Spring Break

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Spring break is always the best time of the year, at least I think so. This year, it had worked out where my spring break was the same as the colleges. Usually, my high school doesn’t break at the same time. I took this to be an omen that I should go and have a little fun. When I told my parents I was going to spend the week with my friend Heather, they weren’t that happy. But, I reminded them, gently, that I was eighteen and, legally, I didn’t need their permission. My parents raised me to be independent. I guess they were starting to question their parenting decisions at this point. Either way, I packed up my things, drove to Heather’s and picked her up. Heather had told her parents she was staying me. Actually, we were going to Palm Springs for the week.

As I drove through the desert, Heather and I listened to music, ate junk food and fantasized about the trouble we were going to get into. I’d recently broken up with my boyfriend and Heather had been without a boyfriend for nearly a month. Who needed high school boys when we were in the hunt for college guys? As we entered Palm Springs, things were already starting to get wild. Stopped in traffic, three guys climbed into the back of my convertible and made themselves at home. They were cute so Heather and I didn’t mind. Chuck, Mikey and Jimmy were from Colorado and asked where we were staying. I had called ahead and booked a hotel. Luckily, Chuck knew exactly where it was and directed us to it. They’d been in town for three days and already had the lay of the land.

After Heather and I checked in, we changed into tank tops and shorts and headed back out to town. Mikey and Jimmy had taken off but Chuck had waited around for us. Chuck was sweet. I could tell Heather had already fallen for his tall good looks. For me, he was a little too jock. Anyways, the three of us climbed into my convertible and took off for greater adventures. The number of people in town was growing by leaps and bounds. It was such a rush. Everyone was having a good time. We ended up at a huge party at a private house. Someone had told us about it and it was amazing. A huge house, a band playing on the patio, drinks flowing. As we walked around, Chuck and Heather were getting more and more friendly with each other. Finally, they disappeared. Not sure where to, but I was pretty sure I knew what for.

As I grabbed a beer, this gorgeous guy came up and stood in front of me. He was tall, probably around 25, dark hair. He was wearing khaki shorts and his shirt was hanging open. Amazing chest. He smiled and said his name was Linc and did I have any tattoos. Escort Bayan Ok, that was a new line I hadn’t heard before. I told him I did and did it matter. He said it might and asked me to show it to him. Now, actually, I two small tattoos that I got when I turned eighteen four months ago. Pulling the neck of my tank top down a little, I showed him the small black rose I have on the upper inside of my left breast. As I did, I told him I had another one too. He wanted to see that one too. I told him to follow me.

Walking around the house, I came to a secluded spot surrounded by bushes. Slowly, I undid my shorts and pushed them down. Then I slid my panties down. Right above my pussy, I have another black rose interlinked with a heart. Linc smiled and knelt down in front of me. He was really close to me and I could feel his breath on my skin.

“I like it. Very subtle. What’s this little hoop right here?”

He’d found my clit hoop. Reaching out, Linc ran his finger from my tattoo down to the hoop. Pulling his finger through the hoop, he tugged gently. I shivered as my body responded to the pressure. That’s why I had my clit pierced. The sheer sensation made my body tingle.

“You like that, don’t you?”

Linc tugged on it again, pulling it gently over and over again. His thumb ran up and down my lips as his finger toyed with the little gold hoop. My juices started to flow. I closed my eyes and felt his fingers stroke me. In a matter of minutes, my body was shaking and I was cumming hard.

Linc stood and licked his fingers, smiling at me. I asked him if the tattoos were a problem. He licked his lips and said nope. Taking my hand, he started to lead me back to the house. I stopped, pulling back. I wasn’t wearing anything other than my sandals and tank top.

“I can’t go back like this. Let me put my shorts back on.”

I tried to reach for my shorts, but Linc just grabbed my hand and pulled me with him.

“No one’s gonna care. Besides, everyone else will be naked by now.”

When I resisted, Linc lifted me up over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. My bare ass was up in the air. I slapped at his back but he just laughed and walked me to the pool. I looked around and sure enough, everyone else was naked. I saw guys and girls bare ass naked, or getting that way, all over the place. In one corner, a guy was stroking a girl’s breast as another girl stroked his cock. When Linc stopped, I tried to twist and look over my shoulder. Two other men had walked up. Linc was saying something about my little gold hoop. The next thing Bayan escort I knew, Linc parted my legs and showed my bare clit to the two men.

“Looks sweet, tasty. Does she really get off on this?”

I heard this from the man on the left just as his finger touched my hoop. My body shivered. I was still sensitive from cumming with Linc. This man’s finger pulled on the hoop and I moaned.

