. Hell yes!”

We laughed, kissed, and ended up making love in the afternoon on the living room carpet. When she rolled over onto her knees doggie, the orgasms started to hit. I had never been with a woman who was as multi-orgasmic as Amber. After her third, mine exploded in a geyser of cum deep, deep inside her.

When we were done, I clicked “Yes” on the invite, and we were in. Pismo Beach here we come for the 2021 Clambake and Rally!

To this day, I still don’t know why I bought an RV. Haven’t a clue.

I had a weekend to kill since I was waiting for elective spinal surgery. The herniated lumbar disk from my college shortstop days had finally gotten to my right leg causing pain and atrophy. Disk fusion was the only choice. After years of avoidance and physical therapy, I finally decided to go for it.

The surgery was on Monday and I was nervous as hell, so I went to the RV show at the county fairgrounds. What can I say? I fell in love with the rig. (I didn’t know one called it a rig back then), and for reasons I still don’t understand, I bought it. It felt right despite the fact that I had never been in one before or driven a recreational vehicle, and I had spent my life driving only sports cars from MGs to Ferraris.

Turned out I was right. I had the surgery, healed, was pain free for the first time in years, and discovered I had purchased freedom. Freedom! I owned freedom on wheels. Exhilarating! I started to go out and explore.

In the RV world, everybody names their motorhome. I named mine The Enterprise because I was boldly going where this man had never gone before!

State parks, National Parks, public and private campgrounds, and resorts. All pre-COVID. It was amazing how frequently I was the only single person in the campground. The first few times I felt lonely, and candidly, a bit depressed, but I learned to enjoy it for what it was.

That doesn’t mean I was lonely and horny all the time. On occasion, there was a couple that was looking for a third. Usually an older husband and younger wife. Some seriously great fucking there usually involving a lot of alcohol or weed.

And on occasion, I would meet a single lesbian driving a rig. Always great company around the campsite, and delightful conversation over a fine glass of wine. I’ll admit that once, I bent over in one’s rig on my hands and knees and let her peg me up the ass until I came hard and forcibly like the Guns of Navarone shooting shot after shot across the valley of her rig’s bed.

You’ve got to try everything in life involving consensual pleasure at least once. Right?

However, I had never met anybody the way I had met Amber at the rally two years ago izmir escortlar when we fell in love.

We fucked for three solid days and four nights at that rally. I’m sure the others were looking at us funny — I know I was walking funny by the fourth night — but to hell with them. Amber and I were in lust. She was newly divorced from a sexless marriage, horny and needy and I was a guy which means by definition I was horny and needy.

We exchanged emails and numbers and I was receiving texts on my way home.

I lived in Los Angeles. Amber did not so we both had to travel to continue to see each other which then became a long-distance affair.

As horrible as COVID is for the world, our country, our state, and our city, there was a small silver lining. Amber’s company all went onto to remote and she moved in with me. We became a “bubble” and her job moved to Zoom and my place. Much to my heart and cock’s delight.

We were a couple. Fully vaccinated. And with “yes” being the answer to the RSVP, this time we were going to the 2021 SCRAM Rally at Pismo Beach as a couple. A first. For me, and for Amber. A clambake. Together. Fun.

We had fucked and cum, but I looked at her “clam” and had no choice, I had to eat her again. I can’t explain it, but her pussy was so sweet and magnetic, I had no choice but to eat her every single chance I could get. And I was unwilling to let this one getaway. So sweet. So tasty. I needed it and happily, so did Amber.


Pismo Beach is a classic Southern California beach town. North of Los Angeles between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo. The last of the classic sand and surf Southern California beaches and the beginning of California’s Central Coast. You know the beauty of the Central Coast from hundreds of movies including “Play Misty For Me” to “The Parent Trap and a lot of Alfred Hitchcocks like “Vertigo.” The huge TV hit, “Big Little Lies” was set there. Clint Eastwood lives in Carmel and frequently sets his films in the Central Coast.

The Central Coast is rocky and craggy with beaches filled with pebbles rather than sand like Moonstone Beach in Cambria, California immediately south of the famed William Randolph Hearst Castle in San Simeon. It’s featured in the Orson Wells classic “Citizen Kane.”

Pismo is the last of the “Beach Party” sand and sun beaches of California. Gidget wasn’t carousing there, but she could have.

One of what is called “The Five Cities,” it is the final star in a cluster of beach communities of Southern San Luis Obispo County, and is a great place to party.

Twenty years ago Pismo was a sleepy town filled with retires, motel owners and their tourists, and local ranchers and farmers, and for a week each year, Bing Crosby’s famous celebrity clambake when all of Hollywood would come up to join Bing on the beach as the newspapers, and newsreels oohed and awed.

Now it has been spruced up. Overrun by yuppies and Silicon Valley money, gone upscale with the high-end RV Resorts to match. Right on the beach. Fun in the sun, beach, lots of shops and fun places to mosey around in, spectacular landscape including The Pier and its playground, The Dinosaur Caves Park, the crown jewel of the area, and the Monarch Butterfly Groves.

And an excuse to be in our house on wheels fucking like the heathens we are during a weekend of frolicking in the sun, sand, and sex.

When you are joining others in an RV Resort for a gathering, or rally, site placement is key. Fortunately, I knew the chapter’s Associate Head, George Brown, and he owed me a favor or two. Something to do with a new mortgage I helped to arrange for him at a great rate, but that is for a later time. So, we landed a prime spot in the front row directly on the beach overlooking the sand, the ocean and the picturesque sunsets.

Amber was insatiable on the drive up. Actually unbuckling her seatbelt, getting on her knees on the floor between our seats and blowing me as we drove north on the 101. I’ll admit it was a bit challenging to drive a 5 ton rig at 60 miles an hour with my cock in a hot redhead’s mouth, shooting like a 18 year old getting his first blowjob, but I did, and Amber swallowed it all.

We arrived around 1 pm Friday afternoon, checked in, drove to our site, and hooked up. The Roadrunners, or SCRAM as they liked to call the organization had given us the schedule to the weekend including the opening night clambake and party starting at 6:00pm. We were down with that.

My RV is small, as I’ve said,. Only 24′ on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis. The same one FedEx uses. RVs have different “classes.” An “A” is the big one, the size of buses that the rock and country stars use and the older fat cats drive. The size of Greyhounds, they can be up to 44′ long. The “C” class is the classic RV with the bed over the cab. The type featured in movies and TV shows and what most of the world thinks of as an RV or “camper.” Mine is a small “C.” Actually what’s called a “B+.” The “B” class is a converted van. A B+ is a van that is longer and wider, but no one knows what that means so it’s called a small C.

Anyway, in our site #8, our neighbors to the left were a couple of newbies, Bailey and Paul, who looked nervous, but to their credit were trying.

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