Katrina Pt. 02 Ch. 03

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In the previous story, (Katrina Pt. 02 Ch. 02,) it is mentioned that after dinner they played a game called Strip XX. While Katrina tells us she played the game, she doesn’t give us much detail about playing it. Here is Amita to tell us how playing this game quickly turned into an evening of sexual fun. Since this is particularly a story series about Katrina, you will notice the focus is on what she did during the evening. But we can be sure she wasn’t the only one who had a good time.

Now getting back to Katrina. Keep in mind, just over a week ago, Katrina was still a virgin. Being thrown into an orgy like this was quite a shock for her. Sure, she knew these people played sexually, but seeing them in action was something very different. How does she handle it? Does she happily join in or does she run?

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hi, it is Amita here now.

We had a delicious meal that night, the rabbits cooked superbly in a spicy stew, followed by strawberries covered with wild honey and cream. Mike’s, Uncle Tom and Auntie Betty had dinner with us, then went back to their house, taking Katina’s smelly clothes with them. I can’t believe that girl got so messy when all the others came back fairly clean.

Katrina had been told to go wash and we watched as she grabbed some fresh clothes, a towel and left for the stream. Moments later, I saw Mootie leave to follow her. I wondered about that. Katrina would most likely be getting naked to wash and I wondered if she would want this man to join her.

Well, as it happened, it seemed that his presence was most welcome.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Washing” Katrina.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Later, Katrina told me what happened. I don’t know why she didn’t include these details in her own story.

On reaching the stream she placed her fresh clothes and towel on the grass and just walked straight into the water, still wearing her dirty clothes. Her purpose was to wash off as much of the blood and cow shit as she could before she took them off.

“Need a hand, Katrina,” she heard a voice behind her and she turned to see Mootie, walking into the water towards her, still wearing his clothes too.

Katrina was surprised at first. She intended getting naked as she washed and now this man was here. For a moment she hesitated. She remembered what happened on the Gold Coast Beach when a wave had knocked her off her feet. (Katrina Pt. 02 Ch. 01) Mootie had reached to save her, his deep voice saying, “Be careful, Katrina. You’ll be washed away.” She remembered him wrapping his arms around her to hold her. She remembered how nice his hand had felt over her bikini top squashing against her breasts too. It also reminded her of her fantasy that night when she got herself off thinking about him holding her etc.

So he didn’t think she needed saving in this shallow stream, did he? Not in water no more than waist-deep. What if he intended to rub his hands all over her and help? Maybe helping her get naked and touching her all over too. A sexy shiver of excitement went through her body and of course, she agreed with that. He might even want to take sex with her. If so, she would probably be ok with that too.

“Ok,” she told him. “You can help.”

By now, Mootie had reached her in the middle of the stream, both nearly up to pussy level in the water. I’m sure you guys know how deep that is! His hands came up to her, rubbing over her body and then splashing her clean with the water.

Katrina noticed he wasn’t shy with what he touched either. Her breasts got a good feel over, a lot of attention before he began to unbutton her shirt. Katrina realised he was undressing her.

Soon the shirt was gone, thrown to the bank to be followed by her bikini top. Yes, his hands returned to her breasts again, not that they needed any cleaning having been under her clothing. It had been just her clothes that were dirty, not what was underneath. But with what he was doing, it felt good, very good, in fact.

But while her bare breasts must have been an attraction for him and it got even better when he focused on her nipples. His fingers rubbing over them, gently pulling on them and she was loving it. Her eyes were closed and she let out a soft moan as he continued to play.

Mootie was slightly amused by this. How horny she was, how turned-on she was. He thought that perhaps he would be able to take things further than he first intended.

His hands moved lower, first a quick rub over her pussy through her clothes before his fingers undid the catch of her jeans. The zipper was pulled down and her jeans were being pulled down off her hips.

He was crouching down as he pushed her jeans down under the water, down around her ankles She reached out to hold his head, to steady herself as she stepped out of them. She was left in only her tiny bikini bottom. His hands began rubbing over that now, both the front and the back.

