Daddy’s Special Gift

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Author’s Note… The following story involves sexual situations between two legally consenting adults, ages 18 years old and older.


Sweet little 19 year old Holly lived to please her daddy Roger. She was the quintessential little daddy’s girl. In her eyes, her daddy could do NO WRONG!!. If anyone was to speak badly of him she would come to his defense with more ferocity and zeal than a mother bear or lioness would with its cubs.

The old adage “You better not come between a mother bear and it’s cubs” had nothing on how Holly felt about her daddy or how deeply she loved, believed in, cherished and even was in love with him.

Holly worshiped the very ground her daddy walked on and if you were to ask Holly who hung the sun the moon and the stars, she would look at you with that sweet innocent little girl look and softly and with great reverence say “My daddy did.”

Roger reciprocated his love for his beloved Holly just as deeply as she did him. He loved Holly more than life itself and if necessary, would have walked through the very fires of perdition to protect and rescue her.

Roger also doted on Holly the way any loving father would. If Roger had any fault, it could be that he doted on Holly to the extreme and excess. Nothing was too good for his little princess and in his eyes Holly could do no wrong.

Some could argue that Roger was too permissive of a parent and that Holly would grow up with an “entitlement mentality” but that wasn’t the case. Holly had a certain character about her that prevented her from being willfully and maliciously disobedient.

Also, Roger was not the kind of parent who didn’t set ground rules either. Holly would have her moments when she would throw her little tantrums when she didn’t get her way and sometimes Roger would paddle her and sometimes he would take away some things Holly like to do. What parent wouldn’t.

Eventually, Holly learned that being compliant had its rewards and being defiant had its consequences. Even though Roger disciplined Holly he never stopped loving her or used his love and affection for Holly as a weapon to force her to comply with his wishes.

So how did Roger and Holly become so close well to do that we need to turn back the clock some 21 or so years.

Roger met and fell in love with Holly’s mom Rachel during the last year of his postgraduate work in college. Roger was an architecture and computer graphics design student who had earned his BA in Architecture and was finishing up his Masters in Computer Graphics and Construction Management.

Rachel was Pharmacy student doing her internship and was about to compete her training and enter the workforce. Roger and Rachel fell in love at first glance and it was a whirlwind romance and within three months they were married and six months after that Holly was born.

Rachel was a good mom and for the first 18 months after Holly was born they had a happy family Rachel was doing well in her Pharmacy career and Roger was a successful architect.

Suddenly an unexpected and tragic event would take place in their life leaving Roger alone to raise Holly. Rachel’s car was struck by a drunk driver on a summer afternoon during a thunderstorm and Rachel was killed instantly as was the driver.

This turned Roger’s whole world upside down and he had two options either become bitter and ask “Why me” or pick himself up and step up and become the father that was necessary to in order to raise Holly. He opted for the second choice.

Roger poured his life into his daughter guarding her and cherishing her. Even though Roger felt alone he wasn’t. Rachel’s parents offered to help out in any way they could and he was happy for them to help.

Besides Holly, Rachel’s parents were all the family Roger had. His parents died just after he started college. Rachel’s parents took turns babysitting Holly while Roger worked.

Roger also poured his life into his work. He wanted to spend more time with Holly but he knew he had to have a plan. Finally after years of hard work and diligent effort when Holly was ten, Roger was able to save up enough money and had a client list sufficient enough to start his own company known as “Neptune Designs.”

Roger’s business went very well and he was now able to work from home. He had built a small 900 foot log cabin style building beside his house located just outside the city limits and that is where he headquarter his work.

He also sat up a smaller office in one of the front rooms so when Holly was at home at night or on the weekends if he needed to get some work done he could still be where that if Holly needed something she could come to him.

During this time also Rachel’s parents retired and moved to Florida to enjoy their golden years This left Holly and Roger alone once again but now Holly was older and Roger was at home so he could be with if she needed him.

This only served to make Holly and Roger that much closer and the bond between them bahis siteleri grew stronger and deeper.

