I Make Kelly Mine Ch. 01

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I met Kelly in a Starbucks close to a hotel off Interstate 80. It was about an hour from where she lived, and four hours from my home. I was en route to a conference, so that made it convenient. This was our first face-to-face encounter after several weeks of correspondence via a BDSM website. She was married, and in her late thirties. Her hair was short and dark, with a slight curl to it. She had just come from her job as a legal secretary, and was dressed in a conservative blouse and skirt ensemble with black heels. She was attractive, and in the same marital position as myself. Perfect, since all I required was a little extra-curricular activity. Nothing beyond that.

She was nervous, much more so than I. I had fooled around quite a bit before getting married. Kelly had married early in college. Her sexual experience was scant, and that was now catching up with her. Sex with her husband was an occasionally boring routine at this point. She had fantasies that she didn’t feel comfortable bringing up with him, and they were becoming an obsession with her. It’s an old story.

Despite her nervousness, our chat went well. We didn’t discuss anything of a sexual nature, although we had online. Instead, we just got acquainted. After finishing our decaf cappuccinos, the time had come to make a decision. We were leaving, either separately or together. Kelly took a moment to decide, and then walked across to the hotel with me.

We rode up the elevator in silence. Once we reached the door to our room, I stopped before opening it.

“We start as soon as we’re inside” I said. “Do you understand?”

She nodded yes.

“You understand what we’re about to do?”

“Yes”, she answered.

“Select a safe-word.”


I unlocked the door and ushered her in.

Kelly walked in ahead of me and turned around.

“What would you like…?”

“Don’t ever speak unless you are spoken to.”

She ceased to speak.

“You will be punished for that. Come here to the entrance, turn and face the wall.”

Kelly did as she was told. She was now standing in front of the door facing the wall. I stood in back of her.

“Are you wearing what you were ordered to wear?”

She nodded yes.

“You are to answer yes or no to a yes or no question.”


“And you are to address me correctly when you answer.”


“Strip down to what you were ordered to wear, then put your arms up against the wall, so that I may inspect you. Stare straight ahead at all times.”

She just stood there.

“You’re hesitating. You’re very nervous, aren’t you?”

“Yes…master” she answered back. Good, by answering me correctly, I knew she wasn’t out of the game yet.

“Do you wish to use your safe word?”

She nodded no.

“The time for hesitation is over. Obey me, or we are done. The decision is yours.”

Kelly stood there for another moment, and then started undoing the buttons of her blouse. She was fumbling out of nervousness, but finally succeeded in taking the blouse off.

“Let it fall to the floor” I instructed her. She complied.


She loosened her skirt, let it fall, and stepped out of it. She hesitated again.

“Finish as instructed. Now. I will be punishing you for taking too long.”

Kelly took off her bra, and then her underpants. She put up her arms, and leaned against the wall. I looked her up and down. She was maybe a few pounds over her normal weight, but not by much. She clearly exercised. Her legs were in good shape. Her ass was round, but not out of proportion with the rest of her body. As instructed, she still had on a pair of black nylons, and black heels.

“Spread your legs so that your feet are approximately two feet apart.”

Kelly spread her legs.

I left her there and went into the room. There was a couch with a coffee table in front of it. I took some items out of my suitcase and placed them on the table. I sat down on the couch to admire Kelly. She was still staring straight ahead as ordered, and couldn’t see me. I imagined she was getting more anxious by the second.

After what passed for a reasonable amount of time (for me), I got up and walked over to her. Standing behind her, I could here her breathing. Her breaths were coming out in controlled, regular breaths. She was obviously working hard at trying to stay calm.

I stood as close as I could behind her without touching her while I counted to 60 in my head. I then reached down and lightly ran my finger along her inner thigh. She almost jumped out of her skin. But she remained in place, staring straight ahead.

I caressed her thighs some more, and then moved on to other parts of her body. I fondled and caressed up and down her legs, back, and abdomen for a while. Then I reached in and grabbed a breast. I fondled, and then squeezed it.

I let go and just stood there again, without touching her. Her breathing was extraordinarily heavy now. I counted to 60 again.

Next, I gripped the back of her neck with my left levent escort hand, and reached down between her legs with my right. My fingers went up above her cunt. I then drew them back slowly until I came to the top of the crack in her ass. She struggled to remain silent, and whimpered a little.

