A Mother’s Ruin

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Caroline Devlin checked her phone again. That was at least the twentieth time in the last twenty minutes. Why doesn’t Ami respond to her text? Caroline was anxious, she thought, Ami must realise that they needed to talk. To get things straight. Things were already out of control, and she had resolved to call an immediate halt before anyone got hurt. Before this stupid obsession ruined her family.

Two weeks earlier…

Caroline had a perfectly uncomplicated life. A husband Tony whom she loves and a radiant daughter Chloe. At 19 Chloe was now in her second year studying hotel management at the local college. This year she had moved out of the family home and lived in a house share with other young people and was having fun. She had a girlfriend now and she had brought Ami to meet her parents. When Chloe had come out to her parents they had been really cool and understanding. Chloe was a beautiful, slender young woman. In many respects she took after her father and was tall and willowy with sandy hair and deep blue eyes. They wanted her to be happy and supported her choices and accepted her for who she was.

Meeting Ami

She had introduced Ami to her parents on an evening out at a restaurant when she and Ami had come to visit for the weekend. They were immediately impressed by her striking looks. Her heavy mane of almost black hair framed a smiling cherub face with large golden-brown eyes that seemed to shine like gems. She was shorter than Chloe by half a head, but in contrast to Chloe had a shapely figure with lovely curves, as revealed by her swooping neckline and mid-thigh length yellow dress that perfectly complemented her milk-chocolate coloured skin. After the meeting the parents had joked about how they could totally understand Chloe’s attraction to Ami.

The evening had been a wonderful success, and everyone made friends and got along brilliantly. Caroline had quizzed Ami about her studies and discovered that she was training to me a masseuse. As they talked Caroline wanted to know more and Ami explained the style of therapy she was learning. Caroline asked how they practise, and Ami had explained that they work in pairs in class. She added that she was also allowed now to provide massage to other clients, so long as she didn’t charge for the treatment, as she wasn’t yet qualified.

“She is brilliant, Mum. You should let her give you a massage. I can’t get enough of her wonderful touch.” At this Chloe took Ami’s hand but Ami immediately giggled and let go.

“Don’t embarrass people,” she affectionately scolded Chloe. Tony and Caroline had been surprised by Chloe’s open acknowledgement of their daughter’s intimacy with Ami. But the conversation soon recovered.

Later as they left the restaurant Chloe had linked arms with both her parents and encouraged, “You really should take advantage of Ami and get a free massage. She is genuinely expert and really makes you feel sooo good.” Chloe dragged her mum a little ahead of leaned in conspiratorially to confess, “Though with me it’s anything but relaxing.” She giggled and added, “Sorry mum, I’m embarrassing you. I’m a bit drunk. Just ignore me. But isn’t she just gorgeous?” With that she skipped off to link arms with Ami and they all headed for home.

Tony caught up with Caroline and announced, “Well she seems happy.” They watched the two girls huddle together as they walked ahead.

“Yes, definitely,” Caroline agreed. She had always been very close to her daughter, they talked about everything. Caroline had shared in the emotional turmoil as Chloe had struggled with boyfriends and losing her virginity. Then the exultation when she realised her preference was for girls. Caroline had felt proud of her daughter’s courage in accepting who she was.

“She has certainly become a confident young woman,” Caroline confirmed to Tony as she watched the girls and smiled, they were now swaying from side to side and singing, “I think we should get them home before there is a commotion,” she laughed at their antics.

A plan is hatched

Early on the Sunday morning over breakfast Tony offered to take the girls on a bicycle ride. He and Chloe were keen cyclists.

“You could ride Caroline’s bike Ami; you are a similar height” Tony suggested.

“I have a better idea,” chimed Chloe, “Ami isn’t really sporty.” Seeing the look of mock afront on Ami’s face she quickly doubled down, “Well you’re not Babe, admit it. You just aren’t.” As a salve she added, “Doesn’t mean you don’t have a great body of course.” She leaned over to kiss Ami’s cheek. Ami caught Caroline’s eye and looked embarrassed. Caroline just smiled reassuringly as if to say, ‘I know, she means well, but she is a clot sometimes.’

Chloe outlined her plan, “Dad and I can go on one of his crazy bike rides and Ami can give mum a massage, won’t you Babe,” she checked with Ami.

“Of course, Caroline, I’d love to,” Ami grinned at Caroline, her lovely eyes shone happily.

“Well, that would be nice, dear, but I don’t want to put you to work, it’s your weekend off.”