As Holly grew, she was well liked and somewhat precocious, yet she was also a sweet young genteel lady. She made friends easily and was very intelligent and a natural born leader.

In High school, she was on the dance team as well as the academic teams for both science and math. Also by the time she was senior in high school she had every boy in school chasing her.

By the age of 18 Holly, had fully matured and had blossomed from a little girl into a luscious and very sensual and desirable young woman. Gone was the scrawny knobby kneed clumsy little waifish girl. It had been transformed into a very beautiful very desirable and young woman.

It was incredible metamorphosis, almost like the ugly duckling who had turned into a beautiful and graceful swan. Holly now stood about 5’9″ tall weighed about 115-120 pounds and measured 34B-22-32.

She also had long golden naturally curly honey golden blonde hair that came down to between her shoulders blades, pouty kissable ruby red lips piercing deep emerald green eyes that would ensnare a man’s soul and hold it hostage and long luscious slender well-toned dancer’s legs that could wrap around a man’s body and pull him in.

Roger had been so busy pouring his life into his business he hadn’t completely paid that much attention to Holly’s transformation. He knew she was growing up and was turning into a pretty young lady, but Roger was still viewing Holly through the prism of “His sweet little girl.” It was like he turned around and Holly had ben magically transformed from a child to a young woman.

Holly’s transformation into the seductive siren she had become could be described as a sexual awakening. However, this awakening was more than just her body blossoming from childhood to womanhood. It was also an awakening that stirred her sensually and sexually and awakening her sensual and seductive side as well.

The first thing that was awakened was Holly’s deep seeded carnal lusts within her. This began taking place a couple of months after she turned 18. Holly had always loved and been devoted to her daddy but now instead of just seeing him simply as her father, she now began seeing him as a man whom she was physically and sexually attracted to, lusted for, and who she wanted to give herself to body, soul, mind and spirit.

The transformation did not happen overnight, but it was sudden just the same, although it would manifest itself gradually. The first manifestation was the way Holly began dressing when she was home alone with Roger. Holly had always lounged around the house in frumpy clothes such as an oversized t-shirt and sweatpants or shorts but now she began dressing more like a sensual and seductive elegant lady of class.

Instead of dressing in the frumpy unattractive clothes she had worn to hide her body, Holly began dressing a frilling and very revealing lingerie so she could show off her sensual and seductive form.

Some of her favorite outfits she enjoyed wearing was white lace lingerie bra and panty lingerie sets that had matching thigh high stockings and matching garters. She also liked wearing various non-lace sexy bra and panty combinations with designs on them that came with matching thigh high socks.

The first time Roger saw Holly like this his initial reaction was to be taken aback by this and he was on the verge of telling Holly that it was not appropriate for her to dress like that. However, before he got the words out something else in his mind said “Don’t fight it dude!! Roll with it and let nature take its course.”

Against his better judgment, he listened to that voice and instead of saying something to Holly about her dressing scantily around the house, he went with it and allowed himself to become turned on by it and her.

As time went on, Holly began dressing even more provocatively. After about three to four months of dressing in scantily clad lingerie and bra and panty outfits Holly opted for more by showing less.

Soon the bra and panties would be gone and all Holly would mostly wear was an open lace robe of various colors mostly white black and red with a set of matching thigh high stockings and garters. Holly would also incorporate other colors into the mix such as lavender, and light blue. There would be some days however Holly would just wear the robe and no garters or stockings it just depended on her mood.

Also during this metamorphosis, Holly began taking up smoking and drinking. One day while at home when Roger was there, she went to where the liquor was kept on the sideboard and poured herself a glass of whiskey and sat down on the couch and stretched her scantily clad body out. She then lit up a cigarette like it was no big deal and began to relax.

Roger came in and of course, as any father’s reaction would be when he caught his daughter drinking alcohol and smoking a cigarette, his was one of shock and radissonbet surprise. However, he kept his wits about him held his tongue.

Roger reasoned that since Holly was 18, she was an adult now and no longer a child. However, by law in the state which Roger and Holly lived in, you had to be 19 to purchase tobacco and 21 to purchase liquor and that didn’t seem to make sense. After all you were considered a legal adult at age 18.

