Mom, Dee, Nicole , Me

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“You’re whoring me out. My own Mom,” I said, pouting from the couch. Mom just rolled her eyes, flustered.

“For Pete’s sake, will you cut it out with the drama? I just asked you a question” she said, cheeks already flushed with embarrassment.

“And what happens if I say no? Oh, yeah: you lose your shot at your dream job, right?” I said. Mom just shrugged, pretending to look at something at her laptop, then finally said:

“You know what? I’m sorry I asked.”

“You should be,” I said, turning back to my phone. Mom wasn’t done yet.

“I’m sorry I asked my attractive son to simply consider giving an older woman that liked him a chance. You know anyone else would give their left arm to be in your place?”

“Mom,” I said, eyes glued to my phone, flicking away nonsense, looking at nothing.

“It’s not like you have a girlfriend, either! Think about that: you’re just going off to college at the end of summer without even having had…”

“Don’t say it,” I said, tapping at a stupid cat video, looking up to see Mom wiping crocodile tears from her eyes.

“I guess I shouldn’t have asked for something for me in the first place,” she said, pretending to wipe tears away from her face “I’m sorry, baby.”

With a groan, I pushed myself out of the couch and stomped back to my room, shutting the door behind me.


“She’s got some nerve,” I told Dee, nodding patiently on the other end of the video feed. Her hair was still wet from her daily swim practice, preparing for her Olympic tryouts “trying to set me up like that.”

“I mean yeah, you Mom trying to set you up with her boss after she saw a photo of you on her phone is kinda weird but I mean…” Dee said, then shrugged “it’s also kinda hot?”

“Gross,” I said, rolling my eyes at her. Dee stuck her tongue out, mocking me. She loved to do that when I was being, in her own words, “a prude”.

“I mean, okay, I know it’s because it’s your mom but like, what if it had been me?” Dee said, “like, what if my boss wanted to hook up with you?”

“Why? Did she say anything?” I said, thinking back to Dee’s Olympic swim instructor; her chocolate skin, those powerful thighs, an ass so tight you could smash coal into diamonds with “you showed her my good gym photos, right?”

“What I was saying,” Dee said, cutting me off “is that it won’t hurt to give this one a try. Hell, did you even check her out?”

“Ew, no”

“Pull up her LinkedIn. Let’s see what she’s working with,” Dee said, fiddling with another window, before sending me a link.

“I’m not clicking that,” I said. Dee simply shrugged, then began to fiddle with the other window, nodding suggestively at something just out of sight. I knew that look: it was the one Dee gave to women she liked on the street, men pumping iron at the gym. Even me, sometimes, when she thought I wasn’t looking.

I clicked the link and Mom’s boss’ LinkedIn page came up. Her name was Nicole. She’d been a busy woman: running her own company, doing charity work. Had some cute dogs, too.

“Just click on her pictures, doofus,” Dee said. I complied, clicking first on her profile picture, taking in her auburn hair, her emerald-green eyes, man-eater smile. Weren’t those clothes a little too tight on her? I checked her featured photos, flicking through photos of her dressed in business attire, a sweatsuit for running, a formal gala dress that went a little higher on her thigh than it should, revealing a hint of her perfectly shaped ass; in another, she wore a low-cut top that revealed the side of her breasts.

“Okay,” I said.

“Okay what, dingus?” Dee said.

“Okay, she’s hot. What the hell does she want with me?”

“Well, she’s obviously not looking forward to your scintillating conversation. She wants to bang you, man.”

“Why the hell would she want to bang me? She barely knows me,” I said.

“Maybe your Mom showed her a picture of your cock,” Dee said, smiling evilly. I blushed; she probably had that dick pic I’d sent her back by accident. She’d obviously held onto it, ready to sprint it to the world when I’d piss her off.

“Disgusting,” I muttered.

“Hardly. It’s a nice cock. I’m sure Nicole would love it,” Dee said “I didn’t mind it much either.”

“I gotta go,” I said, too embarrassed to deal with it “talk later.”

“See you tomorrow, virgin!” Dee said before I finally cut her off. I lingered for a while, thinking about nothing before finally drifting off to sleep.


I snuck out of the house and headed for Dad’s gym at the crack of dawn. I’d told myself I was feeling the need for a workout when really I just wanted to avoid Mom, after yesterday’s weirdness.

Or maybe I’m just looking to get in shape for Nicole, I told myself, feeling suddenly self-conscious in the empty gym. No one came here so early on a weekday, so I had the place to myself, working on too-heavy dumbbells, grunting like an animal with every rep.