I squeezed her ass cheeks, and went back to giving her cunt some attention. She was fairly moist down there, and it didn’t take long before I was fingering her. I revved her up for a minute. I think she could have come in a matter of seconds, if I’d let her.

I retracted my fingers, grabbed her hair with my other hand, and put my fingers in front of her mouth.

“Clean them” I ordered, “but leave them moist, so that I can inspect you “

Kelly licked and sucked on my fingers until I pulled them out of her mouth. While keeping my grip on her hair, I inserted my ring finger into her asshole, just the tip at first. I had to wait for her muscles to relax enough for me to push farther in. Once I was in all the way, I left it there, and silently counted to 60 again. I then retracted my finger and released her hair.

“Go to the table and kneel in front of it with your hands behind your head”, I said. While Kelly obeyed, I went into the bathroom to wash my hands, then came out and sat on the couch on the other side of the table. She was kneeling as instructed, so we were facing each other.

“This is your position. When I order you to assume the position, this is what I expect.”

I pointed to a piece of paper among the items on the table.

“This is your contract. Read it silently to yourself.” She scanned it, and then looked up at me.

“Have you finished?”

“Yes, master.”

“Good. Read it back aloud.”

“I, Kelly, do hereby acknowledge that I will be your sexual slave for the duration of the night, until you have released me from servitude. I am yours to do with as you wish. I fully realize that I will not be treated with any degree of courtesy, respect or consideration for my feelings. I will be used, abused, degraded, and humiliated for your pleasure. My desires are of no consequence. I will be punished whenever I displease you. I will also be disciplined at your discretion, even if only for your pleasure. I will speak only when spoken to. I will answer yes or no questions by replying yes, master, or no, master. When a sexually provocative question is asked, I will repeat the question as part of my answer. You are only to be addressed as master. I will answer to slave, slut, bitch, submissive, cunt, or fuck-doll. Use of my safe-word, chiffon (which I had written in), will nullify all terms of this contract. This is a consensual agreement between the two of us, and no actual harm will come to either of us. I agree to the terms of these conditions voluntarily.”

“Do you fully understand this contract?” I asked.

“Yes, master”, she replied.

“Take that pen, fill in your safe-word, and sign.” Kelly signed the contract, and then resumed her position.

“Excellent”, I said as I got up and walked around behind her. I grabbed a pair of handcuffs, pulled her arms down, and cuffed her. I then sat on the table in front of her.

“You have displeased me. We will start with some punishment.”

I grabbed her hair, and slapped her across the face. She let out a yelp as the blood rushed to her cheek.

“You are not to speak unless spoken to”, I said.

I slapped her again.

“Do you understand?”

“Y-yes master”, she said hurriedly.

I slapped her again.

“Repeat what I have just instructed you on and apologize.”

“I-I am not to speak until spoken to. I’m sorry, master.”

I slapped her again.

“Again” I ordered.

“I am not to speak until spoken to. Please forgive me.”

“Good” I said, “You are also not to hesitate in obeying an order. You have done so, haven’t you?”

“Yes master.”

Kelly was probably in a headspace she’d never been in before. I imagined that she was trying not to burst into tears, but was also incredibly turned on.

“That requires punishment, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, master.”

“Ask for it.”

Kelly had to take a moment to wrap her brain around that one.

“Please…punish me, master.”

“Be more specific” I said, “Elaborate”.

“Please…slap me hard…across the face…and hold me by my hair…master.”

“Is this what you deserve?”

“Yes, master.”

“Is this what you desire?”

“Yes, master.”

I slapped her three more times, harder than before. I then let go of her and stood up. She looked down at the floor, as I undressed slowly. When I was fully nude, I grabbed her hair again and tilted her head up.

“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.”

I held my cock and pressed my balls against her face. Her tongue was on my scrotom. I moved so that her tongue came up between my balls, and up my cock to the tip. I then inserted it into her mouth.

“Start sucking, and make it good.”

She started sucking, gently at mecidiyeköy escort first. After a few minutes, I withdrew from her mouth.

“That’s an okay start”, I said, “but you will have to do better. You are going to suck me off until I come. You will be punished if it takes too long. And if I don’t come, I will beat you.”