Mootie thought istanbul travesti Katrina had a sexy arse and he was enjoying playing with it. But that firm mound of her pussy in front, an attraction too. As the palm of his hand gripped her, his fingers reached under, pressing in and working against her pussy lips through the material of her bikini. She loved that too. Was loving the way he was firmly gripping her there, love how he was rubbing her there.

Meanwhile, he put his other arm around her, pulling her to him so their lips met. It was a deep kiss, even from the start, a passionate kiss, full of sexual energy. He felt her tongue press against his lips and allowed her to enter his mouth. That was a surprise, her deep tongue kissing like that, and she did well at it too.

Katrina knew she was being swept up with the excitement of what this man was doing to her. Her body was responding to him. Her sexual desires for him were building. Her body was willingly pressed back against his. Her pelvis humped against that strong hand that was still gripping her pussy.

He could feel her responding to him, feel her pussy humping back against his hand. He knew it was time to take her to the next level. Pulling his hand higher, he pushed down inside her bikini bottom. His fingers pressed down over the mound there, pushing through the thick hair, on lower to her pussy lips. He pushed further, so her bikini slipped from her hips, pushing lower, down onto her thighs.

Now he really began to work her pussy but it was a bit awkward with her bikini bottom holding her legs together. She broke away from his embrace, her own hands reached down, pushing her bikini down until she could step out of it.

Katrina reached for him again, holding him as his arm wrapped around her again. Mootie quickly returned to her pussy, pressing his fingers inside her, feeling how wet she was, how willing she was to have him touch her. As they continued kissing, now he was finger fucking her.

She had pulled away from his mouth now, her body pressed against him as she moaned with the pleasure coming from her pussy. Her body trembling and she was breathing deeply. It was exciting for him to feel the growing sexual energy of her arousal. But this was not about his pleasure, it was never his intention. It was about her. His full attention was on giving pleasure for this sexy younger woman.

He knew she was getting close now. Time to press in and find her G-spot. Time to finish the job. He hit jackpot first try and boy did this little honey go off.

She humped against his hand, crying out as her cum hit her. He could tell it was a good one. He had to hold her, one hand around her back, while the waves of pleasure surged through her. Slowly stoking the lips of her pussy while waiting until she come off her high. His first hand slipped down to giver her sexy arse a feel too.

Afterwards, he gently led her by the hand, taking her towards the river bank as she was lightheaded, still recovering in the afterglow of orgasm.

On the riverbank, Mootie watched as Katrina dried herself off and got dressed in fresh clothes. She knew he was watching but didn’t seem concerned about him viewing her nudity. If he wanted to watch, she was fine with that, perhaps even guilty of stalling a bit, giving him longer to enjoy viewing her nudity before she got dressed. She slipped into her other more sexy bikini to be covered with shorts and a shirt.

Then they walked back up to the camp together with Mootie still wearing clothing wet up to his chest. When he reached out his hand, she took it, holding on until they got right up into the camp.

Others in the camp noticed too. He was wearing wet clothes while she wore dry clean clothing. Their sudden closeness wasn’t missed either.

“What happened to you?” his wife Hansini asked him.

“I went down to help Katrina.”

“Didn’t it occur to you to take your clothes off first?”

“As if she needed any help,” Shanti added.

“He was too busy chasing hot pussy to worry about things like that,” Steve laughed.

I thought there was probably a lot of truth in that too, Steve.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Playing Strip XX,

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

So, back to my story. Amita here again.

After dinner, we were sitting around the fire deciding what we could do when Mike suggested we play a different version of the game, ‘Strip.’

“We have all played the original game of Strip,” he said. “And many of us have tried Strip Reverse too, which was a bit of fun starting naked and putting our clothes back on. So what about trying another version of the game?”

Katrina had included this conversation in her story so I will only summarize it here. (See Katrina Pt 2 Ch. 2.)

When Mike suggested another version of this game, since we had played it so often, we were all interested.

“Another version?” I asked.

“Yes we make-up another version,” Mike replied. “Let’s call it istanbul travestileri Strip XX.”

“XX? As good as that, is it?” Pater asked with a laugh.

