A Vampire Mom , Her Grape Earrings

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There is no underage sex in my story.

Mom and dad split up five years ago, over his fooling around with other women. A few men have taken her out, but none of them lasted more than a few dates. My mom, Stella, is thirty-six years old, drop dead gorgeous blonde, long blonde hair down to the middle of her back, with gorgeous blue eyes, an athletic body topped with 36D tits, great legs and stands at five feet nine inches tall, and triangular big toes very sexy. Mom had me when she was eighteen years old, and she married dad soon after I was born. She was a spitting image of Charlize Theron.

I knew my mother was a vampire. I fantasized about making love to her for a long time. While I watched her sleeping in her bedroom every night closely, I discovered her fangs. I also noticed her mysterious and frequent night journeys, and the local news about people being bitten in their necks and their blood sucked by unknown, mysterious and attractive vampiress.

I had always thought of my mom in a sexual way. I would sneak peaks at her when she was dressing or bathing like all horny teenagers do when they get curious about the ultimate and most beautiful model of the female body: their mothers. Even when she went for a swim in our swimming pool I would find myself gazing at her wonderful body, the way her tiny bikini left nothing to the imagination.

My mom had her waist length blonde hair perfectly styled and up, which allowed her to show off the grape earrings she was wearing and I always liked them the most, they were my favorites.The grape earrings was 3″ Long Artificial Soft Vinyl Grape Earrings, in the shape of bunches of light green grapes which dangle from textured gold tone grape leaves. Mom had also another grape earrings in the same shape exactly but the grapes in them were black.

As I got to the top of the stairs I saw the bathroom light was on as the door had been left open just enough for me to look in and stopped in my tracks. Mom was sitting on the edge of the bath shaving her pussy. I stood there with my mouth dropping to the floor, eyes bulging and a big bulge in my pants. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, I knew it was wrong but I just couldn’t help myself. I unzipped my pants as quietly as I could and got my ten inch hard cock on out and started to stroke it. Mom parted her thighs to shave the few hairs she had around her pussy lips and I could see the pink of her outer lips, which made me pump my cock even harder.

As mom washed her pussy with her hand she caught her clit with her index finger and let out a small moan, “ahhh.” I wanted to reach out and touch her, I wanted to her to take my cock in hand and jerk me off over her beautiful face, over her tits, god I just wanted to cum over and in her right here and now. Then suddenly I could feel my cum boil in my balls and move up the shaft of my dick and I watched in horror as my load shot in the bathroom door and caught her on the foot and calf and then over the floor. Mom shot a look at the bathroom door and caught me with my hand on my spurting dick. I darted from the door into my bedroom and locked my door. A few moments later mom was at my bedroom door knocking on it..

“Honey I think we need to talk.”

“I’m sorry mom I didn’t mean to watch you and do what I did.”

“I’m not mad at you Tom, now open the door and lets talk about what happened.”

A few seconds later click went the key on my bedroom door and mom opened it. I sat on my bed with the covers up to my waist looking at the floor and my face was beet red with embarrassment. Mom came in and sat on the bed beside me and told me to look her in the eye, which I reluctantly did.

“So how long have you been spying on me Tom?”

“I..em…err a few months now mom,” I lied. I spied on her and fantasized about her for many years now.

“You know its wrong don’t you Tom? Well don’t you?”

‘Mom, I want to touch your breasts.’


He dropped the shirt and cupped both of his mom’s breasts in his hands. Stella gasped in surprise. Without the shirt he could feel her hard nipples even better.

‘Tom! Stop it!’ Stella shouted but it only made him grab her tits tighter. Oh god, she thought. She loved it when a man squeezed her tits hard. ‘Oh, Tom you shouldn’t be doing that!’

But, mom, I want to. Here feel.’ Tom removed one of his hands from her breasts and took one of her hands and placed it over the bulge in the crotch of his pants. He was rock hard – she could feel his hardness clearly. She gave a groan.

‘Oh, Sweetie, stop it! You have no idea what you are doing to me!’

‘Let me play with your tits, mom. Just let me do that please?’ He said as he began squeezing them again.

She felt Tom’s hand go inside her bra and lift one breast out of it cotton cup and he did the same with the other. He gently stroked her large breasts and pulled on her erect nipples, at the warm, pliable flesh and the hard, rosy buds puckered at the tip of each soft globe. Stella could not resist and canlı bahis şirketleri she moaned and arched her back. He leant forward and began suckling one of her nipples, rolling his tongue around it. He did the same to her other one. His cock was throbbing and he wondered what was going on beneath his mom’s shorts and underwear. He moved one of his hands to his mom’s thigh and began inching his way up it. He was inside the leg of her shorts and could feel the tight elastic of her girdle when she suddenly broke away from him, stood up and ran upstairs.

