Three Friends in College Ch. 03

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Before Huerta left to go back home, she told me that she was considering some jobs in our city. I was thrilled for her but also for Andrea and myself. Mainly myself. Huerta was the one that I was closest to. In college, she had sort of unsatisfying sex with me. (I came before I entered her pussy). When she came for the long weekend, I ended up getting a blowjob from her. In the last chapter I described how I became a panty wearing cum eater. I had ingested load after load of the two men who had cum in my girlfriends’ pussies. In addition to my own cum after I came in my panties. Rather Andrea’s panties that had been given to me. I was now eating my own cum each time I masturbated in my panties. I was over the macho façade. I loved panties and I loved cum. I loved eating a fresh creampies out of the girls’ pussies. They seemed to love it too. While they made love to each other, each assured me that I sucked pussy like a girl. And that is the way they referred to me. “Girlfriend”.

I thought about asserting my manhood but it seemed a dead issue. I could pursue a female on my own. However, I reasoned that I could never attract anyone as lovely as the two girls I hung out with. I still held out hope that I could have sex eventually with Huerta if not Andrea. I mean, in college Huerta had tried to fuck me. I was my fault that it was not consummated. After seeing the cocks of the two guys on the weekend date, I didn’t see any hope of getting my little dicklet into either of those women even if it was a pity fuck. I was all for the pity fuck.

Andrea and I hung out a little more after the sex filled weekend. She did not appear to desire one-on-one sex with me and I was not included in her dates. She did kiss me on the lips and refer to me as ‘girlfriend’. I was surprised when one Friday afternoon she called me while we were both at work.

“Hey, girlfriend,” she greeted me, “How about we have some drinks and dinner after work?”

“Are you kidding? Sure.”

“Cool, Sweetie, meet me at Chester’s for drinks. We can decide on an early dinner. Then I want you to go shopping with me for just a little while. Okay?”

I didn’t have a clue what ‘shopping’ meant but getting to hang out with Andrea was a treat in itself. We met at Chester’s. She was already at the table. When I greeted her, she kissed me on the lips and I even felt a little tip of her tongue. She winked when we parted lips. Could this be my lucky night? I had performed oral sex on her. She had not reciprocated but Huerta had. I was more that excited. We decided to eat some burgers at the bar. All through the meal, she smiled and winked at me. What the hell was going on?

“Garrett,” She asked, “Did Huerta tell you that she got not one, but two solid job offers here?”

“No, really? Is she going to take one?”

“I think so. One has some travel. The other is mostly here at their headquarters. She says the money is too good not to accept one of them. I mean really good compared to what she started out at in her current job. So, looks like our third ‘girlfriend’ may be joining us soon.”

“Great. I miss her even though we talk by phone or text.”

“Yeah, she texted me asking if you are still cool with our secrets.”

“Oh, hell yes.” I assured her.

“Good. We have a little treat for you, then. I hope you are up for it. Let’s pay up and get out of here. I have a couple of stops to make.”

“Oh, really? Where?”

“You’ll see. It will be fun.”

I followed her over to the mall. We parked and went inside. She held my hand as we made our way through the corridors. I noticed immediately when we stopped in front of a Victoria’s Secret. She looked at the display and made some comments. She was looking at a bra and panty set with garters. It was peach colored.

“Do you like that set, Baby?”

“Uh, yeah, it’s pretty.”

“Oh, I am not going to buy it. I just noticed that it was pretty. Let’s go inside.”

We browsed the panties first. A sales lady approached us and asked if we needed help yet. Andrea told her that we were browsing first and would see her later. She picked up a sheer panty that had pink lace around the edges but the material was transparent. As least what there was of it was transparent.

“Oh, Sweetie, do you like this pair?”

“I guess. They are pretty.”

“I could use a little more enthusiasm. Would you wear them if I bought them for you?”

I looked around to see if anyone heard her last remark. I was glowing red. Out in public and she is asking me out loud if I would wear the panties.

“Well, Sweetie, would you. Yes, or no?”

“Damn, Andrea, you are embarrassing me.”

She whispered in my ear. “Honey if you will wear them tonight, I will let you eat my pussy. Okay? Girlfriend?”

As embarrassed as I was, it sounded like a good thing. I could not see myself letting this opportunity go by. I guess she was horny with the news that Huerta might soon be in our midst again. Just thinking about eating massive creampies from both escort izmir girls was making my little dicklet hard.