“Yep. Can’t wait to feel it when I fuck her.”

I moaned again as I heard Linc say this. Carrying me over his shoulder, Linc moved towards a table in one of the corners. The other two men came with him. Laying me down on the table, Linc spread my legs.

“Honey, we’re just getting started.”

Moaning, I opened my legs wider. My tank top was riding up, exposing the underside of my breasts. Linc leaned over and when his tongue pushed it way into the hoop and pulled, I nearly came up off the table. Linc’s tongue moved over me again and again, licking me. The other two men stood next to the table. The one, I think I heard Linc call him Mitch, reached down and pulled my top up, revealing my naked breasts. He smiled and commented on my tattoo. Leaning over, Mitch circled my nipple with his tongue. I moaned again. The other guy, who I found out later was Victor, leaned down and licked my other nipple. I couldn’t believe what was happening, and I never wanted it to end. Three guys, licking me, touching me. I grunted and came hard again.

Standing straight, Linc licked his lips and started to slip his shirt off. Next, I watched as he pushed his shorts down. I looked around me and watched other people starting to have sex. One couple was engaged in a sixty-nine while two other people stroked them. I looked back at Linc and watched his hand stroke his hard cock. He was bigger than my last boyfriend and I didn’t know if I could take all of him. I was about to find out.

Slipping his finger through the hoop, Linc guided the tip of his cock into my soaking pussy. I moaned as he pushed in, stretching me, opening me. Tugging on the hoop with his finger, Linc fucked me slowly. Mitch and Victor both stripped naked around me. As Linc slowly worked his cock deeper and deeper inside me, Mitch held his cock out to my mouth. Without thinking twice, I wrapped my lips around him and sucked. He moaned out a comment about what a good cock sucker I was and pushed his cock deeper into my mouth. Victor was stroking my nipples and his cock, urging Linc to fuck me faster so he could have a piece. Linc dropped the hoop and let it move along with us. He moaned and I felt his cock Escort get harder with each thrust. Grabbing hold of my hips, he pushed, slamming into me. I moaned and grunted, my pussy tightening around him as I broke into another hard orgasm. Pulling out, Linc leaned down and kissed my clit.

“Fucking unbelievable. That pierced clit is fucking amazing.”

Victor pushed him out of the way, desperate to get to my pussy. Wrapping his cock in his hand, he pushed his cock into my dripping pussy. I moaned onto Mitch’s cock, twisting my mouth around him. Victor’s cock wasn’t as big as Linc’s but I didn’t care. He pulled me to the edge of the table and rammed into me hard and fast. Reaching down, he pulled on the clit hoop and moaned. Victor didn’t take long to reach his orgasm and let loose inside me.

Mitch withdrew from my mouth and said it was his turn. Slipping down to the end of the table, Mitch pulled me off the table and turned me around so my ass was in the air. Pulling on my hoop, he guided his cock into me. His finger kept the hoop snug and unmoving, causing my clit to react with more sensitivity. Mitch’s cock slowly stroked me, filling me. It was agonizing. The lack of movement of the hoop was driving me crazy.

I looked up when I heard a noise approaching us. Heather and Chuck had returned. Heather’s top was missing and Chuck’s shorts were open. I moaned as Heather looked at me, Mitch fucking me from behind. Heather and I have shared a lot, including each other. Smiling, Heather lowered herself down under me and I shivered as her tongue touched me. Mitch held onto the hoop as Heather’s tongue worked it’s way around it. Pulling out, Mitch dipped his cream covered cock into Heather’s mouth and let her taste Linc, Victor and me. She sucked hungrily, rolling her tongue around him. Then, guiding him back, Heather pushed his cock back inside me. I moaned and felt another orgasm. Mitch grunted and filled me with his cream.

Looking over at Chuck, I smiled and asked he wanted some too. Without a word, he dropped his shorts and stepped up behind me. Heather guided him into my open pussy and let him fuck me a couple of times. Then she pulled him out and guided his dripping cock to my ass. Pushing inside me, he stretched my ass and I moaned. My ass was so tight around his cock, it created an amazing sucking sound as he pounded my ass. Heather went back to licking my pussy, eating up all of the cum inside me like a jelly doughnut. I moaned as she tugged on my hoop with her teeth. My orgasm was huge and Chuck didn’t waste time cumming either. He pulled out and filled Heather’s waiting mouth.

All four men smiled and stroked their cocks, three of which were hard again. This time, Heather took her place on the table and watched them fuck her. After that, we cooled off in the pool. Heather and I stayed with Linc all week.

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