Architect of My Heart

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I’ve called you into my office to discuss an important matter. As my most trusted designer, you are an incredibly important asset to this architectural firm. You gather up the blueprints you’ve been working on and head in, believing this is what I want to discuss. But there is another thing on my mind.

When you walk in, you see me as I look up at you from behind my desk. You love how my eyes seem to drink in every part of your shapely body, your large breasts, as they stretch the tight white button-down blouse, your full hips hugging the form-fitting pencil skirt that ends just above your knees… while high heels put you almost on your tippy toes, accenting the firm ass covered with the black material of the skirt. You try not to stare, but you’re taken by my soft brown eyes and silver head of hair… a silver fox, as you ladies call me when you don’t think I’m listening (but I know, yes, I know). You can feel your nipples stiffening under your bra, which strains to support your bussom, and a slight moistening of your pussy, covered in just the thin white thong made of lace – just like your matching bra. You smile and step forward to me, behind my desk.

I take the blueprints from your hands, place them on the window shelf behind me, and tell you that’s not what I want to discuss today. I tell you I know you’ve been watching me, and I know about the little fantasy about me you told another woman in the office: How you wanted me to take you right here at the firm. You smile weakly and bite your lip, and nod that you’ve had that fantasy, but it’s just a fantasy and you didn’t mean any harm. I take you by your trembling hand and tell you I’m all about making dreams come true.

You smile back, your heart racing, as you have desired this for so long. As I pull you toward me, you try not to look into my eyes, but even more naughtily, your gaze is drawn to the crotch of my pants, where my hard-on has become apparent, tenting the dress slacks I wear with my suit and tie. You look up into my eyes, as your nipples betray your desire for me, making their own little tents against the fabric of the bra and blouse. You start to feel a little weak in the knees, as you try to balance on your high heels with a beating heart and a flush of blood running to both your head and your nether region. I reach out to steady you, grabbing you about mid-thigh and then working my way up to push your skirt up to your hips. You gasp slightly as you feel the material push higher and higher, first exposing the tops of your stockings and then the garter they’re clipped to. You close your eyes and moan a little as my hands work up your stocking covered thighs and to the bare area at the tops… and finally to the thin strip of material that covers your pussy. My hands move to your bare ass and pull you forward, you spreading your legs instinctively as I place you onto my lap, legs open straddled across mine and starting to lower you onto me. You can feel just how hard and thick I am as my cock pushes even harder against the slacks and against the thin material of your white thong. I place my hands on your back and pull you towards me for a tender, long-awaited kiss. Before you can draw me into your mouth, I work my way down your neck, your head tossed back and you feeling your lust for me growing deeper. Your body tingles as I kiss my way across your neck, nibbling at the smooth skin and then your ear lobes. I breathe heavily into your ear and whisper, “Undo one button.”

Hands still slightly trembling, you grab the top button of your blouse, more of the top of your uşak escort chest starting to be exposed. Your nipples fully erect, you look into my eyes and bite your lip, silently inviting me to touch your breasts. I can feel your wetness through your panties, as you squirm against my hard member, wanting to feel more. I move one hand from your back and let my fingers lightly touch your cloth-covered tits, making small circles around your areolas, seeing your desire grow even more… evidenced by your shortening breath, your hardening nipples and the wetness that is oozing out of your own crotch, making that white thong nearly transparent. Your hands start to run through my silver hair, admiring the short shorn sides and thick locks still on top my head. I draw in my breathe as my lips lightly touch the top of your chest and neck and make my way to your other ear and say, “Undo one button.”

Your hands move quickly down to your blouse again, still slightly fumbling with the next button on the blouse. But you do manage to get it undone, and more of your ample chest is exposed, and I can just see the top of your white bra as it cups your massive tits. You’re getting hornier and wetter, and you start to rock in my lap slightly, your throbbing clit just making contact with my raging hard-on, still hidden beneath the layers of my own clothes. I move my hands down to your ass and draw your deeper into my lap, letting you feel the entire length of my erection as it starts to line up with your wet slit. Once again, my lips start their journey across your chest, a little lower on each pass, and I make my way up to your ear again, and whisper, “Undo one button.”