I put my cock back in her mouth, and she resumed sucking. I was keeping to myself the fact that I very rarely ever come this way. A blowjob is usually part of foreplay for me. When I come, it’s from fucking. So what she didn’t know could hurt her. However, to give Kelly some credit, I wasn’t usually this turned on by cock sucking. She was really going for it. I still had a firm grip on her hair, and indulged myself with some face fucking.

I was already hard enough when we started, but I was rock-solid after 10 minutes. I decided to indulge myself some more. I exited her mouth, let go of her hair, and bent my knees so that my cock was at breast level. I placed my cock between her breasts and rubbed and massaged it.

I went into the bathroom, drank two glasses of water, came back out, and gripped her hair again.

“I am going to come in your mouth. You are to keep it all there. You are not to let any spill out. Most importantly, you are not to swallow a drop. Is that understood?”

“Yes master.”

“Are you ready to finish sucking me off like the submissive bitch that you are?”

“Yes, master, I am ready to finish sucking you off like the submissive bitch that I am.”

I re-entered her mouth. As she sucked, I started getting more aroused. I was feeling like I actually would come in her mouth. With my other hand, I started to massage my balls. I progressed from being sucked off to face-fucking her hard as my orgasm felt closer.

It took a while to get from feeling like I could come, to feeling like I was going to come, to coming, but I did. I grabbed the back of Kelly’s neck and held her in place as I unloaded inside her mouth. I took my time. When I felt done for sure, I withdrew. Her mouth stayed shut, and nothing dripped out. I wiped my cock with my hand, and spread some cum on her face.

I then sat down on the couch to rest for a few minutes. Kelly was still on her knees with her mouth shut, looking down.

“Have you swallowed any?” I asked.

She looked up, and nodded no.

After a few more minutes, I walked over to stand in back of her. I picked up a ball-gag on the table and placed it in her mouth roughly. Kelly let out a muffled moan of surprise as some sperm dribbled out. I clasped it tight. Next, I picked up a leather collar with a leash attached and fastened it around her neck. I yanked her to her feet with the leash. I picked up my leather belt from the table and led Kelly into the bathroom by the leash.

I positioned her over the sink, facing the mirror.

“Have you swallowed?”

She nodded no.

“Really? Are you sure?”

She nodded her head vigorously up and down. Excellent. I had hoped that she would be able to refrain from swallowing when the gag was inserted, but wasn’t sure it was possible. I had tried this once before in the past, but the submissive had swallowed as soon as the gag was inserted. I tried a smaller gag this time, to see if it made any difference. The difference in gag-size, and submissive subject, apparently made all the difference in the world.

I pulled the leash so that Kelly had to bend over the sink.

“Keep your eyes on the mirror. I’m going to discipline you now”

She tilted her head up. She was now bent over the sink with her head tilted up so that she could look straight ahead into the mirror. I took my belt, which was folded in half, and smacked her ass with it.


Kelly let out an involuntary exclamation of pain and surprise. She blinked, and her head moved slightly down, despite the fact that I had a firm grip on her hair. Some sperm dribbled out of her mouth, and down her chin. I tightened my grip, and she resumed eye contact with herself in the mirror. Her eyes were moist, possibly tearing up slightly.

“Did you swallow?”

Kelly nodded no. I was astonished. This was going exactly as I had hoped it would.

“Good”, I said, “see that you don’t.”

I resumed whipping her ass with my belt. Kelly maintained strict eye contact with herself in the mirror as I whipped her. She continued to grunt and cry through the gag with each strike. My sperm kept dribbling down her chin. I paused once or twice in the whipping to rub my sperm over her breasts, and fondle her ass. I finally stopped whipping her when I had reached a silent count of 25.

“Have you swallowed?”

Kelly nodded no.

“Is there any left?”

She nodded yes. I removed her gag.

“Let the rest out.”

Kelly opened her mouth, and the rest of my sperm flowed down her chin. I filled a glass with some water, and held it up to her mouth.

“Rinse.” After she had rinsed her mouth, I put some mouthwash in the glass, had her rinse with that, and then repeated with some kağıthane escort more water.

“Is your mouth clean, cunt?”

“Yes, master.”


