The Empathetic Girlfriend

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Double Penetration

Greg and his girlfriend Yuna were driving back from a movie when their lives changed forever, although neither knew it at the time. They were returning from a romantic movie although neither could explain the plot. They made out during most of the show and Greg hoped to have sex with Yuna after they got back to her apartment or at least get to third base. They had been dating for a few months now and they had not had sex yet. Yuna and Greg were still virgins.

Yuna was a beautiful young woman. At 18 years old, she should be a playmate or model but she was too ambitions for that. Her parents had instilled into her the Chinese virtue of being hard working and studious. Unlike her other family members, though, she is fiercely independent and moved out of her parents’ home the month before she started attending the local university in her hometown.

While in the car, Greg placed his hand on Yuna’s leg and he moved his soft hand up her thigh and placed it at the mound her pussy made in her panties. She had white cotton panties covering her intact flower. Greg could tell she was aroused as she leaked her pussy juice onto her panties making them damp. Yuna was squirming from Greg’s touch and he moved her panties to the side so that he had access to her bare cunt.

Yuna was surprised at this and she protested and squeezed her thighs together trapping Greg’s hand. Greg looked away from the road to look at Yuna as he pulled up to a stoplight and did not see the dirty, homeless man jump in front of his car to wash his windshield.

“Greg, stop it. I’m not ready! Oh, look out!” Yuna screamed, which made Greg look up at the road and slam on his breaks. It was too late as the beggar could not dodge the truck in time and was struck on his back and thrown on top of the hood of the truck. Yuna quickly got out of the truck and went to the injured man, while Greg trembled in the driver’s seat.

“All you alright?” Yuna asked the man.

“My back, fuck it hurts!” The man replied.

“We need to call an ambulance.”

Yuna waved to Greg in the truck and he slowly got out.

“Is he alive?” Greg asked with his voice shaking in fear.

“Call 911, Greg, he needs a doctor!”

Greg pulled out his cell phone and started to dial but didn’t press send. “Shit!” Greg said realizing he had let his insurance expire. “Yuna listen. He doesn’t look to hurt. Why don’t we just give him some money and be on our way.”

Greg helped the man down from the hood of the car and the man winced when placed on his feet. “Oh you are just bruised up.” Greg told the man. “Here take this money and let’s forget what happened.”

“Ow, my back!” The man said as he crumbled onto the ground and ignored the money in Greg’s hand.

Yuna rushed to him and held him in her arms. “We can’t just leave him. I will call an ambulance she said holding her hand out to Greg for the phone.

“I, I don’t have any insurance Yuna. I’ll get in trouble and they will put me in jail. I’ll lose my scholarship. Shit, what are we going to do?”

“Greg.” Yuna said sighing. “Fine, if you don’t want to take him to the hospital then we will take him back to my apartment!”

Yuna was always very empathetic. She would help anyone that was in need, no exception. That is why she waned to be a nurse. She could never say no to anyone, especially someone in need. Knowing how futile it would be to get Yuna to change her mind, Greg agreed to take him to Yuna’s apartment on the condition that once the homeless man was okay then the canlı bahis man would leave.

Greg and Yuna gently put the man in the back of the truck and Yuna got in and sat next to him to keep him company. She reached into her purse and gave the man a few pills of painkillers she had saved after she had her wisdom teeth pulled. She held him in her arms and talked to him the whole way back to her apartment although he had already passed out from the pain.

Yuna was glad she lived in the apartment that was on the first floor. The man was heavy and in too much pain to take up the stairs. They carried him into the apartment and Greg was heading for the couch when Yuna said, “No, put him in the bed Greg. His back is in no condition to be sleeping on the couch.”

“Fine.” Greg said with a little annoyance in his voice. “We were going to have to disinfect the entire apartment,” Greg thought as he brushed off the dirt that transferred from the man to him. To Greg’s surprise Yuna started to take off the man’s shoes.

“What are you doing?” Greg asked.

