Shame Ch. 1

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He rode into our valley in the summer of ’89, a giant of a black man dressed in clothes as dark as his skin. He was tall and terrible in the road looming up gigantic in the half-light. I was a kid then, watching him approaching from several miles off. Even from a distance there was something about him. My pa came out just as he rode up to our ranch.

“I’d appreciate some water for my horse,” said the black giant.

“Help yourself stranger,” said my pa. “Troughs around back. Take all the water you need.

I watched the man ride around back. He had a gun on his hip and a Winchester rifle sticking up from his saddle. I would have followed him, but at that moment some of Bodie’s men rode up to hassle my father. They came from the opposite direction the black man had, from where Bodie drove his herds. My ma came out on the porch then to see what all the fuss was about.

“My you fill out that dress right nicely, ma’am,” said one of the thugs leaning down on his saddle.

“What do you men want?” asked my father stepping in front of mother.

The cowboy’s eyes lingered on mother a second before speaking again. “Mr. Bodie still wants this land.”

“It’s not for sale.”

“Who said anything about buying it,” said the cowboy resting his hand on the pistol dangling from his hip.

Then I watched as the cowboy’s eyes grew wide and he slowly removed his hand from the gun. He was staring over my shoulder. I turned to look, the black man was standing behind me with the rifle slung over his shoulder. His eyes were cold, but he smiled and said, “Thanks for the water sir.”

“Think about what we said,” growled the cowboy turning his horse and galloping off. The two others followed him.

Father watched them go an angry look on his face before turning to the black man and smiling. “Well stranger, seeing how it’s getting late and that horse of your could probably use a rest, why don’t you join us for dinner? You can bed down in the barn tonight.”

“Much obliged sir,” said the black man.

“I’m Elijah. You won’t regret it stranger, Hetty’s the best cook in the Wyoming territory.”

“Call me Shame,” he said. He never told us more.

* * * * *

Pa didn’t lie about mother’s cooking. Dinner consisted of chicken, cornbread, beans, and fresh apple pie. Both Shame and Pa greedily shoveled ma’s food into their mouths.

My sister showed up about half-way through dinner and Ma flashed her an angry glance for being late. Mary, my sister seemed fascinated with Shame, as was I. I quietly ate, staring at Shame the whole time. Between mouthfuls, he spent all his time staring at ma and my sister.

“What’s so interesting boy,” said Shame finally tuning his attention on me.

“Mr. Shame,” I blurted out. “Whys your skin so dark? You burnt in a fire or something?”

Mother gasped. Father said, “He’s a black man Caleb. Now hush up.”

We finished eating and Shame sat back contentedly and patted his belly. “Ma’am that was the best meal I ever had.” Ma blushed. She loved feeding us.

After dinner, pa got out his pipe and I was ushered off up stairs to bed. I tried to listen, but all I could hear were mumbles.

* * * * *

Hetty peeked through the barn door at the black man. A lantern lit the room. Shame was unrolling a bedroll on the cot Elijah had built for a farm hand that Bodie’s men had run off.

“Can I help you ma’am?” asked Shame without turning. It was like he was aware of everything around him whether he was staring at it or not.

Hetty walked in and Shame slowly turned to face her. “Mr. Shame, I was wondering if you’d like to stay on and work for us. My husband could sure use the help.”

“Help on the farm or help from those men?”

Hetty blushed and looked at her feet. “Both sir.”

“Elijah’s a big man. How come he didn’t stand up to them?”

“It’s against our religion to raise our hands against another human being, sir.”

“A real man fights for what he believes in Hetty,” said Shame. “What did they want with you?”

“Mr. Bodie is the most powerful cattleman in the valley. Us homesteaders are standing in the way of his cattle drives forcing him further out of his way. Our land has some springs on it, he needs to water his herd. How about it, will you stay?”

“I’ve vowed never to work the dirt again ma’am,” said Shame, “but I’d consider staying if the price was right.”

“We don’t have much money, but we could offer food and shelter.”

“Not enough,” said Shame staring her in the eyes.

“What else then?”

“I ain’t been with a woman in a long time Hetty,” said Shame.

Hetty gasped. She fully believed that all men were animals and that the first duty of any wife was to tame a husband’s more carnal desires. “I thought you were a gentleman Mr. Shame. I was wrong. Good night sir.”