“Yes, or no? No buts. Will you wear these sexy panties tonight while you suck me off?”

“Okay. Yes, Yes. Is that what you want to hear?”

“Damn right, Baby. You are as good as Huerta at sucking my pussy. And tonight, will be just us. I wish I could make you another creampie but I really crave my lesbian friend. Yeah, we said we are not lesbians, but tonight you are my lesbian lover. You are going to dress sexy and eat me out. I can’t wait. Now, let’s get two pair of these apiece. I love thongs, but you have those, uh, little, uh, ‘hangy downies’. I think they would just fall out. Okay two apiece, then. And what is nice is that we already know that my size fits you perfectly. Luckily you don’t have very much bulge down there, you know.”

She handed the panties to the sales lady. She looked at us and smiled. We then went back to the bras. Andrea was looking at a kind of half bra that lifted the breasts. She wore a 32 C. That settled the size issue. She was indeed a C cup. She picked out a pink one that matched the panties very well. The sales lady came by and asked if she wanted to try the bra on.

“Yes, thanks,” Andrea said. “Wait just a second. Do you have this in AA?”

“No, Honey. Sorry. But we can order it.”

Andrea browsed a little more. “Let’s see, ‘girlfriend’, I make you a 34 A.”

She looked back on the racks. “Oh, found one. 34 A. Let’s go try them on.”

Now I was ten shades of red. The sales lady led us back to the fitting rooms. She told us if we needed another size to just call out. Andrea ushered me into the room. She quickly removed her top and bra. God, those breasts were magnificent. The areolas were just large enough and the nipples were hard. I guess this shopping trip was getting her excited also. She placed the shoulder straps on her shoulder and reached around fastening the band. I marveled how women could do that without looking. Practice, I guess. She pushed her breasts into the cups properly and asked how it looked. I, of course, assured her that it looked marvelous on her.

“Good.” She said. “Now let’s try yours on.”

I knew it was futile to argue with her. She placed the shoulder straps over my arms and pulled the bra up toward my chest. She walked around back of me and fastened the band.

“If this works out, Baby, you need to learn to do that by yourself.”

She turned me toward the mirror and we stood side by side in matching bras. The difference was that her perky C cups were accentuated by the uplift of the shelf bra and my flat chest had no shape at all.

“You look cute, Honey. Let’s get both of these. Yours is really too sheer to stuff. Maybe later we will get a different style and add some breasts to you. For now, you look great. I can’t wait to get you back to my place and dress you in your own new lingerie.”

Andrea paid for the purchases. I tried to leave the store before her but she would have none of it. She insisted that I stand right beside her as the sales lady rang our purchases. I was still glowing red. I knew better than to protest. I was afraid what she might say to the lady. She already knew that the panties and bra were for me. When we got outside Andrea told me not to be so sensitive. I hoped we were going back to her apartment but she took me further down the mall. We entered a high-end department store and made our way to the cosmetics counter.

‘What next’, I thought.

In fact, I already knew what was next. The cosmetician came over and asked if she could help us. Andrea proceeded to view the color charts and held them up to my face. The lady at the counter was very professional and did not laugh or smirk. I guess it is the times where everyone has a right to do his or her own thing. After selecting the proper foundation, we moved to the eyeliners and eye shadows. Andrea selected a gold-colored shadow. The mascara was next. It was pretty simple. She told the lady that it was enough for now.

“We will just use the mascara, Baby. For now. False eyelashes will come later. Besides, you have pretty lush lashes already. This way you have your own stuff. You can take it home and get ready before one of our dates. I think with the new lingerie and makeup, you will look stunning. I can’t help but wonder how you would look in that garter set we saw at the Secret. That is something we will explore at a later date.”

We left the mall together. I asked Andrea why she was so open with the sales staff and basically outed me.

“Sweetheart, no one cares what you are doing or wearing. If they do care, they should find something more important than worrying about us. You just concentrate on tonight. My pussy is already leaking thinking about you eating me out. That’s what we mean when we call you ‘girlfriend’. You might not have the same equipment as Huerta and me but you are still our girlfriend. We are not gay and you are not either. If you feel that izmir escort bayan you are, that is okay, too. In fact, when we get you finished, it won’t matter whether you are interested in cock or not. You are the feminine part of yourself when you are with us. And we love it. When we get back to my place, I want you to get rid of any stubble. You can use my lotion and perfume. I will make you up but like I said in the future you need to put your own face on just like the rest of us girls. And do hurry. My pussy needs attending.”

