Brenda , Lisa: The Art Show

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Brenda and Lisa had been friends for a long time. They had met in college, married men who were friends, and had children that were the same age. Every year they took a weekend in November and went Christmas shopping together. However, on their last trip, things changed. The women finally relented to the sexual tension between them and made love. It was a life-changing moment for both of them. Now, their thoughts rarely strayed from each other. They longed to be together, but with husbands, kids, and jobs, it was complicated. It was February before they were able steal away for an afternoon together.

It was easy enough to lie to their men. Lisa expressed an interest in attending an art exhibit at a local university. Of course her husband didn’t want to go, and he was elated when she suggested that she invite Brenda instead. When Brenda mentioned it to her husband, he encouraged her to go. After all, she worked hard and she deserved some time with her best friend.

Brenda drove to Lisa’s home late Saturday morning to pick her up. She gave a friendly wave to Lisa’s husband as he kissed her goodbye in the doorway. Getting into the minivan, Lisa gave her girlfriend a sly smile, and a quick kiss on the cheek. Lisa’s husband thought it was a little odd. He had never seen Lisa kiss Brenda in the cheek before, but they had been friends for a long time, so maybe he had just never noticed it before. Oddly, the sight had aroused him a little. His mind went to a long-standing fantasy of Lisa making love to another women. He went back into the house and quickly retired to the bedroom to masturbate.

When the minivan was far enough away from Lisa’s house, Brenda pulled over and took her friend in her arms. Their hungry mouths met and their tongues danced together for a few moments. Brenda’s hand slipped between Lisa’s legs and rubbed lightly against the material of her slacks. A gentle moan escaped Lisa’s lips as she felt the touch of her lover’s fingers.

They had about 30 minutes of driving time before arriving at the art show. Brenda pulled back onto the highway and drove a little faster than usual. Their plan was to spend some time at the art show and pick up programs to back up their story. Then, they would check into a nearby Super 8 motel and spend some quality time together before returning home. adana escort The friends chatted as they traveled to their location, constantly glancing at each other, wondering what the afternoon would hold for them.

The art exhibit was a lovely break from their everyday lives. Strolling leisurely through the paintings, sketches, and sculptures, Lisa worked up the courage to take Brenda’s hand a few times. Looking into each other’s eyes, Brenda mouthed the words “I want you”. Lisa smiled and squeezed her lover’s hand and led her toward the exit.

The drive to the motel seemed to take hours, even though it was only a few miles away. Lisa waited in the car as Brenda went to the front desk and booked their room. Driving van to the rear parking lot, nervous energy filled the air. After parking the van, Brenda opened the rear door and removed a small bag. Holding it up, she said, “Just a few things I thought might make the afternoon more enjoyable.”

Brenda’s hand shook a little as she slid the electronic key into the door lock. The room wasn’t all that fancy. A king-sized bed, a dresser with a large mirror above, and a utilitarian bathroom and shower. Turning to her friend, Brenda pulled her closer and kissed her deeply.

“I’ve waited so long for this,” she said.

Lisa responded by slowly unbuttoning Brenda’s blouse. Cool fingertips touched the skin of Brenda’s belly. Sexual electricity shot through Brenda’s body. Allowing the blouse slide from her shoulders, Brenda returned the favor by tugging Lisa’s shirt from her slacks. Taking a few steps back, Lisa turned around and pulled her shirt over her head. Looking over her shoulder, she said, “I bought this bra and panty set especially for you.”

Brenda smiled as her friend turned to her and revealed a sheer black lace bra. Lisa unbuttoned her pants and wiggled her hips to allow them to drop around her ankles. Brenda’s eyes went to the matching panties that Lisa wore. Stepping out of her slacks, Lisa’s hand went to the waistband of Brenda’s jeans and quickly unbuttoned them. Tugging down the material, Lisa could resist no more. She leaned forward and kissed her lover deeply. Skin against skin, the women kissed and nibbled at each other for a few moments. Brenda glanced over and saw their image in the mirror. adana escort bayan It was so sexy to see the two of them together in a state of undress.

“Do you like what you see,” she asked.

“I love it,’ Lisa whispered.