“You’re gonna tear something, if you keep going like that,” Dad called out as he stepped in from tuzla escort the doorway, turning on the morning tunes.

“I can…take it…” I lied “trying to…bulk up…”

“Not how it works,” Dad said, taking the dumbbells from my sore hands, then easing me down onto a bench “What’s eating ya?”

“Nothing’s eating me, I just felt like working out,” I lied, again. Dad just cocked an eyebrow and gave me that withering ‘don’t give me that’ look again.

“Your mother being weird again? Or is it a girl?” Dad said as he started his stretches.

“Little bit of column A, a bit of column B,” I said “Mom’s trying to hook me up with somebody. I’m not so sure though.”

“Let me guess: she ain’t the one?” Dad said, going for his first dozen crunches.

“It’s not like that, Dad, I just…don’t wanna be with just about anyone. If I do that, I might just end up like…” I said, stopping myself, too late.

“Me and your Mom, is that what you were gonna say?” Dad said, stopping to look me over. I blushed, not meeting his eyes, pretending to start a crunch “Look; I’m not gonna say we didn’t rush into things and that we didn’t both mess up. Maybe your mother more than me, maybe the other way around. But that doesn’t mean you gotta live the rest of your life being afraid things might go sideways. Hell, you’re already 18 and haven’t knocked anybody up. That’s smart.”

“Well, I haven’t been with anyone either…” I said.

“You ain’t ever gonna be if you keep dragging them by the nose like that poor girl, Dee,” Dad said.

“It’s not like that, Dad. I’ve been friends with Dee since kindergarten. I can’t risk messing up with her,” I said. Dad shrugged, rolling his eyes.

“All I’m saying is, give that hookup your Mom wants to set you up with a chance. What’s the worst that could happen?”

“Mom loses her chance at promotion,” I said, bringing up my phone to show Dad Nicole’s profile, her pictures “It’s her boss.”

“Right,” Dad nodded, grinning. I could tell he’d also caught that hint of thigh caught that glint in her eye that I had also seen “well you damn well better give it your all, then.”

“Are you seriously-” I began.

“Best get going. Regulars gonna start coming in soon,” Dad said, dismissing me. I was at the door, my things packed, when I heard him call out “best shave, down there. She looks like a maneater.”

I groaned and shut the door behind me.


“You’re gonna owe me big time after this, virgin,” Dee said with a pout as we stood in the guest bathroom. I knew she was just putting on a show, even as she shook the can of shaving foam and I clicked the double-edged razor into place.

“You can go whenever you want,” I said, hoping she wouldn’t take the bait “I only asked you for a favor.”

“And have you shear off your precious balls before Nicole can roll them in her mouth? Nuh-uh,” Dee said, smiling “now are you gonna drop that towel today or what?”

I blushed and undid the towel, tossing it onto the clothes hamper. Dee whistled as she looked at me naked from the waist down, a bush of coarse hair growing around my cock and on my balls. She fought back a giggle, then pretended to roar.

“Grow up,” I said, blushing fiercely as I started to work the shaving foam in my hands, then lathering it around the soaked hair, working it in until everything was good and soaked and foamy. Dee pretended to act disinterested, as she watched me cover my cock and balls and crotch, then handed her the razor “whenever you’re ready.”

“‘kay,” Dee muttered and leaned in with the razor, dragging the edge carefully down, shearing a clump to reveal naked skin behind. She moved slowly at first, taking down clumps at the top, washing it off, shearing away the hair and foam to reveal the naked skin underneath. Each pass felt cool to the touch, her hot breath running across my exposed, now-naked, skin. When she’d cleared the top semi-circle, she reached her hand across the lower end of my abs and over it, running fingers across it. Her fingers over the short hairs and skin sent a jolt up my spine and I fought to think about anything else as her tough lingered and her wide-open palm started to caress the skin just over my cock, touching my abs. “Guess your Dad’s regiment working nicely.”

“Are you gonna…” I asked, trying to keep my self-control, my cock swelling, ever so slightly. Dee nodded and ran the razor across the left side of it, shearing off the hair from the end of the shaft and the side of my balls, leaving the area smooth, revealing a swelling vein there. She ran the tip of her finger across it and smiled as my cock twitched at the touch. Again. she moved to the right side and repeated the motion, this time running her finger across the exposed vein, circling it. My cock jumped, swelling more, already at half-mast. We said nothing, as her finger lingered halfway up, then stopped.