“Hetty wait,” sad Shame before she reached the barn door. She stopped and turned. “You ever hear of a hand job?”

“No sir.”

“It’s where you stroke my cock untils I cums. Do that for Belek escort me each day and I’ll stay awhile and protect your family.”

“That’s disgusting.”

“Think of it like your milkin a cow. Just run your hands up and down it untils I cums.”

“Like milkin a cow,” said Hetty pausing. She had seen the way the cowboys reacted when they saw Shame. They were clearly scared of him. “If I do this for you, you’ll stay?”

“Yes ma’am. If you make me cum once every day, I’ll stay as long as you need me.”

“How do I do this?”

He grinned knowing he had won. “Kneel between my legs and undo my trousers.”

Hetty felt a little angry. A black man was looking condescendingly at her. They sure were getting uppity after the war. However, this was a small price to pay for keeping her family safe. It would be just like milkin a cow. Take the teat in your hand and tug on it until milk squirts out. She kneeled between his legs. He smirked down at her while she took his belt off and undid his trousers.

Hetty didn’t want to look at it, so she turned her head as she reached in his pants and grabbed something. “Please remove your arm, sir,” said Hetty.

“That’s not my arm,” replied Shame.

Hetty turned to look as she pulled out his massive black penis. “My god sir, it’s as big as Mr. Taylor’s prize bull’s organ.”

Shame just laughed and pushed his trousers down to his knees revealing his testicles. It looked like two large apples had been shoved into a wrinkly black sack. “What’s the matter Hetty, ain’t Elijah’s cock this big?”

Hetty had never actually looked at her husband’s penis, but judging how it felt inside her when they fornicated, Shame was at least twice as big and a lot thicker. She ignored his question and said, “Where do I began?”

“Spit in your hand,” he said. She looked a him distastefully, but obeyed. “Now coat it around the tip.” As she rubbed around the tip, a giant black, plum-sized head emerged from his wrinkly dark foreskin to stare a her. It was huge and harder then her husbands penis had ever been. He groaned as she touched it. “Now coat the rest of it.”

Hetty spit in her hand and rubbed further along his shaft. It grew even bigger as she stroked it. His big bull cock was more then a foot long and still swelling. It was so big, her mouth was dry by the time it was coated with saliva.

“Now milk the cow, ma’am,” said Shame.

Hetty began stroking it. She slid her hand up and down the shaft. It was fascinating to hold his big cock. It was a bull’s cock, a horse’s cock, a giant hooded black snake. It was so hard, you could hammer in a nail with it. ‘The devil must have a cock this big,’ thought Hetty.

Her hand grew tired and she switched, spitting again to coat it. Soon that hand too grew tired and she started using both hands to get him off. “It’s so hot,” she murmured.

“Isn’t your husband’s?” asked Shame.

“I don’t know, I’ve never done this to Elijah.”

“Faster Hetty, faster.”

Both her arms were tired, but Hetty increased her speed. “Mr. Shame it’s getting bigger,” she cried as it grew in her hand. His entire cock was swelling now. The head was an angry purple color and was so big it looked about to burst.

“Here it cums Hetty,” moaned Shame.

Hetty watched fascinated as the eye seemed to open and then his entire cock leaped out of her hand as it spit it’s venom. His hot black seed splattered on her face. He came again and again, covering her face, hands, and soiling her dress. His sperm was more then her husband had cum in twenty years of marriage.

“Sorry ma’am, but it has been a while since I came last.”

Hetty stood up in disbelief and fled the barn. She felt a little sick at what she had done, but it was a small price to pay for keeping her children safe. She ran to the well to clean herself up. The water only helped a little. His sperm seemed to turn all stringy as she washed and she was worried about staining her dress. If she did this for Mr. Shame again, she’d have to think of a cleaner way to do this.

Hetty stopped cleaning herself as she thought about giving him another hand job. She felt moisture between her legs and realized that she was aroused. She had never been aroused. Hetty had been brought up in a religious society that believed sex was something women had to endure in order to bare children. She thought of her husband probably lying in bed already asleep and for the first time in her life wanted to fornicate with him.

When she felt she was decent enough. Hetty turned and quickly headed towards the house and upstairs to Elijah.

* * * * *

Shame tore into ma’s flapjacks with as much gusto as he had last nights dinner. Everyone was quite that morning. Mary and I still stared at Shame. Ma and pa kept glancing at each other, father would get a dumb grin on his face when he met ma’s eyes. Mother glanced at Shame every now and then, she seemed as fascinated with him as we were.