“Oh, she doesn’t mind, kocaeli escort she loves doing it,” Chloe stepped in to answer for them both. “That’s settled then. Me and dad will go riding and you two can have a girly time and get to know each other, OK?” She continued, “Dad, can we go to the peak. I haven’t been there for soo loonngg,” she stretched the last words for emphasis. “I really need a good workout today.”

“Sure, Honey,” Tony confirmed, “I am happy to do that, but it will take a few hours, maybe four.”

“That’s no problem. When we get back lunch will be my treat. Mum, will you call the King’s Head and book a table for us for lunch?”

The arrangements were made and within half an hour Tony and Chloe had set off. Ami repeated the offer of the massage.

“If you are sure, dear. I don’t want to give you bother. If you would prefer to relax that’s fine.”

“It’s no problem, Mrs D. I would love to, honestly. You have a great body; it would be a pleasure.”

“OK then,” Caroline accepted the compliment in the spirit of friendly reassurance, “But as I told you, please call me Caroline.”

“Aw, I like calling you Mrs D. It feels special. It’s my affectionate name for you,” Ami gave a cheeky smile.

“It makes me feel old,” Caroline jokily complained.

“You’re not old, you are a very sexy woman,” Ami grinned brightly.

“You’re teasing me you wicked girl. But I suppose you will end up having to massage some odd shapes and sizes,” she smiled.

“So far I have had only good bodies. There are no shortage of volunteers at the college and my house mates.”

“Oh God, that means I will be the oldest person you have had to massage. I hope the shock isn’t too much.”

Ami grinned and reassured Caroline, “I am sure I won’t. Now where shall we go? I’ll get my oils if you can get some towels. Maybe we could use your bed, I don’t have my table,” Ami explained.


Five minutes later Caroline stood in her room she looked at herself in the in the full-length dressing mirror. She had taken a very quick shower and now stood in her long dressing gown. She opened the gown and scrutinised her naked body. Not too bad for a 44-year-old she thought. She had recovered well from her pregnancy with Chloe. For the past ten years she and Tony had been a very active couple, cycling, skiing, and golf all kept her fit. The remnant of last summer’s tan was still visible. She could still carry off a bikini look on the beach and she examined the half moons of pale skin in the lower half of her boobs. Her nipples were thick and proud and her boobs, while not perfectly pert anymore, were at least able to support their own weight. It was lucky they were not large, she thought. Two orange-sized breasts that were still relatively self-supporting.

Twisting and looking over her shoulder to inspect her bum she thought it was OK for her age. Firm, but no longer the cute tushy it had been. The pale skin of her buttocks contrasted with the faded tan of the rest of her body. With horror she noticed her pubes were a bit woolly. She hadn’t trimmed lately; she was embarrassed at the unkempt look of her sandy bush. But too late now, she thought.

At least her legs were good, she thought. She had always been very proud of her legs. Tony adored her legs and feet and always complimented them, especially when she wore nylons for him — men are so predictable she mused. But the thought of her hunky husband gave her a little thrill of excitement and she made a mental note to have some naked time later, assuming he didn’t exhaust himself on the cycle ride. He and Chloe did tend to compete, and he wasn’t as young as he used to be.

Ami tapped on the door and Caroline re-wrapped herself and called to come in.

“All set?” Ami asked brightly.

“Sorry I have been distracted; I will get some towels.” She disappeared to the cupboard and returned with three large white bath towels and two smaller ones. “Shall I spread them on the bed?”

“Actually, there is a lot of space here so maybe put the pillows and duvet on the floor and cover them with the towels. I can then kneel down and get to both sides of you, OK?”

Caroline agreed and in less than five minutes she had made a bed on the floor, folding the large duvet double to make a soft base and tucking two of the large bath towels around it. “Shall I,” she tugged the tie of her gown in question to Ami. Hesitating she added, “Oh, I’m naked, is that OK. I didn’t know…”

“That’s fine,” Ami smiled, “Better actually, but don’t be embarrassed, I will cover you with the other towels.”

The massage

Caroline loosened the tie of her gown and shrugged it off her shoulders. She tossed it on the bed and felt very self-conscious as she moved to lie down. “Front or back?” Her voice betrayed her awkwardness and her hands tried vainly to cover her pubes and boobs. She was rarely naked in front of anyone other than Tony. And this wasn’t just anyone. It was her daughter’s girlfriend. She suddenly thought that Ami would be comparing her body with Chloe’s. The thought horrified kocaeli escort bayan her. How could hers be equal to a young, supple, sexy body. Flashes of her daughter and Ami together came to her mind spontaneously and she tried to repress the thoughts.