“I need you to hold it up so I can get under,” Dee said and I grabbed my cock, revealing the underside. Running the razor across it, she revealed the skin of pendik escort the underside and the fascia, then slowly began to shave away at the wrinkly skin underneath, revealing more with each pass. Her hot breath felt shooting against the skin and I was already feeling myself get harder until her hand clasped my own as I held it, gently cupping the shaft as she finished the front “pull them up, will you?”

Complying, I pulled up my balls and Dee shaved all the way down across them, leaving my entire crotch smooth, save for a few lingering patches of foam. I felt her lean a little too close as she took the last remaining bit of hair, then pulled the razor back, her fingers moving up my hands, cupping my balls.

“Is it done?” I asked, uselessly, my cock already swelling, Dee’s fingers tangled with my own, gently prying them off my cock and balls to let them drop, naked and swollen. She made a noise as she looked up the shaft, veiny and twitching, her eyes focusing on the tiny spot of precum that had formed at the tip. I left her hand caress the shaft, her open palm moving across the underside of my cock “what are you…”

“Shut up a sec, okay?” Dee said and I felt her lips brush against my balls, gently caressing them, her tongue sticking out to lap up across them and across the shaft. I moaned, loving the way she alternated between kissing and licking up the shaft, moving up the glans, the tip of her tongue circling the frenulum just as the tiny drop of precum dripped from the tip to touch her tongue. She opened her mouth wide and…

“I’m hooome!” Mom’s voice came from downstairs, breaking the spell. Dee pulled away from me, wiping away at the string of precum that still lingered from my cock’s tip to her lips. We both looked at each other in silence, before she shot up and ran, off to jump from my window to the nearby tree and down the yard back to her house, the way we used to do when we were kids, leaving me with my wilting erection and a freshly shaved cock “anybody here?”

“Coming!” I shouted, then fished for a pair of shorts before heading downstairs.


“What’s that? That…that smudge,” Mom said, as she fussed over some imaginary thing on my cheek, in between straightening my clothes again and again.

“For the millionth time, let it go,” I said, pushing her hand away as Mom leaned in to smell me, making sure I’d showered according to her standards.

“I don’t understand why you didn’t want to wear a suit,” Mom said, staring at my t-shirt and jeans combo and I stared her down until she finally let go of my clothes.

“I’m not wearing a suit and tie for dinner at home,” I said, looking at Mom, dressed in halfway formal business attire, touching and retouching the silverware and plates for the five-course dinner she’d set up. For a dinner, it certainly looked like she was giving me and Nicole a lot of room at the table.

“All right, just asking, no need to bite my head off,” Mom muttered, “no harm going the extra mile for your poor old mother, either.”

The doorbell cut me off before I could answer. I opened the door, turning just in time to look up at Nicole, smiling at me, her hair pulled back, made up in nothing more than a hint of shadow and lipstick, dressed in a too-tight skirt and top. Is she wearing a bra? I thought as my eyes briefly wandered over her breasts and I fumbled for an opener.

“And you must be Sara’s gentleman son,” she said, reaching out to grasp my hand. She had a strong, steady grip and her thumb ran across the back of my hand, tracing the rough skin “my that’s a strong hand.”

“Thanks. I do some logging in the summer. It’s good exercise,” I added, uselessly. Nicole seemed to smile at that as I led her in and watched her hourglass figure as she and Mom exchanged niceties. I tried my hardest to look away from the curve of her ass and her shapely thighs leading down to a pair of stiletto heels. Strategically, Mom led us to the table, bringing in one course after another as Nicole asked me about school, my workout, my plans for college and I tried to keep up with her two dozen business ventures.

We were halfway through dessert and me telling her about my plans to become a park ranger, when I felt her foot making its way up my leg, tracing the inside of my thigh.

“That’s very interesting,” Nicole said, smiling, as her toes reached deeper between my legs and the balls of her foot began to slowly circle around my cock. I glanced at the other end of the table where Mom should have been, conveniently gone by now.

“I mean uh…it’s a thankless job,” I said, holding back a sigh as I felt her toes tease my cock, tracing its outline as it swelled. I’d never been touched that way before and Nicole…knew her stuff, as she moved her foot across my bulge.

“Hard, too,” Nicole said, moving her foot up across until the toes rested against my abs and the back of her foot circled around my cock, teasing.

“You bet,” I said, as she pulled her leg down and traced my hard shaft with her leg, toes finding the head aydınlı escort and teasing it. I felt her toes flick the tip and shuddered, barely able to get a sentence together. She teased me a little longer, before saying.