I left the gag out to see if she’d use her safe-word. I didn’t expect her to, but I wanted to make sure she had a chance before being gagged again. She remained silent, so I re-fastened the gag. I fondled her ass a little, and then kneeled down behind her. I removed her heels, and then her nylons. It was a shame, as she looked quite stunning in them, but they would just be in the way now.

I stood up, tugged her upright on her leash, and led her to the bathtub.

“Get in, kneel, and face me as best you can.”

Kelly did as instructed. The bathtub was nice and wide, and she was just able to position herself so that she faced me. I removed her leash.

What came next took a little concentration. I closed my eyes, tried to picture a baseball game, and waited. After a few minutes, my cock had relaxed enough, and I started to urinate.

I opened my eyes. My urine started coming out in short, sporadic bursts at first, hitting Kelly square on the chest. Her eyes were wide in dis-belief, and she was squealing a little through her gag.

“This may take some time, slut. Although I need to go, this turns me on, which just makes it harder. If I hadn’t just ejaculated into your mouth, it would probably be impossible. “

I continued to piss on her. The urine was flowing in more concentrated bursts now. I grabbed her by the hair, and pissed on her face, and all over her chest. Kelly whimpered behind the gag. A tear or two streamed down her face. We had never discussed this activity (nor most of the others) in-depth, but she knew it was on the cards. It was listed in my preferences on my BDSM site profile, although not on hers. I had tacit approval, as Kelly had not raised any objections to my preference list. Still, she might have thought that I wouldn’t actually go through with this activity, or this soon either. I myself saw this as a way to send a clear signal that I would use her however I wanted.

“I would have preferred to keep you in your nylons and heels while I pissed on you, slave” I said. “Unfortunately, heels are just too dangerous in a tub, and your nylons would likely be ruined. “

I continued to urinate on her until I was dry. It took awhile. Pissing on someone while you’re being turned on is not the easiest thing in the world to do.

When I was finally done, I removed her gag. She didn’t say anything. I held my cock up to her mouth.

“Clean it.”

She stared at it for a moment, then took my cock in her mouth, and began to lick it clean. She then released it.

“Thoroughly”, I said.

She took it back in her mouth and licked it some more. I pulled it out and waited for a moment. She still wasn’t saying anything. Good. I replaced the gag. Then I re-attached her leash, and yanked up.

“Stand up, submissive slut.”

Kelly stood up slowly and uneasily. Her chest, and parts of her face were covered in my urine and sperm. She was shivering slightly. She was having a problem looking me in the eye directly, but I just stared until she met my gaze.

I removed the leash.

“Turn around.” She did.

“Against the wall.” She did that as well.

I went back out to the coffee table, and came back in to the bathroom with a vibrator. She could hear me but she couldn’t see me. I stood watching her while I counted to 60 again. She continued to shiver a little.

“Spread your feet out to two feet apart, fuck-doll.”

She did so, and I stepped into the tub. I reached down and touched her cunt.


I massaged it a little while she moaned, and then retracted my hand. I reached around the front of her shoulder, and gripped her shoulder on the opposite side. I was pressed up against her, and could feel the conflicting emotions at work in her body. I rested the vibrator down against her cunt. I gave it a few moments, and then turned it on. Kelly started moaning at first. Then the pitch of her moans started to rise rapidly. She was coming inside of two minutes. It was a bone-shattering, visceral orgasm. She screamed through the gag while her body convulsed. I had a good grip on her, and kept her pressed between against the wall, so there was no danger of her falling.

After she had come I retracted the vibrator and turned it off. Her breathing was exceptionally heavy. I could feel her heart beating rapidly.

After counting to 60, I turned the vibrator back on, and put it back down between her legs.

She came again, but this time I didn’t stop the vibrator. It just kept going, and so did she. She came 6 more times. Each time was more intense. She was moaning, yelling, screaming, and shrieking. It was loud. There were certainly no secrets from anyone in the next room.

After about 20 minutes, Kelly finally seemed spent. I set the vibrator down, and held her tight against the wall. She body was covered in sweat, which had mixed with the urine and sperm. Her heart was going like a jackhammer. She wasn’t shivering any longer. It took a little over 5 minutes of standing there before her breathing resumed a normal rate.

“I want you to always remember,” I said, “that the first time I made you come, you were covered in my piss and cum. Is that clear, bitch?”

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