“Front please,” Ami instructed, “I will turn you later after I have finished your back. Are you OK if I massage your head, it will mean some oil in your hair? It washes out easily, but I can skip the scalp massage if you prefer.”

“No, I will have the whole package please, if that’s OK?”

“Of course. I’ll give you the full treatment. Otherwise, Chloe will complain that you didn’t get your money’s worth.” The joke melted the awkward tension and Caroline laid down on her front.

Ami folded a small towel to support her head and covered her bum and thighs with another large, folded towel. She had warmed some oil in a bowl and rubbed this into her hands before laying them gently on Caroline’s shoulders. The hands felt hot, and Ami started working along her shoulders and neck. Caroline sighed and relaxed.

“That OK, not too hot or too hard?”

“No, it’s bliss,” Caroline reassured her.

For the next ten or so minutes Ami worked Caroline’s shoulders, upper back and arms. She then shuffled round to kneel at her head and using both hands gently worked her fingers into her hair to massage her scalp. This caused Caroline to moan with pleasure and repeatedly exclaim how good it felt. Ami kept this up for an extra-long time as Caroline seemed to like it so much.

Eventually her hands worked their way down Caroline’s neck and back to her shoulders. Now working them from above she moved her hands repeatedly in a spreading motion, working down either side of her spine and out to her sides. This action made Caroline groan softly, exhaling on each cycle.

“OK?” Ami checked in.

“Wonderful,” Caroline half moaned her reassurance on an out breath.

Ami moved around to kneel at Caroline’s right side and lifted her hard and draped it across her lap. She smoothed down her arms from shoulder to wrist. Making ten or so strokes. Then she started to massage her hands, kneading her palms between her thumbs and fingers and working along each finger with the same action. The hand massage was exquisite, and Caroline moaned her approval. After several minutes Ami moved around to the other side to repeat the treatment on her left arm and hand.

Caroline was relishing this indulgence. Ami’s hands were soft and warm and very expert. Caroline could understand why Chloe had recommended this treat and she made a mental note to thank her, and Ami of course. The thought of Chloe and Ami caused a resurgence of the images of her daughter and Ami together. She had flashes of Ami touching Chloe and of them kissing. Immediately she felt that this was an intrusion of her daughter’s private life and she tried to silence the thoughts. It took a great effort of concentration but soon she quelled the invasive images.

Ami moved again and Caroline felt her hands smooth oil into the soles of her feet. She just loves having her feet massaged. This is undoubtedly Tony’s favourite overture to sex. Caroline has always encouraged this as the feelings are so intense. Ami ran her hands from Caroline’s heels to the balls of her feet. Pressing firmly into the creased soles. Caroline is proud of her feet and keeps them in good condition with no hard skin. They are soft and yielding and the sensations she feels are heavenly, especially when Ami switched her fingertips for her knuckles and balled her fists into Caroline’s soles. The whole experience was deeply satisfying, and Caroline drifted in and out of a dreamy half-sleep.

Rousing momentarily Caroline was aware that Ami had moved up to massage her calves. Ami gently lifted Caroline’s ankles and moved her legs a little apart to allow her to kneel between her feet. With one hand on each leg, she pressed her fingers along the line of the muscles in each calf. Pushing upwards to the backs of her knees then back to her ankles. After a dozen or so strokes, Ami shuffled forward a little and repeated the deep muscular strokes up Caroline’s thighs.

At first the focus was from her knees to the edge of the towel, which was just a few inches below her bum. Despite Ami’s small hands her touch was firm and very effective, and Caroline felt the tension melt from her muscles and her legs felt weightless and warm. Once more the dreaminess washed over her, and she drifted in and out of wakefulness.

She was initially uncertain but then it became clear that Ami’s hands were sweeping up under the towel and over her buttocks, falling to the sides of her hips then returning down her thighs to her knees before repeating the whole movement.

“Oh,” Caroline exclaimed softly.

“Sorry,” Ami’s voice was soft and distant, “Is this OK? This area does a lot of work for your posture and stability. Massage here can reduce the risk of back pain. OK?” As she explained Ami had kept up the rhythm of her massage and so Caroline simply kocaeli escort agreed with a soft groan of ascent.

