Babysitter’s Discovery Pt. 13

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It didn’t take long before the girls could feel the pleasure start to build back up. Jessica started to kiss her way down Emma’s body, setting off little shocks of pleasure as Emma’s body felt the kisses on her sensitive skin. It felt like she was one giant erogenous zone, as her skin sizzled with zings of pleasure from every kiss, every lick. Jessica eagerly went after her tits, doting on them, licking, suckling, and nibbling at her nipples, making Emma’s body quiver. She kept going, down, down, swirling her tongue through Emma’s navel, planting soft delicate kisses over the top of Emma’s bare, smooth mound.

Jessica paused, and cooed, “Ummmm, love your nicely trimmed bush, so soft, so wet, so damn sexy.”

Jessica then continued, the kisses led down Emma’s mound. Jessica could smell the rich scent of Emma in heat, and her pulse thumped with desire.

Emma’s heart was thumping just as hard, her juices were gushing, she had her legs splayed wide, feeling like a wanton, overheated slut, god, she could smell the lust of her own juices.

Jessica cooed, “This is why I only want females lovers, you are so wet, so juicy baby, smells so good, I’m going to enjoy licking you clean of every last drop.”

Emma was too hot to make it last, the featherlight touches of Jessica’s tongue swirling at her clit took her over in a few moments, and Emma’s shrieks of pleasure filled the bedroom, as Jessica skillfully did exactly as promised, bringing Emma up to a glorious release. It felt like her cunt was turning inside out, squirming and spasming crazily, gushing out a flood of girl cum. She was aware of Jessica staying right at her center, eagerly mouthing the flow of her orgasmic juices as Emma shuddered through the aftershocks.

Emma then felt Jessica lifting up, and opening her eyes, she saw Jessica smiling at her, then straddling her face. Jessica gently lifted Emma’s head, placing a pillow underneath, and Emma gazed up at the rich coral flesh, spread open, giving her a peek at those luscious pink folds, spread open and glistening with juices, the scent reaching her nose and making her more than eager to please.

Jessica purred, “Now lick me Emma baby, lick my cunt, you izmit escort bayan made it all hot and juicy just for you, make me cum, make me cum all over your sexy face!”

Emma eagerly did so as Jessica lowered down, and Emma pulled her in close to really work away at Jessica’s churning cunt. Her tongue wriggled and squirmed all over the bare smooth flesh, Emma could hear the soft cries and gasps of pleasure, as she gave Jessica her best. She slid two fingers up Jessica’s creaming center, and polished her G spot until Jessica’s body was writhing, squirming, then the screech of sexual release filled the room, as Jessica’s pussy unloaded, and Emma got the wettest facial ever, as Jessica was a real squirter, gushing her girl cum all over Emma’s eager face.

She saw Jessica turn around, then the pleasure as Jessica settled herself back down, her head dipping between the spread of Emma’s thighs, and the long, lingering licks sliding along her pink seam. Eager to give back, Emma devoured Jessica’s creamy center with renewed vigor, and this time, Emma lasted longer, enjoying every extra minute, every extra lick, god it was heaven what Jessica could do to her cunt, and cries of orgasmic completion filled the bedroom as the two lovers gushed their juicy climaxes.

They lay back, sprawled out in the afterglow. Emma knew she could never be just a hetero, making love to girls was too much fun, too damn hot. Being Bi was fun, if she didn’t go both ways, she’d miss half the fun. The sight of her lover, Emma thrilled at that thought, splayed out on the mattress, her eyes eagerly devoured the glorious sight, and Emma was eager to go again.

Emma lifted up then she drifted down on Jessica’s sexy body. Emma adored kissing Jessica, it was such a turn-on, her lips were soft, warm, and welcoming, and when their tongues came together, sharing the hot wetness of each other’s mouth, Emma could feel her pussy starting to thrum.

After several minutes, she broke the kiss, and she kissed along the top of Jessica’s shoulders, wanting to ignite the burning lust that was building in her. Jessica’s moans of pleasure spurred her on, and she worked her way down. Her face was now in front of izmit eve gelen escort Jessica’s boobs, god, they were so perfect, luscious, round, and full, topped with two big, stiff, so suckable nipples, looking like fat, juicy strawberry gumdrops topping them off. Emma quickly got her mouth around the left nipple, suckling contentedly, and nibbling gently at the stiff, swollen nipple.