Pushing Lisa back onto the bed, Brenda unhooked her own bra and threw it aside. Lisa’s hand instinctively went to Brenda’s breasts and played gently with her nipples. Arms and legs intertwined as the lovers rolled on the bed, kissing, touching, and pleasuring each other. Lisa’s hand slipped into the front of Brenda’s panties and grazed the already wet folds of her vagina.

“Oh, yes!” Brenda cried.

One of Lisa’s bra straps had fallen down her shoulder. Brenda leaned back a bit and admired the sight.

“So, beautiful,” she whispered. “If I was a painter, I’d love to paint you like this so I could remember it forever.”

Smiling, Lisa took her friend’s face in her hand and kissed her sweetly.

“I love you,” she said.

“I love you, too,” Brenda whispered.

Kisses and caresses were exchanged between the two women for endless minutes. Gradually, the couple’s remaining undergarments were relieved of their duty. Sounds of wet kisses and rustling sheets gave way to gentle moans and sighs of pleasure.

“What kind of a mood are you in?” Brenda asked.

“A little naughty,” Lisa replied shyly.

“Good,” Brenda said as she rose from the bed and retrieved her bag.

Unzipping the bag, Brenda pulled out a rolled-up towel. Unrolling the towel, she revealed a pink jelly vibrator shaped like a penis.

Jim, her husband, had presented the toy to her several years earlier and they used it often when they were together. Lisa’s eyes widened when she saw the vibrator.

“Ever play with something like this? Brenda asked.

“No, Tom would never bring something like that home,” Lisa giggled.

“Let me show you how it works,” Brenda said as she twisted the end to start the quiet hum.

Touching the buzzing toy to her nipple, Brenda’s eyes closed and she rolled her head back. Dragging the toy down her belly, Brenda parted her legs and rubbed it against her clitoris. Rocking her hips against the vibrator, Brenda felt her body flush with excitement. Opening her eyes, she saw Lisa’s escort adana eyes transfixed on her. Licking the tip of the toy, Brenda used one hand to push Lisa’s legs apart.

“Ready?” she asked.

Lisa replied by spreading her legs further apart.

A jolt went through Lisa as the buzzing toy found her sensitive spot. A loud moan let Brenda know that her lover wanted more. Working the toy in a twisting motion, Brenda inserted the jelly vibrator into Lisa. Increasing the speed, Brenda watched as the toy inch it’s way into her lover. Before long, Lisa was bucking her hips and taking the entire length of the vibrator.

“Fuck me harder,” she cried.

Brenda leaned forward and tickled her friend’s clitoris with her tongue. Lisa’s hands immediately went to Brenda’s head and pushed it closer. Brenda’s mouth licked and sucked at her friend as the vibrator drove in and out.

Desire overtook Lisa in a way that she had never felt before. She suddenly felt like she was a jungle cat. She wanted to devour Brenda’s body with her kisses. Pulling away from Brenda’s relentless tongue, Lisa lunged forward and kissed her hard on the mouth. Surprised by her friend’s newfound hunger, Brenda put the vibrator in Lisa’s hand and spread her legs wide. Focused on the glistening treasure that was opened before her, Lisa inserted the vibrator deep into her friend. Brenda’s gasp gave way to a long, low moan. Brenda lifted her legs in the air as Lisa buzzed her. Catching sight of this in the mirror, Lisa became bolder. Throwing the vibrator aside, she gripped Brenda’s thighs with her hands and mashed her face into the pink folds. Driving her tongue deeper with each stroke, Lisa heard Brenda’s cries of pleasure. Taking big handfuls of Lisa’s dark curly hair, Brenda ground her vagina against her lover’s mouth.

“Get up here, Brenda commanded. “I’m almost there and I want you to come, too.”

In one quick move, Lisa threw one leg over Brenda’s shoulders and lowered herself onto her lover’s face. Pausing for just a moment as Brenda’s tongue found its mark, Lisa continued her persistent licking. Locked in the 69 position, the women’s panting, shallow breathing filled the room. The relative silence of the room as shattered by cries of passion. Rolling off of each other, their bodies glistened in the cool air of the motel room. Brenda’s fingers played lightly over Lisa’s pubic hair. Lisa smiled as she leaned up on her elbows to look at her friend.

“I’m almost afraid to ask what else you have in your little bag of tricks,” Lisa said.

With a devilish grin, Brenda replied, “Just you wait and see”.

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