Stella went into her room and sat on the bed with her head in her hands. What am I doing? she asked herself. But the memory of Tom’s mouth on her nipples, sucking and pulling, brought a flood of wetness oozing from her pussy. Just then Tom came in and knelt in front of her and put his arms around her.

‘Its ok, mom.’ He said, ‘We aren’t doing anything wrong. You are beautiful; I can’t help but want you. I am so horny for you, mom.’ He unzipped his fly and pulled down his pants and boxers revealing his not unsubstantial erect manhood, ‘Look what you have done to me!’

Stella stared with wide eyes at his blood engorged penis. It was so fucking much bigger than his father’s and it was thicker, more ridged. She never saw a horse cock like that before in her entire life. Her son was a hung stud. He had a monster cock. It won’t fit. It will rip her apart, split her in two. Oh, how her pussy ached to feel a man inside her again.

‘Let me fuck you, mom!’

His words were like a slap in the face and she shook her head.

‘No, Tom. I can’t allow it!’.’Do something, mom! Look at me – I need your touch.’She could see how aroused he was; the fact that it was her that had caused it gave her a strange thrill.’Okay, Tom I will stroke you till you cum but that’s all!’.’Okay, mom but let me see you naked – please let me see your pussy as I cum!’

Before Stella could answer, Tom had shrugged his clothes from his feet and pushed her back on the bed. She felt his hands at the fastening of her shorts and he pulled them off. Her tits were still exposed and Tom pulled the straps of her bra down to loosen them more. Then he began to pull at her panty girdle. It was tight and ungiving and he struggled to move it an inch. Stella had her eyes closed and was gripping the bed clothes tightly with both hands.

‘Mom, please take it off!’ Tom pleaded.

Stella lifted her ass off the bed and began to roll the girdle over her hips then pulled it down over her thighs. Tom grabbed it and pulled it all the way off – he also grabbed her panties and threw them to the floor too.

‘Let me see, mom! Let me see your pussy!’

Stella opened her legs and Tom drank in the sight of her pussy with its blonde, curly hairs glistening with her wetness. He saw her pink inner lips and hard clit also glistening and peeping through the hairs. Seeing her like that spread a fire from his belly deep into his balls. He grabbed his mom’s legs and moved her onto the bed fully and straddled her stomach.

‘Tom!’ Stella shouted.

‘It’s okay, mom! Just stroke me. Let me cum on you!’

Stella grabbed Tom’s cock in her hand and began to slowly wank him, hoping that by making him cum they would both calm down and get over this situation. Tom’s cock head was wet and gleaming with precum and he groaned as his mom’s experienced hand worked him. He couldn’t believe it – he had his mom naked, lying underneath him and jerking him off! Oh but he wanted more! He wanted to feel his dick push into her hairy pussy, wanted to fuck her till they both came! He leant back and with a hand found his mom’s slit. It was warm and swollen and his fingers slithered in its delicious wetness. He moved his fingers around her pussy, rubbing her clit and eventually thrusting two fingers inside his mom’s juicy cunt, thrusting in and out.

‘No Tom! Don’t do that, please!’ Stella moaned.

Stella was afraid that she was going to cum. Years of sexual frustrations were making her weak and Tom was driving her wild. He was so hot and eager. Her son’s fingers inside her were bringing her close to climax and she felt the need to cum but the shame of her desire was holding her back.

She saw her son Tom’s cock and knew she would be fucked deeper than she have been fucked before if he got into her pussy. He was a good ten inches long and maybe four inches thick. She had only one cock in her life before tonight, her husband/his dad. He was about seven or eight inches long and three inches thick. Her husband always gave her multiple orgasms when they made love. She wondered what would happen when Tom pushed his big cock into her body.

‘Tom we have to stop!’ Stella whimpered.

But Tom was not about to stop now. He had his mom wet and squirming for him and he was going to fuck her.

‘Mom, I want to fuck you. Wanna fuck a real woman not some girl!’

Tom moved himself between his mom’s legs and began to rub the end of his cock up and down her slit.