Jessica growled with pleasure, she gently cradled Emma’s head to her, murmuring, “Yes, oh yes my sweet sexy baby, Ummm, my baby, suck my tits, Ummm, oh feels so wonderful.”

Encouraged, Emma then switched to her right nipple, eager to lick and suck those stiff pink beauties, closing her lips around it, her tongue swiping at it, then suckling and nibbling contentedly, umm, she loved to suck those hard, pink nipples. After taking her time, doting on them, Emma moved on.

Jessica could feel her throbbing nipples, hard as granite, and the rush of cool air as it swept over her spit slick nipples. God, she’d never had a lover who was so responsive to her breasts, guys certainly weren’t. The guys that she had known would probably twist and pull at them, playing with them like her tits were a radio dial. Fucking jerk-offs.

She felt Emma’s mouth against her skin, kissing down lower, planting those soft delicate kisses all over, then the feel of Emma’s tongue sliding into her navel, licking, then tattooing a line of kisses down, down, the kisses trailing through the neatly trimmed muff. Emma paused, as Jessica watched with lust glazed eyes, Emma positioned herself between the spread of Jessica’s thighs. Jessica could feel soft, gentle kisses being placed all around her opening, making her moan with pleasure. A second later, Jessica let out a louder moan of pleasure as she felt the hot, liquid fire of Emma’s tongue sliding up and down her lips, making her pussy churn crazily. Emma gently pulled the pink, dewy lips apart, and dived in hungrily, she had discovered that she loved to be a pussy licker, and she applied her enthusiasm to Jessica’s silken, wet heat. She eagerly lapped up the juices that were filling her mouth, she adored the fact that Jessica was izmit otele gelen escort squirming around in pleasure on her tongue, letting out continuous gasps and cries of pleasure. She shifted her licking, taking in the throbbing clit, lashing at it with her tongue, eager to drive her Jessica to a wild orgasm.

Jessica cooed, “Ummmm, oh yes baby, such a good pussy lapper, there, oh fuck, right there, make me cum baby!”

Oh god, perfect, Emma was letter-perfect at making her body into a giant orgasmic bomb, ready to explode, feeling her cute pink tongue, right against…there oh yes, so good. She felt her clit being lashed at, surrounded by the hot wet fire of Emma’s mouth, and her orgasm turned into a rush, she could feel it racing at her, letting out squeals and cries of pleasure as she tumbled into orgasm, giving Emma a wet, juicy rush of her girl cum to savor.

Emma reached into her drawer and drew out her double dildo. She enjoyed the look on Jessica’s face, as she saw that midnight blue special, 18 inches of pure fucking pleasure, shaped like a real cock at both ends.

“On your hands and knees baby!” Emma cooed.

Jessica eagerly did so, and she purred with pleasure as she felt 7 inches of dildo glide up inside her. Emma took the same position just behind her, and she growled with joy as she angled the dildo against her opening, and pushed back, feeling the other end slide into her.

“Ummm, oh yeah, now, let’s pump back against each other, let’s take as much as we can,” Emma cooed.

On hands and knees, ass to ass, the stiff dildo bonding their cunts together, Emma and Jessica rode her dildo. Both girls could feel their asses smack together as they bucked back and forth, eager to take in every last bit of that huge pleasure stick. Emma reached down, and started to stroke at her straining clit, almost in unison, Jessica’s hand was at her pussy, stroking at her throbbing button.

Both girls were grunting with pleasure, fucking and being fucked, and two cunts were plunging back and forth, hot and horny holes, on fire with lust, reaching for that climax. Abby thought of what would happen when she told Anna all about her night of lust with Jessica, and the way that Anna would go down on her, then fuck her cunt with that big strap on, the cunt splitting thrusts, the eager cries that would fill Anna’s bedroom. As she imagined the glorious explosion her orgasm washed over her, dimly, she heard Jessica’s shrieks of pleasure as she crested.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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