None of us had ever heard of this game before, since it seemed Mike was making it up as he went along, there was some discussing on how it would work and what rules were needed. When demands were mentioned that would be asked of other players, sexy tasks for them to do, I was wondering where this would go.

But I must also admit, I was beginning to warm to the idea. “What things do you have in mind?” I asked him.

“Well, that’s up to you and the person you are asking. It could be anything you think of doing – sexy of course.”

“But what if the person doesn’t want to do what you ask?” Hansini asked him. I think she was thinking about Katrina here.

“Oh, I hadn’t thought of that. Ok then, if the person being demanded says no, then you… Then you must decide on something else. Something that satisfies both of you… Both you and also the demander as well,” Mike replied. “Is that Ok?”

“Yes, that is better. You can count me in,” I said.

“An escape from a demand. I like that. I’m in too,” added Shanti.

Soon the rest of us had also agreed as well but the only problem was the game Strip was only designed for eight people, there were a lot more of us than that. So we decided to play with teams. Each married couple becoming one team. Why married couples? It didn’t have to be, but that was the way it happened I think.

Since Jenny said she was not feeling too well, she decided not to play, so Katrina took her place as Peter’s partner. With what happened later, I wonder if it was more giving Katrina a chance to play rather than being sick herself.

Mike then made things a bit more interesting by adding an extra rule. You were not allowed to remove your own clothing. Your clothing had to removed by your partner instead and you both had to be standing up to do it. When a demand was made you both had to lose one article of your clothing, taken off by your partner. Stripping each other! That’s much more fun. Knowing my partner, Sarvesh, I am sure he’d take the chance for lots of touching and feeling, showing off in front of everyone. He gets a bit of a kick out of doing naughty things to me in front of everyone else.

So Jenny decided to watch for a while and we all were sitting with our partners as Mike set up the game. Soon we were ready to begin.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

The game became interesting as soon as the first demand was made. It was by Katrina/Peter when they made a demand against Shanti/Mike. Both of them stood up and Mike removed Shanti’s jacket and then she removed Mike’s jumper before they sat down again. I noticed that rub he gave over her breasts. So I wasn’t the only one feeling a bit frisky already, it seems.

This was how it went with stripping demands being made as the game progressed. People stripping, being stripped of their clothing to the call of this game of chance. That was sexy. There was lots of playing with each other as we did, too. And the men weren’t the only ones. Us women were playing and teasing, feeling up the men too.

Soon it was clear some teams were stripping a lot faster than others. Surprisingly, Katrina/Peter was soon in the position of both left with only two items. One more demand off them and Peter would be removing her bra. He’d get the chance for a good play then too. I noticed Katrina was laughing and enjoying herself, so I thought she wasn’t too worried about the situation. Sharon/Steve were soon as bad.

By the time it happened others were down to two items so it was a question of which woman would be the first to bare her breasts? We all knew it had to happen sooner or later.

A demand was made against Sharon/Steve. They stood up and he removed her bra and she then took his T-shirt off. They were both left with only one item each.

I liked the way Sharon gave a little play for all the males before she sat down, wiggling and rolling her shoulders so her large breasts moved and swung. Her hands then coming up to hold them, playing and feeling her nipples. By now, she was getting a bit carried away and when she gave both nipples a hard punch at the same time it made her cry out with the pleasure or pain of it.

“Calm down, Sharon,” my husband, Sarvesh said. “Save that those for us guys to play with.”

That caused us all to laugh but also brought Sharon back to the game and she sat down smiling, happy with the little show she had given.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

A bit later, it was Katrina/Peter who lost next. Soon she had her bra removed too. Peter reached for her as she turned her back towards him. His hands came up to undo the catch so the bra fell away. She was still smiling and laughing as she sat down with her breasts now naked for all to see. Peter made it more fun by getting behind her and reaching around for Katrina’s tits, giving them a nice little work over while we all watched. travesti istanbul Her eyes closed and it looked like she was enjoying it.

“Naughty girl!” Mike called out.

“Katrina’s eyes opened as she looked at him. “What?”

“Stop enjoying it,” Mike laughed.

“But it was him… Peter…” Katrina tried to say.