Roger felt that if at the age of 18 the government could put a rifle in your hand and a uniform on your back then drop you in some God forsaken backwoods country and tell you to point that rifle at someone and shoot them, then why shouldn’t an 18 year old be able to drink and smoke.

Roger also began to think how sensual and seductive she looked lying on the couch practically naked wearing only an open waist length white robe and white thigh high stockings with matching garters.

Holly’s supple breasts were perky and seemed to be beckoning him. He also noticed how nicely shaven Holly’s sweet and oh so perfectly pink pussy was as he could see her cunt folds glisten in the light.

He wanted so bad to jump her bones right then and there and Holly would have probably willing given herself to him but he had a strong suspicion that Holly was playing a game of sensual seduction so he figured he would play along and when the time was right she would make her move.

Roger poured himself a drink walked over to the couch was and made the motion like he was going to sit on the end. Holly smiled raised her legs up to allow Roger to sit down and then lowered her legs back down and them across his lap.

Holly smiled a sexy seductive smile and then lit another cigarette, a Virginia Slims Menthol 120’s and offered to Roger. It had been a long time since he had tasted one of these cigarettes. His wife Rachel smoked them but Roger’s brand had always been Newport Menthol or Marlboro Menthol. Roger had smoked Virginia Slims on occasion and grown to like them and the taste was still as good as he had remembered.

Roger never said anything to Holly about her smoking but he did ask her to allow him to buy her cigarettes for her so that she wouldn’t get in trouble.

Holly just smiled and said she had that one covered too and Holly reached into her purse and pulling out an Driver’s License ID card with her name on it.

Instead of having her age as 18 it showed her as 21. When Roger asked her where she got it, she was about tell him a friend of hers had a uncle who worked at the courthouse and got it for her

However, Roger changed his mind and his comment was “On the second thought I rather not know.” He did however caution her to be careful using it and the subject was never brought up again.

From that day on, Roger and Holly began becoming closer and more intimately bonded and Roger found himself getting more and more turned on by Holly’s sexual openness and he began seeing her not just as his little girl any more but instead of what could be referred to as his “Special Daddy’s Girl.”

About a month before they completely crossed the line Holly and Roger would begin kissing. It first started one day when they were alone together. Holly and Roger hugged and impulsively Holly planted a soft gentle kiss on Roger’s lips.

Roger fought his initial reaction to resist and allowed himself to enjoy the pleasure. It lasted a few seconds but the stage was set. From that time on they would kiss regularly and embrace holding each other tight. Roger loved the way Holly’s soft warm lithe and nubile body felt against his

The kisses would slowly grow more and more intense deep and passionate and there were a couple times they almost threw caution to the wind and had sex right then and there but Holly determined in her mind that to make it a special time and when the time was right she would make her move.

Finally the day came when they completely crossed the line that they could never go back from. It was three weeks after Holly’s nineteenth birthday and the day of Roger’s 43 birthday.

It was a normal Saturday morning during the summer and Roger had slept in on his birthday. Holly had planned to give him a birthday present he would not soon forget.

It was about 9:30 in the morning when Holly crept into Roger’s room. She was wearing a special sexy outfit she had ordered just for the occasion off the internet.

It consisted of a waist length sexy see through lavender lace robe which she tied together in front with a ribbon shaped in a bow knot. She was also wearing a pair of lavender thigh high stockings and matching garters.

She didn’t have on any bra or panties but over her cunt she had strung another ribbon and had tied it around her waist in another bow knot. Since she was giving herself as a “special gift” for her daddy she thought it would be fun if he had a special present to open.

However, Holly decided she was going to be a little coy betsalvador with the present so over the lace outfit ensemble she was wearing her full length sea foam green housecoat which she had tied shut and when the time was right, she would reveal the special gift.

She quietly crept up on to the bed and Roger was lying on his back. His torso was exposed and the only thing he was wearing was a pair of briefs. Holly quietly straddled herself atop of Roger at his crotch area and then leaned over and gently laid on top of him.