With this permission, Ami increased the vigour of her strokes. Deeper pressure pressed Caroline’s hips into the firm bed. The outward spreading action also parted her cheeks on each round and pulled her pussy lips slightly open and closed in a steady beat. The combination of downward pressure on her pubic area and the pulsing of her pussy lips was building a heat at her centre. She rocked her hips almost imperceptibly to match and intensify Ami’s pressure. The feelings that were initially a hazy mirage resolved into definite arousal. Caroline was conscious of this and flushed with embarrassment. Was Ami doing this on purpose? Should she tell her to stop? But while these questions swam in her mind, Ami straightened the towel which had shifted slightly and then moved to massage Caroline’s lower back. For a few minutes she worked up to meet the lower extent of her first attention to Caroline’s back and with a soft placement of her still hands she announced her back was done and invited Caroline to roll over.

Ami moved to her side and held the towel to cover Caroline and allowed her to roll over. It was all very professional, and Ami fixed the towel to cover Caroline from chest to thigh. This made Caroline feel ashamed that she had doubted Ami’s motives. She also felt naïve that she had imagined that, just because she was a lesbian, she was hitting on her. As she arranged herself on her back she mentally scolded herself to be less judgemental and prejudiced. Afterall her own daughter was a lesbian and a perfectly respectable girl.

Beginning again Ami knelt behind Caroline’s head and began to gently walk her fingers across Caroline’s forehead. Gradually she increased the pressure and started to concentrate on individual points along her eyebrows, then down her temples and along her jawline. The focus on these acupuncture points was divinely electric. Slowly Ami worked back either side of her head and began to pinch her earlobes and then pinched along the outer folds of her ears. Caroline gasped at each tiny shock of pleasure that this caused.

“OK?” Ami checked in again.

“So gorgeous,” Caroline sighed dreamily.

Minutes later, Ami gently folded back the towel on Caroline’s chest to expose the tops of her breasts just above the nipple. Her oiled hands then swept repeatedly from Caroline’s neckline to the soft mounds of her half-exposed breasts. To do this Ami had to lean over Caroline’s head. Her body was so close to Caroline’s face that Caroline could smell her scent and feel the heat of her body. Combined with her touch, Caroline could feel her nipples harden in an unbidden reprise of the arousal she had experienced earlier. She felt her face flush hotly and a blush spread across her neck and chest.

Just in time Ami moved to her feet and Caroline felt relief that her state of embarrassment may have gone unnoticed. The finale of Ami’s massage was a return to Caroline’s feet with firm pressure and squeezing of each toe in a repeated sequence. Finally, she worked her way up Caroline’s legs. Sitting astride Caroline’s feet she pushed her hands up along each leg, from her shins over her knees, and up her thighs. This time Caroline was alert and expectant that the hands would stray to the tops of her thighs. She feared it and at the same time willed it to happen. Indeed, Ami’s hands smoothed up her thighs right to the edge of the towel but no higher. Caroline felt relief but yet her body involuntarily raised up her hips just perceptibly. As if straining to meet Ami’s hands. As if to draw them magnetically to her pussy. At each upward sweep Ami’s hands turned away from the valley of her crotch to squeeze her outer thighs. This had the effect of squeezing her legs together, adding yet more pressure to her yearning pussy. She was aroused beyond any possibility of denial.

She allowed her mind to acknowledge it. This beautiful, exotic girl had turned her on with a greater intensity than she could remember ever feeling. She wasn’t a lesbian. Had never had any desire for a woman. But she wanted this girl to touch her, to pull away the towel and open her legs to allow her hands to penetrate her. She desperately wanted her to put her mouth on her pussy. She felt that she would explode if she didn’t have this girl. She wanted her and she dared to open her legs slightly. Maybe she could just give her a hint. A small signal. Then let natural desire take its course.

“OK Mrs D. I think you’re done,” Ami announced the end of the massage.


Caroline opened her eyes. She was bleary and giddy. She was breathing slowly and deeply. Her pussy was scorching and her mind was racing with conflicting thoughts. Slowly they settled into reality and that reality landed with a bump. Had she been asleep? Had it been a dream? No, the arousal was real and burning within her. Had it been as obvious to Ami? Had she said anything aloud while in her dreamy state? She gathered up her towel and got up from the bed on the floor. She offered her thanks to Ami for the lovely massage and almost staggered to the bathroom. She heard Ami caution that she should let herself come around slowly and not jump up. But she was deeply embarrassed and had to get away from this girl and gather her thoughts.

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