“You don’t expect him to sleep with his shoes and dirty clothes on do you?” Yuna said in a mocking manner.

“Why the hell not? He does under the bridge!” Greg yelled back at her.

Yuna gave him an eye of disgust. “Why don’t you just leave, Greg? You have caused enough trouble for one night.” Yuna said in a very calm manner.

“Are you crazy! I’m not leaving you with that…!”

“No! I want you to leave. He is hurt and your shouting is not helping him, and it is annoying me.” Yuna got up and pulled Greg by his arm to the door. “I love you Greg but you are pissing me off right now.” Yuna opened the door and said, “Call me in the morning.”

Yuna could always win an argument with him, mostly because she never lost here cool. “You are right.” Greg said. “I am sorry babe. I just feel stupid, you know.”

“I know.” She said.

“I love you to,” Greg said as he left.

Yuna went back to the injured homeless man and removed his books. She needed to check him for injuries and cut his clothing from his body. She removed all his clothes but left his underwear and inspected his injuries. Greg was right they were just bruises but they were very large and were a deep blue on the black man’s skin. He was going to have to rest here for a few day, but the damage was not life threatening.

Yuna got a sponge and a bucket of water and started to wash the filth that was on his body. She was pleasantly surprised to not see any needle marks anywhere on him as drugs made her nervous. She had washed his entire upper body when she got to his underwear, which was extremely dirty. He must have worn them for weeks. She thought twice about removing them and washing what was underneath, but then she breathed in deep and decided if she wanted to be a nurse she had to be in uncomfortable situations. She cut the underwear from his body and gasped out as she pulled the torn cloth from his pelvis. The man had a large penis, much larger than Greg’s. Yuna unconsciously became aroused at seeing his dirty cock.

She pulled all the cut underwear from him and started to sponge around his penis. She had not taken her eyes of his dick as she expertly cleaned the tops of this thighs and the area where his pubic hair was. Her touching was affecting the man as well as his cock was becoming erect. Yuna looked up at him to see if he was awake. She gasped when she realized he was awake, but she relaxed when she realized he was not alert. betwoon The painkillers must have made him slightly delirious. She picked up his big, black penis with her small hand and gently rubbed off the grime that covered it. She slowly stroked it up and down not understanding why this homeless man’s cock was exiting her so much. She had touched Greg’s penis once before and he even touched her bare pussy in the car, but she had never felt this aroused in her life. Was she becoming a pervert? The only other person’s dick she touched was her boyfriend’s, never a total stranger. Greg had wanted for her to jerk him off but she felt uncomfortable and did it only for a few seconds, but tonight she could not deny the burning between her legs as she watched the homeless man’s dick grow to an extraordinary length. It was so big she could not wrap her whole hand around it and had to use two hands to wash it.

Yuna retrieved the sponge and started to wash that dirt from the large penis. She polished it slow and deliberately, not missing a speck of dirt. The man had fallen back to sleep. As if by instinct, she was stroking his hard cock, pulling the wet sponge up and down slowly. She knew Greg had wanted to fuck her tonight, and she knew she would refuse him because she didn’t feel ready to have sex with him. She wanted to save herself for her husband, but for some strange reason she wanted this large black cock inside her small little Asian pussy. She loved Greg with all her heart but this was something different. This was lust.

There was some clear liquid that was developing at the end of his dick. Instinctively, Yuna put the sponge to the side and brought her lips to the liquid and started to suck it clean. She rolled her tongue on the tip of his penis and stuck her tongue into his piss hole to retrieve the sweet tasting pre-cum. She pulled her head up and licked her lips. She had never done this before. Greg had asked her but she refused because she thought it was disgusting. It felt so natural now to lick a cock this big and beautiful that she couldn’t stop. She opened her mouth wide and swallowed the head of the homeless man’s dick. She then pulled back out letting her lips drag back across the sensitive glans. She pushed more in her mouth and swallowed three inches and slid her lips and tongue back against the shaft as she pulled out. She was getting the hang of this. She could taste more and more of the sweet pre-cum oozing from his piss hole. She took more into her mouth until it was poking down her throat. Yuna swallowed his dick down her throat, gagging as his expanded her throat. If only the homeless man was not asleep would he be shocked to see this 18-year-old Asian girl deepthroating his 12-inch dick.