You move your own hands down your breasts and pause slightly at your nipples, where you finger them through your blouse, making them harder and turning yourself on more. My eyes are fixed on yours as you unbutton another button, letting your shirt fall open, exposing your cleavage to me. I marvel at the size of your tits and silently run one finger between them, moving back and forth in an S shape so I just touch the sides of them. I lower my mouth to the path just traced and kiss my way up, pausing to nibble on the side of each breast and continuing until I’m at your neck again and make the now-familiar journey up to your ear. Your wet pussy is pulsing against my cock, as my manhood strains against the slacks and pushes up and down your slit, and you moan slightly as I say the words once again, “Undo one button.”

You untuck your shirt from the black skirt and unbutton the last button on your blouse. You nearly tremble as you feel the shirt fall away and realize you are riding your boss’ cock in an unlocked office, nearly naked at this point. Anyone could walk in. If they did, what would they do? Would Jennifer, your friend want to join in; it’s her fantasy, too. What if it was the intern Todd? You have often thought of having him, so young and buff, while your older, silver fox boss also pleasured you. You feel your excitement grow at the prospect of anyone coming in. But you try to take your mind off that and focus on the task at hand. I massage your massive breasts as the blouse has fallen away completely and move to unfasten the clasp in front. With just a slight manipulation, the bra pops open and your breasts come on full display. Your pale areolas just slightly darker than your alabaster skin; your nipples like elongated eraser heads, pointing to me, drawing my mouth to them.

I suck each tit into my mouth, first the left and then the right, flicking uşak escort bayan your nipples and swirling around them and sucking as you begin to gasp and moan a little louder. I can feel your wetness through my pants as you begin to ride me harder, wishing my pants away in your mind. You squeal a little as you feel my hand move down into your panties, reaching the top of your wet slit where your clitoris resides. i begin to rub little circles around it, and you respond with a series of gasps and squeals and moans… the whole time my mouth latched upon your boob.

“Fuck! Yes! Right! There!” you gasp in small breathes. “So. Fucking. HOT!!!”

I pick up the pace of fingering your clit and move ocassionally into your wet awaiting hole, letting my digits probe you and then rub you once again.

“Oh, gawd! Oh, gawd! OH GAWD! I’m gonna CUM!” you scream in a whisper into my ear. “Uhhhnnnn. AHHHH! Right there! Fuck! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!”

I feel your pussy muscles clench around my fingers and a slight gush of liquid come out as you fuck yourself on me. Breathing deeply, you try to catch your breath as you fall against me, mashing your bare breasts against me, kissing my neck as you recover. I feel your hands unbuttoning my shirt and move inside to play with my nipples. Delighted by the response of your touch, you open my shirt up, push my tie aside and start to suckle on my nipples. I move my fingers in and out of your wet cunt and bring them up to your face. You close your eyes, draw in the scent of your own sex and then take the tangy tasting digits into your mouth to suck them clean. I look down as you make your way to the floor, a wet spot of your juices on the front of my trousers. You unbuckle my belt and unbutton and unzip my pants to reveal a hard-on tenting the silky red boxers I wear. Putting your fingers in the waist band, you pull down my shorts and watch in amazement as my erection pops forth in front of you. Giving me a devilish smile, you look into my eyes while your hand wraps around my member and lick your way around my bulbous head.

I draw in my own breath as you take my cock into your mouth and start to work your way down the 6″ of thick firm shaft. Pulling the cock out of your mouth and starting to lick my balls, you look up at me and say, “I’ve waited a long time for this,” making your way back to the top and engulfing all of it until you hit the base.

“Then let’s make the most of it,” I tell you as I pull you back up and into my lap. I push the thin patch of thong away and expose your bare pussy, shaved smooth and swollen with desire. You feel my cock start to penetrate you, moving easily into your depths because of the arousal you’ve experienced. You begin to rock back and forth, drawing me deeper into your wetness with each movement. Buried to the hilt, you start to move up and down, fucking me and smiling as I begin to moan. “Mmmmm… that’s it. LOVE THAT!”

