Idle Hands Ch. 01

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I’m stacking towels on the high shelf, arms above my head when you come up behind me. Your fingertips start at my elbows, skimming slowly down my arms. Your fingers flatten out to trace further over my tits then back to tips to work down my body to my waist. Your fingers curl around my hips and you hold me as you push your body against me. I feel your cock pushing through your jeans and I smile. Start to drop my arms and turn around and your fingers tighten ‘Keep your arms up’.

I breathe out slowly and my arms stretch high above me.

You wrap my wrist cuffs quickly and attach the chain to the back of my collar. The collar I wear at home. The collar you put on me.

I can drop my hands behind my head but can’t bring them far down at the front. I’m more helpless like that, as I’ve previously discovered.

You undo my jeans and start to push them down my hips ‘Take them off’. I wiggle them down and step out, kicking them off to the side.

I feel your left hand grip over my tit and your palm grinds against my hardened nipple.

Your right hand is undoing the buttons of my shirt until one gets stuck and you rip it open, a couple of buttons come off and hit against the wall.

‘Look at the mess you’re making’ I don’t know if you mean the buttons or my wetness as your right hand has otele gelen escort made its way into my panties and two fingers are tracing over my wet slit.

‘You need to be punished for the mess’ I should argue, it was you that caused both ‘messes’ but I won’t.

My pussy spasmed and my nipples tingled at the words, my breath start

a little quicker.

You push me towards the door of the bedroom.

The D ring on the cuffs is attached to the hook at the top of the door frame. I stand in just my panties, feel them getting wetter as I contemplate just how you plan to punish me.

Your hand slams down on my ass cheek, no warm up or warning.

I gasp and cry out. I start to run on the spot to take the pain out of my ass.

‘You know the rules’

I nod, go still and take a deep breath.


My breath hisses out, that one was just as hard as the last.

‘One…thank you sir’


‘Two…thank you sir’


‘Three. Ow ow ow…thank you sir’


Aaaaaaahhhh ‘Ugh Four…thank you sir’

Slap (lighter)

‘Five…oh thank you sir’

Your nails rake over my ass, my legs twitch and I hold my breath so I don’t cry out.

‘You’re enjoying this? Aren’t you slut?’ mecidiyeköy escort Grabbing my hair, pulling my head back as your left hand dips into my panties.

‘You’re even wetter, you dirty slut’. You murmur into my neck, kissing me very gently from my jaw to my collar bone.

‘I’m going to have to punish you harder.’

I moan. Somewhere between a ‘no don’t’ and a ‘no don’t stop’.

You let go of my hair and I can see your left hand out of the corner of my eye, gripping the door frame. Steadying yourself and I know you’re going to be able to smack me harder now.

Slap – right on the sit spot

‘Oh god oh god oh god’ How am I going to cope with this?

‘Six, thank you sir’ I gasp in a rush, remembering just in time.

Seven, eight and nine come close together and my head is now hanging down. My ass cherry red and my panties soaked through.

Slap – the sit spot again!

My head lifts ‘Oooowwwww… Ten…thank you sir.’

‘Please sir, I won’t make a mess again. Please sir.’ I’m panting, begging, only partly from the pain.

‘You say that every time and every time I need to punish you.’ Your voice has a tinge of laughter. We both know you will punish me whenever you want, for whatever you want, this is just part of the game.

Your türkmen escort hand pulls my panties at the waist. The back pulled to the side and you snap it on my left ass cheek.

I gasp and rub my legs together to take the sting away. You grasp the elastic again and pull sharply. This time it rips and you yank it down my thighs. You spin me, my shoulders starting to ache, my ass on fire.

You grin down at me. The glint in your eye shows me this is far from over. I watch you rub your cock through your jeans as you stare.

Your right hand squeezing your cock through the denim, your left hand comes up to spank my tits quickly. Five each side in quick succession.

‘Not nearly red enough’. You sigh, eyes sparkling, the corner of your mouth twitching in a smirk.

You squeeze hard on your cock and grab my left tit. Squeezing, pulling on my nipple, quickly letting it go and spanking my nipple back into my tit. Again and again.

You swap hands and attack my right tit in the same way. I’m twisting in my bonds and jiggling in the doorway.

‘Please sir, please. Please stop. I’ve learned my lesson.’ I am begging this time. To stop the punishment and to get the reward I really want.

‘Oh my sweet.’ Your hand under my chin lifts my head so I can look into your eyes. ‘We haven’t even begun to teach you a lesson. This was the warm up and since I can see just how wet it got you, I’m going to have to find a proper punishment for you.’

Your hands reach up to detach the cuffs from the door frame.

‘You need to learn to obey my sweet and I have all day to teach you.’

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