Yuna held his dick down her throat until she needed more air. She came back up and gasped for breath. Strings of spit ran from her mouth and hung to the mans prick as she dove back down for more, this time massaging his balls and she sucked him off. Yuna came back up and then spit on his dick and sucked it again. She bobbed up and down, faster and faster on his engorged penis. Yuna felt his balls tense up in her hand, but since this was her first blowjob she did not know what was coming next. All of a sudden a gush of sticky, salty fluid erupted from this dick as Yuna was about to deep throat him. Yuna realized he was coming and did what was only natural to her, swallow. She braced her hand on each side of the man’s pelvis and sucked on him like he was a straw. He came for betwild a good 10 seconds and Yuna tried to keep up as best as any virgin could. She pulled off and he was still coming but Yuna wasn’t thinking about that any more. She was only feeling. The burning feeling in her pussy as it gushed out lubrication to do what she was made for.

She yanked up her skirt and pulled down her soaked panties and straddled the homeless man. Part of her brain was telling her no and the other was saying yes. “I’m just going to rub it against my pussy.” She thought as she took his cum covered cock in her hand and ran its tip from her pussy hole to her clitoris. Yuna shivered with emotion as it touched her clit. She ran it back down to her pussy hole and back to her clit again. She started to move faster and faster and then held the cock in place and guided her pussy in the same direction. She grinded her bare sex hard and fast on his giant dick and every once in a while his dick would bump into her birth canal opening. Part of her wanted to impale herself down on it, but instead she only moved it back out and rubbed it on her pussy lips. She was jerking off the homeless man’s dick as she rubbed her virgin sex on him and she could feel her climax coming on. She was jerking it harder and harder and then it got stuck on her pussy hole again, but this time the homeless man started to cum and some of it went inside Yuna’s pussy! Yuna didn’t think anything of it and used the new lubrication to rub her clit to the first orgasm she had ever had from a man’s dick. She rolled off of him and cleaned off his cum and her pussy juice from his dick using her mouth.

“How does it stay so erect even after coming twice in only a few minutes?” Yuna thought as she licked the remaining cum from the base of his cock. “After a few seconds of jerking Greg off he came but went limp right afterwards.” Yuna got up and went into the bathroom and wiped up the mess that was on her pussy. Her sense started to come to her and she grabbed a mirror to see if her cherry was broken. She saw a gob of cum but could not see her hymen. She felt inside of her and confirmed that her hymen was still intact. Yuna couldn’t believe he actually came inside her pussy even if it was only at the entrance. Her hymen may not have blocked his cum and some may have gotten deeper. She was a little nervous about getting pregnant now. “A virgin getting pregnant,” she though, “like anyone would ever believe that.” Luckily she knew it wasn’t the best time of the month to get pregnant as she looked at the calendar on the bathroom wall. She finished cleaning herself up and went back to the homeless man.

Yuna realized the homeless man was shaking and she felt his forehead. “Shit! He has a fever.” She went to the closet and grabbed a few blankets and put them on top of him. Yuna then removed the rest of her clothing and got under the covers with him and didn’t bother putting her panties back on. “I need to break his fever and chills.” She thought as she wrapped her naked body over him, being careful not to put too much pressure on him. “I will stay like this until his chills go away,” she thought to herself.

As Yuna’s naked body warmed the black homeless man, Yuna told herself that tonight was just a fluke and had let lust take control. She wasn’t a slut and hadn’t done anything wrong since nobody knew anything happened. She fell asleep to the though of the big, fat dick only a few inches from her.

Copyright: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. This means anyone may share or modify this work as long you share your modifications freely and not use it for commercial use. Also, if you do modify this story please email through the link below. I would love to read your work.

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