Aunty Sheen, Dee in Goa – Day 06

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Hi all, its Ali here!

I’m back with another sensual, hot post. This is a description of things that happened on the sixth day of our memorable trip together to Goa. This is from the time my slutty, widowed, Muslim aunt Sheen, her daughter Dee, my sexy, older cousin and live-in partner at the time, and I went on a 6-day vacation. I’ve already described the sexy events that happened during the first five days of our hedonistic, sexual vacation in previous posts in this series. This one depicts the events that happened on Day 6 of our Goa trip.


I’m Ali, a rich, good-looking Muslim guy. I am over 5’10” tall, have fair skin with black, long hair and big, light-brown eyes. I have been playing soccer regularly since I can remember, so I have a muscular, athletic physique. I maintain it now by working out regularly and playing soccer weekly. I have three main passions in life — Books, Bikes and Booty — though not always in the same order. I have always loved sex and have explored the sensual landscape enormously down these years.

I’m single, in my late 20s now and enjoy a happy, healthy and exciting life with my numerous sexual partners.


Personal reasons prevent me from revealing where I was born but I can tell you that my hometown is among the largest cities in central India. I belong to a large extended family, which includes the individual families of my father and his seven brothers. We are financially well-to-do and live in a huge 2-acre gated and walled property on the northern outskirts of our city. This immense compound is fenced in by a 12-foot tall wall with an immense black, steel gate up front. There are three, 3-storied buildings within the compounds. These buildings have expansive, spacious apartments for each family so we all live together very comfortably.

Regardless of being rich, we live a relatively simple and strictly religious life. My family belongs to a sect of ultra-conservative Muslims, and almost all of us follow our religious tenets obediently. Over 20 of us live together so we are also a tight-knit family. However, due to our religious beliefs, we are discouraged from mixing with members of the opposite sex from outside the family. This rule is for when we reach puberty. The women in my family always wear a Hijab to cover their heads and an Abaya to hide their tall, beautiful, curvy bodies whenever stepping out of home.

Such extreme restrictions resulted in some of my female family members to rebel and start secret, illicit sexual relationships with me. From these, Aunty Sheen is one of the first ones to seduce me.


Aunty Sheen is unlike a typical Indian Muslim MILF. She is also very different from the other women in my family because Sheen aunty is short, dark and plump. She is barely 5’3″ tall and was in her late 40s back then. Sheen aunty has smooth, dark-brown skin. She has a dark round face, with big brown eyes and thin, severe lips. Her hair is still black, wavy and cut to shoulder-length. Aunty Sheen is very voluptuous, with dark, round and soft 50DD boobs which have long, black ultra-sensitive nipples. She has a significantly slim 30″ waist which then widens out to an enormous, round and cushy 50″ ass. Aunty Sheen has thick calves and stout, dark-skinned legs with small feet.

Aunty Sheen is literally a mix of Jada Pinkett Smith (Hollywood actress) and Layton Benton (black porn star).

Sheen aunty was married to my oldest uncle, who sadly passed away in 2006. Ever since then, she has been the matriarch of our huge family. Sheen aunty also turned out to be an extremely horny woman. Aunty seduced me less than a couple of weeks after her husband’s demise. She said she chose me to vent out the 18 years’ worth of sexual frustration that had built up as her late husband had neglected her physical needs.

Dee is Aunty Sheen’s daughter and my only older cousin sister. We’ve always been really close and would share everything. This caused a sexual attraction to grow between us, which eventually led us to losing our virginity to each other.


Dee is a year older than me and is one of my favorite fuck-buddies till date. She is short, dusky but very curvy with a fun, bubbly nature. Dee is short and stands at 5’3″ with smooth, light-brown skin. She has a round face with big brown eyes and plump, soft lips which make her look quite cute. She has black, wavy hair which she usually keeps cut to her shoulders, just like her mother. Dee shares her mother’s curvy genes too and has enormously voluptuous 40D boobs. Her lovely, large tits are also very firm, extremely round and crowned with long, dark-brown nipples. Back then, Dee had a significantly slim 26″ waist that flared out to a pair of 36″ basketball-like buttocks. Dee has smooth, shapely legs which makes her a good package overall.

Dee basically looks like a mix of Niki Minaj (American Hip Hop star) and Victoria Cakes (black porn star).

Dee and I had lost our virginity to each other long back. Ever since then, we’ve had an obsessively unhealthy sexual relationship. This eventually eryaman arabaya gelen escortlar led us to a year-long live-in relationship in Pune where Dee and I attended college and lived a highly exciting sexual life.