“How about we take this to the couch? I could use a stretch,” Nicole said, before taking her drink and my hand, leading me to the couch across the TV. She patted the place next to her and smiled as I sat beside her “easy tiger, I don’t bite.”

“Jesus, I sure hope so,” I said, before stopping myself. Nicole laughed at that, leaning her body against mine.

“You know I’ve never met a park ranger in training before,” Nicole said, scooting across from me, her fingers raking across my jeans toward my bulge.

“Well, I gotta get a…major first…” I managed, already too hard and lost in her eyes to string a sentence together, feeling her lips brushing against mine, teasing me. I pulled back for a moment and Nicole closed the distance, sticking out her tongue to tease my lips, the touch sending a jolt of electricity down my spine as our lips touched, once again and we kissed, briefly, barely a peck, then again. She sucked my lower lips, teasing with her teeth, then let go. I panted and leaned in, a little too hard, but Nicole pulled away at the last second.

“Easy, easy…first time?” Nicole muttered under her breath. I nodded. It wasn’t entirely true, but the few awkward teeth-grinding makeout sessions I’d had could barely be called kisses, not when compared to the way Nicole’s tongue teased mine and I teased back, just the tips touching, our mouths opening wider until we kissed deeply and I tasted her lipstick and the lingering taste of tobacco in her mouth. She let me take over for a while, awkwardly kissing her lips, teasing her upper lip, dipping my tongue too deeply before she pull back and took control, letting just our tongues dance together before our lips met, wetly. I groaned as I felt her lips caress mine, her tongue teasing me. I followed her lead, matching her motion and our tongues circled each other once again. She let out a deep, mewling moan and we pulled apart for a breather, just long enough for me to catch Mom spying on us from the kitchen, through a crack in the door. “What’s the matter?”

“Is my Mom getting the job?” I asked, bluntly “if I don’t…do that well?”

Nicole paused, pulling away from me, sneaking a glance at Mom, who quickly bowed away from the kitchen door.

“Is that what your mother thinks? Is that why set me up with you?” Nicole said, smiling mischievously. “That is very unprofessional of her and, frankly, disappointing. I really thought she had a higher opinion of me.”

“I don’t think she…there’s no way she wanted to…” I said, suddenly worried that I’d ruined everything. Nicole just shushed me, leaning into my ear.

“Do you want to mess with her? I think it’s perfect,” she whispered, as she nibbled my ear lobe, running her tongue across the edge of it, before kissing her way down my neck.

“I mean…” I groaned as Nicole’s fingers flicked my nipple, teasing it, before moving down my stomach, tracing my abs. Her lips kissed their way up my neck again and we kissed, pecking at each other’s lips before we tasted each other deeply again “….what have you got in mind?”

Nicole leaned in and whispered in my ear between kisses, as her fingers raked across my bulge, teasing me. When she felt my cock about to explode, she let go and pulled away, just as my hands started to move up her body, cupping her breasts. My fingers had just found her nipples when she finally got off me.

“I think we should pick this up later,” she said, a little too loudly, just enough for Mom to hear “it looks like it’s not a great time.”

“Yeah,” I said back, hoping I sounded convincing enough. Mom stepped out of the kitchen and gave her best to Nicole, waving her off, even as she maintained a distant, disappointed look. She almost fooled me and hell, I was into the whole thing.

“What happened?” Mom asked. I just shrugged “what did you do?”

“I don’t know, she looked a little flustered, and I…”

“I swear to God if you didn’t treat that woman right you are so grounded, Mister.”

“She said we’d talk,” I said.

“What do you mean, she said you’d talk? That doesn’t sound good. That doesn’t sound good at all!” Mom said, panic edging her voice. I just shrugged.

“Look, Mom, it’s getting late. How about we just…clean up and we talk tomorrow?” I said. Mom just stared, looking like she was about to have an aneurysm, then said:

“Just go, okay? I’ll…you’ve done enough.”

I went back to my room and lay there, thinking about Nicole’s kisses, my cock too hard for me to sleep. Checking my phone, I saw Dee’s messages piled up, checking on my date. The thought of her touch on me, the way she kissed her way up my cock sent a shiver up my spine and I closed my eyes and tried my damnedest to sleep while my cock screamed for attention. It could wait, I thought, for now.


“So she like…gave you a footjob? With your Mom right there?” Dee said over the phone, the next day. She looked a little more flushed than usual and something had changed about her that I couldn’t quite place. It made me want to tell her more, though.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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