“Shame,” said father breaking the silence, “are Belek escort bayan you in such a hurry to saddle up or can I show you around the property?”

“I reckon I’m not in too much of a hurry,” said Shame sitting back. “I need to walk off those fine flapjacks of yours ma’am.” He winked at mother and she turned bright red.

“Well let’s go,” said father standing up. I stared at him with open eyes until he motioned for me to join them.

Our property is quite large and showing Shame around took the better part of two hours. We arrived at Mary’s favorite part of our land. It was a clear spring watering hole surrounded by lush green grass and bushes. My sister was a moody girl and once her chores were done she was prone to wandering off by herself. She used the hole for bathing and liked to read in the shade during the hotter months. She liked to be left alone and I was forced to swim in another hole close by.

“This is the reason Bodie’s boys keep giving me so much trouble,” said father sweeping his hand down to the spring. “He drives his cattle about two miles away and this spring would save him a lot of time. Plus, the more you drive your cattle, the more choice meat they lose. Bodie’s living in the past. The future lies in farms like mine. Keeping the herd well-fed and stationary keeps them fat and juicy.

We finished up behind the barn where the stump of a giant oak tree marred the landscape. Father stopped and rested against the stump. “I work on removing this when I get a chance, but keeping the farm running takes a lot of time and hard work. I could sure use a hand around here Mr. Shame.”

“Are you asking me to stay on?”

“It would sure help me out and if I read you correctly, you could use a break from the trail.”

“I have unpleasant memories of working with the dirt as a boy, Elijah.”

“I understand what your saying Shame,” said father. “I don’t need help with the plants, but with the cattle. I’ll pay you what I can, which isn’t much to be honest. I’ll have more money in a few months when I sell the herd down.”

Mother chose that moment to come out and tell us lunch was ready. Shame stared at her a moment and said to father, “You just hired yourself a hand.” I was delighted.

After lunch, Shame pushed his chair back and stood up. “Where you going Shame?” asked ma.

“Ma’am, a man’s got to earn his keep when he gets fine meals like yours.”

Soon after Shame left, we heard the sounds of an axe striking wood. Father got up from the table and walked outside. We all followed. Shame was behind the barn swinging an axe at the old stump. Each swing of his mighty arm sent splinters of wood flying up from a large exposed root. Father stared for a moment and then he disappeared into the barn, returning a moment later with a spade.

I watched the two men working on that stump for hours. Mary stood beside me for awhile, but she quickly grew bored and wondered off. As the hours passed a hole appeared underneath the stump. It slowly grew until after about three hours, pa stood in the hole and pushed against the stump. My eyes grew wide as the stump moved an inch and I let out a little cheer.

Pa could push the stump out about three feet by the time ma called us in to dinner. The two men ate like it was their last meal and since there was still some daylight left they returned to the stump. I had to stay in and help ma with the dishes so I couldn’t watch them, but just as the sun was disappearing a great shout rose up from behind the barn and we all went out to investigate.

The two men were leaning heavily on each other. The stump was out of the hole.

* * * * *

Hetty gasped as she entered the barn. Shame stood naked before a pail of water as he washed the days sweat from his well-muscled torso. The light from the lantern reflected off his incredible body and Hetty felt her nipples hardening. His magnificent cock was half erect, jutting out from his body, and angled down. Cock, she had never heard a man’s penis called that until last night, but it seemed appropriate on Shame.

“Come to pay me?” asked Shame.

“Yes,” said Hetty. She gasped again as Shame turned around and threw the towel down. His back was crisscrossed with white scars from his neck to his hard rear end. Scars from an overseers whip. They were old and faded, the fact that they were so visible attesting to the brutality of the beating he had received many yeas before.

Shame walked over to his bed roll, took it off the cot, and threw it on the hay. He laid down on his back and motioned for Hetty to kneel between his legs. She obeyed. In a strange way, she was looking forward to doing this again. She had been so aroused after last night, that she had pulled a delighted Elijah on top of her for a few minutes of sex.

“What’s that you got there in your hand?” asked Shame.

“I didn’t much care for spitting in my hand so I brought along some honey. I hope you don’t mind if I use that instead?”

“Whatever Escort Belek works for you,” said Shame.