She had put his “real” gifts she had bought him in a gift bag and covered them with tissue paper. She laid the gift bag beside her on the bed and she proceeded to wake Roger up to give him his presents.

Holly lovingly caressed Roger’s bangs and softly said “Wake up sleepy head” She then gently kissed him on the lips. Roger stirred and he opened his eyes to see Holly lying on top of him.

“How’s the special birthday boy doing this morning,” Holly said with a loving smile.

“I’m doing okay,” Roger said with a smile. It’s not every morning that a man gets woken up with a special kiss form his sexy daughter.

“Well I got plenty more where that came from, Holly said with a sly grin. “Would you like another one?”

“By all means yes, Roger said with a grin. It is my birthday after all.”

Well you just wait I got lots more gifts to give you,” and then with a sultry purr and wicked grin she added ” and I have one gift in particular I am sure you wouldn’t mind having.”

With that Holly planted a long deep wet tongue probing tonsil swabbing kiss on Roger. They passionately embraced and rolled over so they were laying side by side and pulled each other close so their bodies were touching.

When the kiss was broken Roger exclaimed “Wow, if that is one of your gifts I can’t wait to open the other!”

“In time Mon Cher, in time” Holly said with sweet sultry voice. “First however I have your ‘regular’ gifts,” and with that she handed him the gift bag. On top was a gift card. It was a humorous light-hearted card and Roger chuckled as he read it.

Roger then opened the bag. Inside was one of those “Leatherman” utility knives had had wanted, a new wallet and some business card she had made up with his name and the name of his business Neptune Designs.

Roger lovingly embraced Holly and they held each other for about 20 seconds.

“How do you like them,” Holly asked, referring specifically to the business cards

“I love them sweetie” Roger replied.

“I figured you could use them, Holly said with a smile. The way your business has been growing I figured you could always hand them out to clients to refer others to you.”

“Thank you sweetheart,” Roger said as a tear began to well up in his eyes. “I also love the knife and wallet. They are so very wonderful and I am so very lucky to have a sweet caring and loving daughter like you to take care of me. Love and cherish you so very, very much and you mean the world to me”

“I love you to daddy,” Holly said softly. “You mean the world to me too. I love you so very much and I don’t know what I would do without you.”

With that they lovingly embraced and softly and tenderly kissed.

Holly quickly lightened the mood by saying “Enough of this sappy stuff! It’s your birthday so let’s celebrate.”

Holly then rolled over on the bed on her back and propped herself up on her elbows and with a sultry voice added “You know you have one more gift to open don’t you?”

“Yeah that’s what I recall you saying.” Roger said with an equally sly grin. He then stroked his chin like a scholar would when he was contemplating how to solve a particularly difficult problem.

“Hmmmmm I wonder what it could be” he said playfully as he pretended to look around the room for a hidden gift.

“I’ll give ya a hint,” Holly said playfully. “It’s wrapped up in pretty ribbons and bow and it’s in the bed with you now.”

Roger began to pretend he was looking under the covers and pillows as well as elsewhere on the bed. Meanwhile Holly playfully removed her long house coat and tossed it aside on the floor.

Roger then stopped, acted like he was pondering where it could be and with a playful tone said “Now you said it is in the bed with me and I have looked everywhere but didn’t see it. Hmmmmm now where could it be.”

Holly was enjoying the playful little game just as much as Roger was and she patiently waited while she shifted in the bed so her legs were spread shoulder’s width apart and she was seductively posed on her back propped up on her elbows.

“Now let me see,” Roger said stroking his chin again. “I have looked everywhere and didn’t see it so I guess it must be right in front of me and with a wicked grin said “Cum to Papa.”

“Don’t you wanna unwrap your present,” Holly said in a playful pouty tone as she mocked a sad and pouty little girl luck. “After all it wouldn’t be right if you didn’t.”

Roger played along and mockingly slapped his for head as if to say “What was I thinking” and replied “By all means I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.”

“Now where to start,” Roger added as he was pondering which bow to untie first the one on Holly’s bust line or her crotch area.

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