I reach down and start to play with your clit again as you bury my cock deep inside you. With my other hand, I grasp as swinging breast from in front of me and latch on again with my mouth. Sucking your tit and rubbing your knob from below, you can feel another orgasm building. But before you can cum, I lift you in one motion and place you on your back on my desk. Your head hangs upside down over the front, as my hands massage your beautiful breasts and my mouth heads for that throbbing clit. You think you might see someone approaching the office door, the slight outline of shoes just under the little slit escort uşak below. Could it be Jennifer? Todd? Your heart raced with excitement of them catching us… and hopefully joining in. But then you are overcome with the feel of my tongue on your own slit, moving up and down, drinking in those delicious juices, flicking your clit until your eyes roll back and you see nothing, except for the picture of my tongue on your hot pussy in your mind’s eye. Faster and more furiously I begin to lick until I can feel you reach and crescendo and start to orgasm.

“OOOHHHH! OOOOHHHH! AAAHHHHH!” you scream trying to keep your voice down, but your desire betraying you. “AAAHHHH! AAAHHHH! AHHHH!”

I feel your pussy spasm as you buck your hips against my face, your bald mons and lips a delight to see, feel and taste. I catch all your juices as they flow out, sucking up the sweet nectar of you. As you lay on your back, I move the head of my rock hard cock to your pussy entrance, moving it up and down the wet opening, slightly teasing you.

“Fuck me! Please!” you implore, moving to meet my motions. I start to plunge inside you again. “Oh, gawd, YES!!!” you hiss.

As I start to fuck you once again, we get into a rhythm, and your massive tits begin to sway up and back, making for their own erotic dance on your chest. Drinking in the moment yourself, you close your eyes and let your head drop back over the edge of the desk, hearing the sounds of our flesh slapping together, imagining all kinds of other fantasies.

“Gawd, I wish Jennifer would walk in right now,” you thought to yourself. And you dreamed of Todd barging through the door, pulling out his massively thick cock and throat fucking you. “Mmmmm,” you moan.

Suddenly, I grab you by the hands and pull you up to your feet. Moving you swiftly… but gently… I place your hands on the office window glass and bend you forward. While I admire the wonder of your ass, you look out upon the city and wonder if anyone can see. “I hope so,” you think to yourself, turned on at the prospect of suddenly becoming an exhibitionist.

I lean forward, moving my cock to your awaiting pussy once again, and whisper into your ear.

“I want to cum in you. Are you my little cum slut?” And you nod in agreement and look back as I start to bury myself inside you again.

You move with the lusty rhythm, amazed that I’ve fucked you for this long. Looking back forward, you’re able to make eye contact with me through the reflection in the glass, admiring your own body as your tits hang heavily and begin to sway.

“That’s it, baby! Give me that cum! you say as you turn back to look at me, seeing my determination, feeling my rock hard member filling you up. As I pick up the pace, I feel my own orgasm build, as you feel your own as well. “Uhhhnnnn! That’s it! FUCK ME HARD!” as a wave of climax washes over you.

“Uuuunnnnhhhh! AHHHHHH!” I moan as we both feel a stream of hot, white cum empty from my depths and into your sloppy wet cunt. “FUCK!”

I remain in you for a few moments, drinking in the pleasure of your pussy walls gripping my cock, you enjoying the warmth of the load I’ve dumped inside you, as it begins to leak out and run down your leg, pooling in the tops of the stockings that have remained on the whole time.

We quickly dress and kiss deeply with the promise we’ll do this again.

Later, in the break room, as you pour a cup of caffeine to help you from wanting to take a nap after your thorough fucking, Jennifer walks in.

“So how did your meeting go?” she enquires, a slight look on her face that might say she knows what you did.

“Yeah, how did it go with the boss?” Todd chimes in as he rounds the corner and sidles up to the coffee machine.

“Oh, it was fine,” you say, hoping to share the details with them both. One day, you smile.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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