Friday is for BDSM

(8AM — 1PM, Friday 31st October 2008)

I woke up around 8 AM that day which was pretty late for me. However, our drunken, stoned debauchery the day before had drained me so I overslept. The sun was out bright and I could see the fronds of the coconut trees out the balcony door shivering with a wind. I slipped out of the bed slowly because I didn’t want to wake up Aunty Sheen and Dee just yet. So, I let them naked and in deep sleep and slid off the foot of the bed. The room felt cold after the warmth of the blanket but I braved it and tiptoed to the bathroom.

I quickly relieved myself in the commode and stood under the shower. I worked hard to wash the remnants of our crazy beach-side fuck off of my body and mind. I could still feel some of the effects of the weed and alcohol we’d consumed in quantities the previous day. So, I stood under the cold shower till I sobered up completely. I quickly wiped dry with a towel and draped it over my shoulders. I then wrapped another soft white towel around my waist to cover my smooth-shaven crotch from the cold.

I walked back into the room and saw that my aunt and cousin had barely moved and still slept soundly. I walked over to the table in the corner and grabbed a few things before sliding open the glass doors to the balcony quietly. A blast of cold wind assailed my bare chest and legs as I stepped out on the first-floor balcony. I slid the door shut behind me and took a seat on one of the four low-slung, round cane armchairs surrounding the round, low glass-topped coffee table.

The weather had cleared completely on Friday. The sky was a vivid blue and the salty sea-wind was very cold. I felt it brushing against my chest, arms and legs. I took a few deep breaths and got used to the low temperature. I looked over the balcony railing out towards Baga Beach which was barely 200 meters from our rooms. The cold, clear sea broke in crashing waves as the strong wind blew it to the beach. I noticed the beach was also crowded considerably as the weather had cleared after several days. I could make out groups of families and tourists enjoying the cool beach-side weather.

I turned and picked a cigarette from the almost empty pack from yesterday and lit one. Then I busied myself writing about the previous day’s events in my trusted journal. A few minutes later, I lit the last remaining joint from the pencil-case and got high as I wrote. After an hour or so, I finished writing the important, dirty details of the previous day and closed my notebook. I was hit hard by the first joint of the day and was in a spirited mood by then. I peeked through the glass-doors and saw aunty and my cousin still asleep. It was past 9 AM so I decided to get some joints ready for the day.

So, I spread the old newspaper on the coffee table and began cleaning weed to replenish the spent joint stock. As I cleaned the sticky, green stuff I answered texts and the missed calls from family and friends. It took me a good hour to clean the seeds and sticks from the moist, dank weed. At the end, I had rolled around 10 thick, long joints and arranged them carefully into the oblong, metal pencil-case.

It was a few minutes past 10 AM when I decided that Aunty Sheen and Dee had slept enough.

So I walked into the room, sliding the glass-doors close. The room felt comfortable and warm after the cold, salty wind of the balcony. After putting everything back on the small corner table I stepped to the bed. I stood at the foot of the bed before climbing on the soft, thick mattress of the low-slung queen-sized, four-poster bed.

I reached out and slowly pulled the thick, down-filled comforters. Slowly, I exposed their lovely, naked brown bodies to the bright light coming through the glass-doors from my back. For a while, I just admired my stout aunt and curvy cousin’s lovely, naked forms sleeping blissfully nude. Dee lay on her back to my left while Aunty Sheen lay sleeping to my right. I could see their voluptuous chests heaving softly up and down with each breath. Aunty Sheen’s mature melons flopped to each side while Dee’s big, perky breasts stood taut with her large, long nipples pointing to the ceiling.

I was quite high so it didn’t take long for me to get aroused. I grinned as an idea came to me. I bent forward and brushed my hands softly against their small feet on each side. I gently ran my fingertips up their thick calves and then their large, smooth thighs. That’s when I felt them settle more comfortably on their backs and sleepily spreading their legs wide apart. I knew they were still half-asleep because their breathing was still soft and shallow. I grinned to myself and felt my thick, young dick twitch with excitement before beginning to get hard when I pushed my hands further.

“Mm…” Dee moaned sleepily and sincan escort bayan opened her eyes gently when my fingertips touched her taut, smooth labia.

Aunty Sheen didn’t react initially when I started to brush my fingertips over her large, loose pussy-lips. When I reached her thick, prominent clit I pressed it once and saw her stir.

“Mm…” Aunty moaned softly too and bent her knees to pull her feet up.

“Good morning.” I said softly and smiled.

“Mhm…” Sheen aunty and Dee mumbled in reply.