When we got back to Andrea’s, I showered and removed all of my stubble. I was as slick as a baby’s behind when I got done. I dried off and applied her lavender lotion to my whole body. I didn’t see the perfume in the bathroom. I walked naked into Andrea’s bedroom. My little dicklet was as hard as it could get.

“Nice little boner, Garrett. You know Huerta and I talked about this. Now that you are becoming more and more our ‘girlfriend’, we need to get you a more feminine name while you are en femme. How about Ginnifer with a G?”

What choice did I have? I had been over the alternatives a thousand times in my head. Anyway, I was feeling more and more feminine just being around the girls. I could not deny that I had acquired a taste for cum. When I sucked the cum out of both girls’ pussies, I knew exactly where it came from. I had seen both big cocks. I also could not deny that I liked the taste of both guys’ cum better than my own. Theirs was thicker and heartier than mine. I especially liked the taste of Nathan’s. I wondered if it had anything to do with him being black. Ted’s cum also tasted better than my own, so maybe it was just coincidence. The sample size was not big enough yet…YET?

Andrea sat me down and began doing my makeup telling me what and why each product was used. I was watching in the mirror between applications. The transformation was stunning. Eyes, mouth, everything that helps girls look pretty. When the lipstick and perfume went on, Andrea stepped back.

“Oh, Gennifer. You look marvelous. Let me tease your hair a little and add some lacquer. Just keep growing it longer. You might not have to mess with a wig.”

She helped me with the panties and new bra. I was indeed one of the ‘girls’ now. She took a picture to send to Huerta. I was well past the point of any feigned macho posturing. Andrea told me to sit tight while she put on some clothes. She came back out wearing nothing but a transparent duster left wide open and a pair of red stiletto heels. There she stood in front of me. She leaned in and French kissed me. Our lipstick meeting was so erotic that I thought I might cum immediately. My cock was tenting the panties as much as the little thing could. She took my hands and smiled.

“Next time Gennifer, we will do your nails. Both fingers and toes. You can probably get a pedicure and have your toes done without having to remove it for your job.”

She guided my hands to her breasts. I felt the soft perky tits. It was like heaven. She then had me touch her slick vaginal folds. I could feel her moisture seeping out of her pussy. I penetrated her slightly with my finger. She moaned.

“Oh, god, yes, Huerta. I mean Gennifer. That feels so good.”

She lay back on her bed and spread the duster out like butterfly wings. As she scooted back to allow me to kneel, she smiled and extended her arms.

“Come to me, Gennifer. Suck my nipples. Make love to me like a proper woman does.”

I knelt between her thighs and reached her full breasts. I cupped each of them in my hands. Leaning forward, I began licking each nipple. As I licked and nibbled, Andrea made soft moans. I became more aggressive and tried to suck her whole areola into my lips. I was mostly successful and she seemed to like it for her moans became more intense. I licked all around her luscious boobs then returned to her nipples. She was now caressing my head. As long as she was enjoying the boob sucking, I was willing to spend the rest of my life licking them. Oh, how I wished at that moment that I had lovely breasts to fill out my new bra.

I continued to make love to her feminine parts and kissed my way down to her pubis. She was freshly shaved and slick with her juices. I kissed her above her pussy and then moved to her thighs. I made my way down her inner thighs until I reached her knees. As I made my way back up her tanned thighs, I stopped and licked and kissed along the way. She was moaning now. I knew she was enjoying my slow build-up. I licked around her pussy and kissed her vaginal lips just enough to let her know that I knew where the prize was.

“Ummmm, yes, Gennifer. You make me feel so good.”

I lay between her legs and placed my hands under her hips. My lipstick was probably being smeared but I didn’t care. Her pussy was sopping wet and slick with her juices. As I raised her hips slightly, I began licking from the bottom to the top of her vaginal lips. Returning to the bottom again, I traced her Y izmir escortlar further down until my tongue came in contact with her anal rosebud. She squealed a little as I found the forbidden place. She spread her legs wider to give me access to her nether region. I took the invitation and placed my tongue at her opening. After giving her a good tongue bath, I moved back up to her pussy. It was literally flowing juices down the crack of her ass.