‘Tom! canlı kaçak iddaa No! No! Please don’t make me do this’

He rubbed her clit with his dick and brought the tip of it to her soaking wet hole.

‘Yes, mom! Yes! I want you!’

“No, you’re too big. No! It won’t fit!” she cried in horror, shaking her head.

“Yes it will,” he said calmly. “You’re wet enough, now, Mom.”

“No! You’re too big! You’re a..a monster!”

He smiled, knowing that he aroused her. “Shhh. Girls always think it won’t fit, but it does.”

“Gahh! Uhh, uhh” she gasped. “It hurts, son! It hurts!” He dug a little deeper at her words, making her scream more. “No!! You’re too big! You’re too deep!” Her back arched, as she felt all of him inside her. He started to thrust in and out of her slowly, going as deep as he could with each thrust. Her eyes widened as he pushed himself all the way in. “Ahh!” she moaned. “It hurts!” She couldn’t believe something so big was inside of her. She was stretched. She felt she would tear any moment. But she was truly very wet, and he still glided in and out her. He continued to thrust slowly and deeply. She was left breathless to say anything, unable to tell what was pain and what was pleasure. Her orgasm was building up, but slowly.

“Take it easy son. It hurts,” she pleaded.

“Shut the fuck up Mom and take it,” her son commanded sternly. “Your son is going to fuck your brains out with his big cock and you better love it!”

“But son it’s almost eleven inches and so fucking thick!” she protested. “You can’t expect me to take your entire cock up my little pussy!”

“I won’t let myself stop until my entire cock is buried balls deep inside you,” her son replied. “And yes you can take it … all of it! So now shut up and let me do my job!”

“God damn it mom!” Tom growled. “You’re so fucking tight!”

“Ah Son!” Stella cried. “You’re so big!”

“Fuck yes mom,” Tom sighed. “I love your cunt. Shit!”

He pushed the first inch of his cock inside her and they both groaned.

‘Oh, Tom! Stop! Oh, God! We shouldn’t, Tom! That’s incest, it’s so wrong, so good. Oooooooh!’

When Tom’s cock was half way buried inside her, she felt that her pussy would split in two. She took deep breaths and swallowed her cries of pain. Stella knew that her son’s sudden dominant behavior was just an act and it actually did turn her on, so she played along. She exhaled with relief when she felt her son pulling out a bit, but shortly after he pushed in even harder.

“Oh no Son … that’s enough,” she begged. “It won’t go in anymore than this.”

“Don’t you fucking dare tell me to stop pushing Mom,” her son said. “I need to go all the way in … all the fucking way up your tight honeypot!”

“Ah … no!” she pleaded. “No!”

“Stop acting like a spoiled little baby and take it like a good girl!” her son hissed.

Tom thrust his full, thick ten inch huge cock deep into his mom’s cunt. He stayed still for a moment feeling her pussy walls enclose his dick, feeling her squirm on it. It took him about ten minutes to bury his entire cock up his mom’s pussy. He looked at her and smiled. Beads of sweat covered his forehead but he had a satisfied look on his handsome face.

Stella closed her eyes as she felt Tom’s much bigger cock head enter between her pussy lips. She felt him pushing into her well-worked pussy and she wondered how long before she went off. Tom pushed again and now he was as deep as her husband/ his father ever was!

He said: “Look down baby. I still have a lot more cock to give you.”

He pushed again and again and again! Stella felt his cock go deeper inside her pussy than she had ever felt before. Her mind raced because she felt the walls of her pussy being stretched to their maximum. She felt Tom push again and even more cock went into her body. God he was filling her like she had never been filled before. She cried out as he began to withdraw because it felt like he was pulling some of her insides out with him. Then he had moved back in about six inches she held her breath as Tom smiled down at her as he pushed back more and more into her body. She could feel his thickness as his cock moved deeper and deeper into her body. he began working on her clit again. Tom fucked her real slow, shoving about nine or ten long inches into her each time and he stroked her clit with the same speed.

With each thrust, his penis went in a little deeper until finally, his pubic hair was touching hers. She had taken all of him and was gasping for breath. Everytime he plunged in until finally she could feel his balls slapping against her ass. She’d done it! He’s buried balls deep in her. She never felt so full in her life.