When they saw me sitting at their feet with my hands on their crotches, they shuffled to lay closer on the bed. Aunty Sheen, Dee and I had become very good at guessing the best positions to indulge our sensual lusts no matter where we were. Dee laid her head on her mother’s arm and placed her left arm resting on Aunty Sheen’s softly rounded tummy. Sheen aunty put her right leg over Dee’s and they lay with their feet spread wide on the bed. I continued to caress their soft, moist cunts till I felt the two get very horny.

I grinned at both in turn before shuffling to the left on my knees. I hadn’t stopped teasing their hungry, wet cunts as I pushed my face closer to Dee’s crotch. I clearly remember seeing the sheen of her pre-cum on her smooth, soft pussy lips as I came closer. I admired her creamy, sexy cunt for a few seconds before I placed my lips on it.

“Oooo…” Dee groaned long and low with lust as I kissed her taut, sensitive clit with my soft, moist lips, “Yesss…” She moaned encouragingly when I slipped my tongue over her soft, creamy labia.

“Oh, son…” Aunty Sheen moaned close to my right when I shoved my index finger into her creamy, warm cunt.

I started to lick Dee’s clit and fingered her gently while finger-fucking my aunt at the side. Dee reached down and began to rub my head, encouraging me to keep licking and fingering her.

“Come here…” I heard my aunt call hoarsely before she pulled Dee’s face towards her for a kiss.

“Mmm… Mmh… Hmm… Mhh… Hmm…” Aunty Sheen and Dee began kissing softly, laying close together with their large, brown breasts pressing on the others’.

Hearing their lusty moans made me get very hard very quick. My huge, stiffening cock strained against the towel wrapped around my waist for a while before the towel loosened and fell around my legs. My thick, huge dick swung down and its sensitive, circumcised dickhead brushed amazingly against the soft comforter below. I began to suck on Dee’s large, taut clit and thrust my slim forefinger in and out faster and faster. After a while, I’d slipped two fingers into my mature aunt’s large, wet cunt.

“Mmh! Mmph! Mmh! Mmh! Mmh! Mm!” Sheen aunty and Dee’s lusty moans gradually turned into hurried, hungry groans as I began finger-fucking them faster and faster.

Dee and Aunty Sheen were going wild with arousal. Their bodies jerked, lifting their large, heavy asses off of the bed frequently. This made Dee’s super-sensitive clit rub hard on my soft, wet tongue while my fingers thrust deeper into my aunt’s wet, creamy cunt. I looked up once to see my aunt and her daughter locked in a tight embrace as they kissed. Aunty Sheen cupped Dee’s lovely, perky boob with her left while Dee squeezed her mother’s large, round mammary with her right hand. Each knew the other’s erogenous zones and quickly brought the other closer and closer to orgasm.

“Muah!” Aunty Sheen and Dee broke their kiss audibly and gasped for breath in their extremely excited state.

I looked through the gap between my cousin’s thick, firm thighs and saw Dee and Aunty Sheen looking lustily at me. I closed my eyes and began licking and finger-fucking them dedicatedly. My long, wet tongue slipped up and down over Dee’s lovely, tight clit while I fingered her taut, slick pussy. I thrust two fingers in and out of my aunt’s mature, hot pussy faster and faster, making sure to rub her taut, large clit with my thumb every time.

After a while, Aunty and Dee pulled their legs up till their knees touched their heaving, voluptuous chest. This made it easier for me to lick and finger my slutty aunt and horny cousin.

“Ohh! Yess! Oh! Aah! Mm!” Sheen aunty and Dee’s moans and encouragements became louder and louder as they both neared orgasm.

I could tell they were close because their body froze for an instant before suddenly relaxing.

“Ooo…” Dee and Aunty Sheen growled long and low as they climaxed.

Aunty Sheen and Dee shivered and trembled as they came hard. The first little squirt of Dee’s musky-sweet cunt-cream splashed right inside my mouth. Aunty Sheen’s climaxing cunt pushed her warm, watery pussy-juices out on to my right hand. I kept licking and finger-fucking my aunt and cousin till Dee eventually pushed my head away.

“Shit!” Dee swore once she felt her cunt-cream flowing freely out of her.

“Oohh…” Sheen aunty groaned aloud as my fingers were pulled out of her climaxing, creaming cunt.

“Wow…” I whispered softly and watched my horny, widowed aunt and hot, older cousin shiver in the throes gölbaşı sınırsız escort of an exciting orgasm till they calmed down.

As I sat back on my knees at the foot of the bed my thick, long dick stood completely erect. It swayed and jerked softly with anticipation and I stroked it as I watched Aunty and Dee calm down.