I kissed her lips deeply and inserted my tongue into her folds. Her taste was remarkable. It was almost sweet without the slightest taste of musk. I drank her nectar and moved my face and nose all into her dripping sex. When I thought she was ready, I licked up to her clitoris. She moaned in desperation.

“Oh, yes, damn, yes, Gennifer. Suck my girl cock.”

I had not heard it described that way before. I pursed my lips and took the hard clit between them. I flicked the surface with my tongue. She bucked her hips and squealed in delight.

“Fuck, yes, Gennifer. Eat my pussy. Suck my clit.”

Feeling that she was soon to climax, I sucked her little hard man into my mouth and treated it like a small cock. When she squealed in a higher pitch, she began spurting her juices all over my face. I held on to her clit. She pitched her hips higher and fucked my face. She had a terrific orgasm but did not stop cumming. As she relaxed back, she started humping my mouth.

“God damn, girl, eat my cunt.”

One orgasm led to the next. She was crying out between screaming and moaning. I was not letting go. She stated screaming for me to stop but she kept bucking her hips into my mouth.

“Oh, god, Gennifer. Stop. Oh, no, don’t. Yes, yes, yes. Fuck me with your mouth.”

Just as I was afraid she was going to pass out, she relaxed and began rubbing my head.

“Ummmm. Oh, yes. Ohhhhh. You are so good. God, I love your tongue. Ummmm. You are so good. You must be a real girl. No man has ever gotten me off like that. Girls know how to eat pussy and you are the best I have had.”

She carried on like this is her post orgasmic bliss for a good while. She kept my mouth in place and raised her thighs to my ears.

“You passed the test tonight, Gennifer. I am so proud of you. Thank you. I needed to cum like that. I mean fucking a big cock is great, but guys just don’t know how to satisfy a woman orally like that. Girls know the zones and how long to stay in the sweet spot. It is different. Both are great. Sometimes I just crave being eaten. You are very good at it. Most guys who have big cocks think they are doing you a favor when they fuck you. I mean, I do love it, but they hardly ever eat me before we fuck. And they surely won’t eat their spunk out afterwards. They want blow jobs all the time but don’t want to reciprocate.”

“I bet you are ready to cum, Gennifer. Or have you already?”

I indeed was ready, but the satisfaction of having just performed oral sex on one of my new girlfriends was almost enough.

She began rubbing my little hard dicklet through the panties. They were very wet with precum. It didn’t take much to set me over the edge. She saw that I was about to cum and took my little weenie out of the panties. She placed my whole dicklet into her mouth. I shot rope after rope into her mouth. When I slowed down, she moved up to my mouth with hers and kissed me. She inserted her tongue into my lips making my mouth open. When I opened my mouth, the whole load of cum dropped from her to me. I had indeed cum a lot into her mouth. As she transferred the cum back to me, she licked my lips to get the remnants of the jism. She flicked the head of my dicklet and fed me what little remained of my cum. She did this until I was no longer leaking.

“Oh, Gennifer,” she said, “Let’s call Huerta. Okay? I want to tell her how my new little girlfriend is progressing.”

She called and Huerta picked up. Andrea related the entire event to her. Shopping, makeup, pussy eating, cum eating; the whole thing. Huerta was squealing over the phone. I could hear her. Andrea held the phone out toward me.

“She wants to talk to you, Gennifer.”

Huerta got on the phone and played angry. “You fucking slut,” she mockingly chastised me, “As soon as I go back home, you try to take my bitch from me. I was the one who brought you into the fold. Now you make it with that little hussy. Seriously, Gennifer. Thanks for filling in for me. Her pussy is so pretty and sweet tasting, huh? I love it that we are both slick. It makes it so much more enjoyable. I could be a lesbian if I didn’t love big cock so much. And you, little bitch, get all dolled up. New panties, new bra and what Andrea says you are just a little doll when you are made up. Now tell me that you don’t love being a girl and having two slut girlfriends.”

She knew me all too well. In a way I still wanted to be a practicing heterosexual in the strictest sense but having sex with these two hotties was so amazing that I really wanted to go along with anything they asked me to do. Huerta asked me about all the details even though Andrea had already told her everything.

“Honey,” Huerta said, “You know that bitch will drop you as quick as she can find a big cock to fill her pretty pussy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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