You and Me

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You and me

The doorbell rouses me from an unsteady sleep, the rain pounds against my window as the doorbell rings for a second and third time, I stumble from my room into the hall and to the doorway.

I look through the glass and see you standing there, your hair, perfectly straight earlier now clinging to your face in little ringlets, your T-shirt flush against your body, held against you by the water and leaving nothing to the imagination.

I realise I’m stood staring at you, freezing in the cold and not even moving, I shake myself into movement and run to the door, as I open it you almost fall in, makeup leaving streaks down your face, I can’t believe you’re back.

After what seems like an eternity staring at each other you talk.

You tell me that through the entire party you had watched me, watched me talk, watch me dance and watch me kiss other girls. You tell me that you had wanted to kiss that guy, wanted to fuck that guy.

I love the way you say that word, long and drawn out, your full lips also whispering it into my ear as your pull my head next to yours.

I tell you, you do it again, then kiss my neck.

I want you

I surprise you as i push you to the wall, kissing you fully upon the lips. You respond, our hands desperately grabbing at each other.

I Ulus Escort suddenly begin to notice everything more, the way your cheeks are red with cold, the way your nipples, awakened by the bitter weather push against the moist cotton of your top.

My hand slides up from your back to your shoulder i pull you away from the wall and guide you to the sofa. As I do this I slide the wet T over your head, its fabric clinging to you. your breasts spring free and i finally see how amazing they are, pert, well formed and perfect, I feel the bulge in my boxers grow as you fall backwards onto the sofa, pulling me down with you.

You pull my faded shirt over my head as my hands caress your swollen nipples, i let myself fall onto you and feel your smooth, flawless skin against my rough chest.

You haven’t failed to notice the changes taking place below my waist and your hand slides down and starts to slowly stroke me through the thin fabric. I didn’t think I could get any harder, but i have.

Just when its starting to get interesting you push me off you and stand up, but before i can protest you undo your skirt and drop it to the floor. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as attractive as you standing there in a tiny black thong.

You tell me to sit up on the Üniversiteli Escort sofa, I do exactly as I’m told. I’m getting turned on by your instructions. you straddle me and I can feel the wetness soaking through your pants and my boxers.

You start to rub yourself up against me, dry-humping me against the sofa, all of the time kissing me hard and passionately. I start to feel familiar feelings welling up inside me, the shock of you turning up and the speed we have progressed leaving me so horny i don’t think i can take it.

So I push you off to my side, you look hurt, upset, but not for long. my hands traces gently up your smooth thigh, made wet by the rain and towards ur thong, when i reach it i start to run my hand along the front of the fabric, gently pressing inward to you.

You grab my hand with one of yours, and with the other pull your pants to one side. You’re perfect, pink and glistening, the sight of you makes me almost dive on you, but instead I trace my finger, the one you grabbed, along your slit, feeling the wetness and gliding over you, I move upwards towards your clit, and when I reach it I begin to start tracing tiny circles around it, slowly at first and then I speed up, when you start to moan I slip my fingers down, away from your clit, Yenimahalle Escort just above your entrance, as you push upwards towards my fingers I gently and slowly slide first one and then another into you.

You’re so warm and wet my fingers slide effortlessly in, and you start to grind against them. I position myself so that my head is in between your legs, now spread wide. I leave my fingers deep inside you as I start to use my tongue to flick your clit lightly, then start to rub it in a circular motion.

you begin to moan, and then as you get louder, and i can feel you start to squeeze my fingers inside you it’s your turn to push me off again.

You force me to sit up again, and before i notice whats happening you unbutton my boxers and sit on me, you’re so wet I slide in perfectly, the feeling of your warmth on my dick is phenomenal, as you grind against me, I fill you completely, we kiss again, almost desperately as both of our breathing gets shallow and faster.

My hands are tangled up in your hair, holding you as our lips lock, as intimately as below where my shaft slides quickly into you, everything becomes frantic as we both get quickly closer to the end, ur nails scratch my neck as I cling onto you desperately,

You thrust downwards onto me, one last time, as you shudder, and moan.

I bite into your neck as I explode within you.

We collapse.


Finished and satisfied.

Now that the urgency has gone, I turn to you and say the first thing since i woke up,

“We should do this again some time”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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