“Oh, baby…” Dee moaned lustily once she caught her breath.

“Son, that was amazing! Thank you, darling.” Sheen aunty said from the side.

“Let’s get kinky today, mom.” Dee said softly.

“What do you mean?” Aunty asked.

“Well, seeing as this is our last full day we might as well let go of ourselves today.” Dee said suggestively and grinned.

Sheen aunty and I also grinned because we understood exactly what Dee meant. I was incredibly excited at the prospect now. We sat on the bed for 15 minutes or so and talked. Eventually we chose some of the more kinky ideas. Once we had a rough plan for the day, I was tasked to buy the things we’d need. I had already showered so Dee and Aunty decided to get ready while I went for my little shopping trip.

I was intensely aroused but still I contended myself knowing that I had the entire day ahead to fuck Aunty and Dee however and wherever I want. So, I sat still on the bed and excitedly watched their lovely, large brown asses jiggle and sway as they walked into the bathroom one after the other. Then I got off of the bed and rummaged for fresh clothes in the wardrobe. I pulled on a dark T-shirt and a pair of tan cargo shorts and flip-flops. I picked my cell phone, my wallet and the empty black water-proof sling-bag before walking to the door. My erection had finally started to soften.

As I passed the bathroom I peeked through the open doorway. I grinned at the sight of mother and daughter, naked under the shower, washing each other’s brown, curvy bodies. By the time I walked down the stairs my thick, long dick went flaccid. Yet, there was a dull throb in my groin. I put on my sunglasses because the sun shone brightly on that cool, winter day. Walking down the winding lane my mind went back to our naughty, exciting plan for the day. I was still high but completely functional.

I felt pangs of hunger because I was up for over 3 hours now. So, I stopped at a road-side stall and had an omelet sandwich. Then I walked toward Calangute Circle about a mile away. I walked into a liquor store and bought a half-bottle of Smirnoff and a couple of large beer cans. Then I went to a pharmacy where I bought a large bottle of Johnson & Johnson oil and a large tub of Vaseline petroleum jelly. We’d used up the ones in Aunty Sheen’s “toy” bag and I knew we would need loads of lubrication today.

I had to ask around for the next item on the list. However, I soon found a store and bought a big, red-colored scented candle too. I took my time walking back on the crowded small street leading from Calangute Circle to Baga Beach.

It was past 11 AM when I tried to knock on the door of one of the two adjacent rooms we’d booked. The door gave way so I gently pushed it open. I quickly snuck a peek behind me to make sure no one was there before opening the door any wider.

“Welcome home, Sir!” Sheen aunty and Dee chorused together.

I grinned with instant excitement at the sexy sight. As per our plan, Sheen aunty and Dee were completely naked, kneeling on the tiled floor. They were waiting to greet me like the good, slutty slaves they role-played.

“Hm…” I mumbled something and stepped into the room before closing and latching the door behind me.

I turned around to see Aunty Sheen and Dee had moved closer to me. I stood looking down at their lovely, brown curvy bodies as they knelt side by side in front of me. They smiled at me before bending down together and placing their soft, moist lips on my bare toes. I felt them caress my sandy feet and let them remove my flip-flops without comment. My slutty mature aunt and hot horny cousin quickly kissed their way up from my feet to my legs.

I enjoyed their wet, soft kisses on my broad, muscular calves till they reached my shorts. Dee and Aunty Sheen then stood up slowly, rubbing their warm, naked bodies against my sides as they did so. Dee gently took the bag from me and placed it on the nightstand behind her. She turned around to pull my tee shirt off while Sheen aunty undid my belt and quickly pulled my shorts down. Dee bundled my tee in her hands and went down on her knees once more. Aunty Sheen draped my shorts over an arm before going down on her knees too.

“Muah… Muahh… Mmuah…” Dee and Sheen aunty began kissing their way up my well-shaped thighs.

“Mm…” I moaned when they both reached my crotch and kissed my sensitive, round circumcised dickhead once.

“Breakfast is ready, Master.” Dee whispered softly and slowly stood up.

“Please follow me, Sir.” Aunty said and turned around.

Dee took my clothes from her mother’s arms. She quickly pulled my cell phone out before dumping my shorts on the table in the corner. Aunty Sheen led me towards the balcony and Dee followed us out. The bright light coming through the glass balcony doors outlined my mature aunt’s plump, naked figure vividly. I felt my free-hanging dick stop swaying as it gradually stiffened somewhat. I didn’t fail to notice that they had called housekeeping while I was out because the room and bed were spotless and made.

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