Hetty nodded and removed the lid from the honey jar. Shame’s cock was hardening in anticipation before she even touched it. It was straightening out and rising towards the ceiling, the head was emerging from the foreskin as it rose. Her eyes were wide as she scooped out some honey and began coating his cock with it. “There’s one problem,” said Hetty staring at his cock as she began stroking it. “Your seed stained my dress last night and I had trouble cleaning it off me.”

“I’ll warn you before I blows.”

Satisfied Hetty returned her attention to his cock. She used both hands early this time, since it took two to encircle the thick black sausage. The honey was an excellent lubricant and her hands slid easily over the shaft. She could tell Shame was enjoying it because he was slowly thrusting his hips each time she brought her hands down.

He lasted a long time again, but eventually his cock started swelling as he approached orgasm. “Getting close Hetty,” he grunted.

Hetty let go and leaned back before it went off. His rampant black cock jerked with each beat of his heart, but he didn’t cum.

“Don’t stop Hetty,” said Shame, “I’m losing it.”

Hetty reached around his hips and tried to jerk him off that way, but the angle was difficult and her arm quickly grew tired. Shame seemed frustrated and angry. He stood up and positioned his cock right before her face. “Stroke my cock bitch.”

She grabbed it and started stroking again. She had to start over, but thankfully it quickly grew again. The head of his cock looked like it was about to explode. Just as the pee-slit started opening, Shame grabbed the back of her head and pulled her forwards, the tip of his cock forcing it’s way between her lips just as it exploded. She tasted the honey for a second before the taste was overwhelmed by the sperm filling her mouth.

Hetty had been caught off guard and was out of breath. She inadvertently swallowed his first wad, then horrified reared her head back, the second and third wads splattering on her face and dress. Not knowing what to do, she brought her lips back around his cock head to keep the rest of his cum from soiling her. She was surprised at how hot his sperm was and the taste wasn’t all that bad. She swallowed the rest without difficulty.

* * * * *

The next day, Hetty caught herself staring at Shame. Caleb was at school and the rest of the family was about various errands. Shame was enlarging the coral near the barn. He had is shirt off and she could just make out his bulging muscles flexing as he nailed, shoveled, and hefted the fencing. She stared so long she neglected her house work.

Hetty tried to concentrate on her chores, but found herself returning to the window. Finally, she gave in and decided to take him some lemonade so that she could get a closer view of his chest.

“Thanks ma’am,” said Shame downing a glass, “that sure hits the spot.”

“You looked like you needed it Mr. Shame,” said Hetty, “and I brought it to you despite your bad behavior last night.”

“What behavior are you referring to, ma’am?”

“Why, when you shoved your cock in my mouth sir.”

“I merely did that to keep from soiling you. I thought that’s what you wanted?”

“That is what I wanted, but it wasn’t what I had in mind,” said Hetty reliving the moment his cum filled her mouth. Odd, the thought didn’t disgust her. “Anyway it didn’t work. You still soiled my face and dress.”

“Then you should do it nude until you can swallow my entire load. That way your dresses won’t get messed up.”

“I couldn’t do that,” said Hetty surprised at the suggestion.

“Why not?”

“A woman doesn’t appear nude before a male, not even her husband.”

“You should be proud of your body Hetty,” said Shame. “You were built to drive men wild.”

Hetty blushed. “Thank you sir. I’ll consider it.” She turned and headed back to the house to start dinner.

* * * * *

Hetty climbed out of bed the moment Elijah began snoring. She had thought about it all evening and decided Shame was right, going nude was the best way to keep his sperm off her clothes. No man had ever seen her nude and she couldn’t believe she was about to show her body to a virtual stranger. Then again, she couldn’t believe a lot of things she had done since Shame rode onto their land. Even stranger, she found herself looking forward to meeting him each night.

Hetty crept downstairs and out the house. She was wearing her night clothes. A knee length shift that covered her body from her neck to her knees. It was designed to protect her modesty and to keep from driving her husband wild. When fornication was a must, a proper lady just lifted her shift up enough to allow her husband to enter her. Even then it was always in the dark.

“I was beginning to wonder,” said Shame as she entered the barn. He was sitting nude on the cot. His long cock dangled over the side, soft, but still eight inches long. Shame had no problem showing off his nude body.

“Forgive me sir, but I couldn’t sneak away from Elijah until after we went to bed.”

“As long as your here. Now take that potato sack off,” he ordered.

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