OH God! She could feel his cock move in and out real slow each time he pumped in or out of her body. Slowly, he was making Stella feel every inch of him. He would back his cock out until just the head was at her opening and then slowly push all 10+ inches back up into her body. He smiled down canlı kaçak bahis at her as she tried to distract her feels but he bent down and started to suck her right nipples as he developed a nice slow rhythm. She moaned, and shuddered as he bottomed her out. He stretched and tore her pounding until he reached bottom. He did not move for a few minutes to allow her to get accustomed to his size. Tom just held himself buried in her, letting her to get used to his size and Stella’s pussy went from extreme pain, to numb, and after several minutes of slow deep fucking she gradually became accustomed to his size.

“See mom. What did I tell you?” her son asked. “I’m all the way in. Now it’s time for the real fun to begin. I’m gonna fuck you raw and hard.” And soon enough the real fun began. Stella’s pussy took her son’s cock, took the wild battering and the raw intrusion. The sound of her son’s thighs and balls striking her ass sounded beautiful to her. She started loving the wild sensation of her son’s big cock filling her up so intensely!

“How does it feel honey?” her son asked. “Do you still want me to stop?”

“Oh fuck no!” Stella replied. “Fuck me harder Son. Fuck me as hard as you can. I love your horse hung monster big cock up my cunt. Don’t stop fucking meeee!”

“I won’t mom,” her son replied grunting. “Here you go. Take this … and this! Is this hard enough for you?”

She moaned from the pleasures his foot long cock was giving her. She was having sexual feelings like she had never felt before. Christ, she couldn’t help it her own son was working on her body.

Tom was so fucking big and long he was screwing her in her womb. She had never felt anything like that before. Nothing. Nothing felt like this big long cock inside her body. As it fucked her so deep that part of him was inside her womb she cried out. The huge long length of his black cock rubbed her pussy walls with ten inches of cock each time he slammed into her. Then another ten inches rubbed her pussy walls as he pulled out of her cunt. She knew she was going to cum and she knew it was going to be a fuck hard, long orgasm when it happened.

She was close and she knew it. Tom was wet from working so hard on Stella’s pussy. His big cock was slamming into her pussy fucking away on her. It was lifting her sexual pleasure higher and higher. Tom quickened his thrusts now and Stella began to rock her hips on his fingers, which were stroking her huge clit.

It was sticking out about half inch. He had never seen a clit that red, fat and long. Tom’s big cock felt like a pole inside her. She had been fucked for almost an hour, Tom had been fucking her for almost twenty five minutes, and she had to admit, he was fucking her really good. In fact he was fucking her like she had never been fucked before.

he held Stella’s ass up off the bed with both hands Tom rammed his ten inches in and out of her like a fucking machine.

dropped her legs and she immediately wrapped them around his back and pulling him as deep as she could get him into her pussy. He had the head of his cock and maybe 2 inches deep inside her womb.

As he slammed into her over and over and over again, she held on to him so tight he couldn’t hurt her any longer. She got off with that huge cock deep inside her giving her only good feelings now. It was so fucking good. She had never, never felt anything like what she was feeling now. She loved it. She fucking loved it!!

He moaned from deep down inside his body and couldn’t hold back any longer. As he started to ejaculate into her his balls slapped Stella’s ass in time with his cock squirting his cum. He pumped and pumped more cum than he had ever done in his life. He screamed as he emptied his nuts into this fantastic white woman’s body.

She was drained as Tom finally pulled his cock out of her pussy and fell next to her on the bed. His cum was now running out of her hole and forming a small puddle under her ass. She didn’t have the strength to move.

Yep, she had beaten the men all! All except her hung son Tom and how it felt with a huge cock fucking her. She continued to think to herself: ” God he was in my womb. He fucked me in my womb!”

She will sit days and nights and daydream about the 10 or 11 inches horse cock of her lovely son sliding in and out of her body rubbing the walls of her vagina. She will dream of how it felt when he buried all of his cock into her until his nuts hit her ass. And, when he started to fill not only her pussy, but her entire womb with his cum. . . she moaned.

Christ! His cock head and a few inches of his shaft were in her womb. IN THE WOMB!! For God’s sake he had fucked her pussy so deep he had fucked her womb too.

She moved and straddled his body, she was going to sit on his cock. He told her: “Yeah mom fuck me.”

Tom just laid there as Stella moved her spectacular body over his hard thick cock and began to sank slowly down on it feeling the thickness begin to stretch her again. She could also feel it go deeper and deeper into her body, further than any cock before. She moaned as she felt it go deeper until all 11+ inches were in her pussy. He was fantastic, big, thick and very hard. And she patted his ass and slapped its cheeks playfully exciting him more and more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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