“We all saw who was enjoying it,” Hansini said.

Katrina realised there was no denying it. She was enjoying this game. She turned to remove Peter’s shorts, taking the chance to feel that nice looking bulge in front under his undies, a smile coming on her face when she felt how hard he was.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

This game was getting sexier and sexier as we all continued removed clothing items as demanded. I knew soon we would be seeing people completely naked and then things were going to really get interesting as this was when the ‘XX’ part would begin.

Shanti/Mike was first to get completely naked. I noticed they both took the chance for a little play. I particularly like how Shanti held his erection in front of us, almost like she was presenting him to us. She gave him a few pumps too to make it more interesting. What Mike did to her pussy in return must have felt good. From where I was sitting, I could see how his fingers were pressing right into her, see the few deep finger thrusts he gave her and heard the soft moan she gave.

They were quickly followed by Katrina/Peter. We had all seen Katrina naked at the Island Resort so it didn’t seem to worry her being naked in front of us again. Anyway, everyone knew it would only be a matter of time before we were all naked like her. Of course, both Katrina and Peter took the chance for some more quick playing. I must say I was pleased with how well Katrina was responding to this game, willing to touch and play with his cock in front of all of us. Also willing to open her legs and display her pussy while he played with her too.

With two teams now naked and two more teams down to their last items, it wouldn’t be long until there would be more naked bodies on display.

Sarvesh and I looked to be in the best position, or would you say the worse position, with the most clothes on. We each had two items left. I couldn’t wait to get naked for my little show too. I even considered just pulling my own clothes off but then, that wasn’t how this game goes is it?

Anyway, soon I did actually find myself naked. First came a demand from Joseph/Lizamoa and my bra was gone leaving my titties displayed. Then next turn, a demand came from Mike/Shanti and Sarvesh was removing my panties before I was getting his cock out too.

I loved how he made me sit back against him. He pulled my legs open until they were wide apart. My full pussy was on display for everyone to look and I realised how turned on I was that they were looking too. Sarvesh’s hand came around each side of me, his hands going for my pussy, his fingers going to each side of my swollen lips. He pulled at the flesh, pulling my lips back, opening me up for all to see.

“Nice wet pussy,” he announced to everyone. “Nice juicy pink.”

I knew what he was saying as my body gave a shudder of pleasure.

“See she likes it,” he laughed. “Like showing all the boys her wet cunt.”

That sounded so dirty. So sexy. My body gave another shudder.

“What you need is a good fucking,” Sarvesh told me.

His finger pressed into me. Pushing in deep as he finger thrusted me. Damn, that felt so good. The way his other hand was rubbing at him clitty made it even better. I gave a moan and humped at him.

“Oh, you like that do you?”

He thrust in even harder and I cried out in surprise.

“Get her off,” I heard Joseph say.

“Make her cum,” Hansini said.

“They want you to cum, Amita. Do you want to cum for them?”


“They want to watch me finger fuck your dirty cunt until you cum.”

“You want that, don’t you, dirty girl? You want to show all the boys what a horny little fuck baby you are.”

Horny Fuck Baby! Where did that come from? I humped at him again, my mind full of the lust. They were all watching me and I was going to cum in front of them. This was all so hot!

His fingers kept thrusting into me. His other hand briskly rubbing at my clitty. It was all too much. My climax burst over me. I cried out. My bum lifting off the ground, my body consumed with orgasm. It was amazing.

I heard someone clapping and then all of them were clapping. I opened my eyes to see them still watching me. They had all seen and enjoyed my little show and I had enjoying doing it too. I don’t think it was just the physical contact of what his fingers were doing that made my cum so good, I think it was also the fact all my friends were watching too.

We changed position so I could remove the last of his clothes. Nice and hard I noticed too. Naughty boy, Sarvesh! Getting horny over a simple game. In truth, it was more like, who wasn’t getting horny over this game, by now?

I began to reach around to play with him and I thought maybe even get him off.

“Don’t let him cum, Amite,” Sharon told me.

I looked at her a bit surprised.

“Don’t let any of these horny boys cum.” Shanti said. “We’re saving them for later.”

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