Over The Years Pt. 05: An AOL Meetup

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Part 3 is called “One Night of Liberty in Perth”, it came about before we decided on putting things in order.

As I’ve mentioned before, I had one experience with an older woman (Thailand) many years ago, 2 years out of High School. I hadn’t really thought of it at the time but I was 19 and she was 30 years older than me. It was my first experience with what I like to call “a real woman.” That happened in the late 1970’s and Elizabeth is now just over 80 years old. We haven’t communicated in about 10 years but that’s not for lack of my trying. It’s possible she passed away but I don’t know. She may have simply moved from Milton Keynes.

After Elizabeth there were only a few women until I got married 4 years later. One night stands in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Manama, Bahrain. Nothing much to say about those other than they were drunken bar girls (No, no hookers. They were all tourists. Singapore was Chinese, Hong Kong was American, and Manama was a mixed race woman from South Africa).

Then I got married. This will probably sound very familiar to alot of guys. My ex-wife was a lovely woman and we had sex quite a bit before marriage. Anyway, after marriage sex was quite a different story. So, being a guy I began to wander and fantasize… AOL fed the fantasy.

I was on AOL chatting ALOT. One day I I started talking to a woman. Unfortunately I cannot recall her name anymore. She was a dentist in Northern California, near Davis if I recall correctly. We talked for a couple weeks off and on and then one day she asks me to join her in an AOL chat room called Physicians On-Line (or POL).

As you should know by now I am not and never have been in the medical field. She simply thought I’d fit in well with the folks, every couple of days I’d have to explain to people how I’d gotten in there.

The site was mostly females in the medical field and all manner of careers. Several of the women and I became quite close and we chatted almost daily, a few had given me their telephone numbers as well. Chatting led to the loft for private talks and those private talks evolved into sexual topics and then descriptions of having sex with each other, sexting as its become known. The internet allows a lot of anonymity and safety for women looking for a little excitement with almost no consequences.

Most of the women were single/divorced and pretty obviously horny, (be patient we are going somewhere with this, ya I know… I’m never very brief).

Eventually talk moved to discussions which wound up with either sex in the loft (a private chat window) or phone sex. I got into AOL in January and by mid-February I had a meeting with one married woman a few years older than me. No dramatic age difference, I was 38 and she was about 40. We met in POL, she was a nurse at a hospital north of San Diego and were mutually disappointed in our home sex lives. She was clearly looking for a little safe excitement.

We exchanged pictures (nothing nude or sexual), shortly our chats seemed to always center on our sex lives, she was the first person to ever ask me to “make love to her” online. So, the loft was used and after she said she’d been masterbating to what I wrote. I guess that’s pretty normal. A week or so later she suggested we meet. I didn’t mind, shit maybe I’d get lucky. The pictures showed me what looked like a very conservative woman, in every picture she was at home, always pictured alone with her hands crossed in front of her at the waist, brunette hair in a bun on top of her head, her body shape was hard to determine because of the way she dressed. Her tops were loose fitting long sleeved shirts with skirts from the hips to the mid-calf, and flat shoes. She reminded me alot of one of those Mormon woman you see on TV from time to time. Old style long dresses and such. I honestly don’t recall her name anymore but I’ll call her Susan.

She told me she loved having sex and lamented the fact her husband wasn’t interested adding he’d been her only sex partner. They met in high school and married quickly. Her talks about sex were mostly questions: cock sizes, women’s breasts, what men found attractive, shaved/trimmed/or natural, how people reacted when aroused, etc. One day she asked if I’d send her a picture of my cock so she could compare her husbands to a different one. I figuer, “WTH, why not,” and I sent her a picture with my cock framed against a ruler.

It took some convincing for her to accept it was a pretty normal sized cock (which it is). It’s a tad over 6 inches and about 2 inches thick. I did not ask for and she didn’t offer any naked pictures of herself. I learned that she masterbated several times a month in the shower, she only used her fingers (no toys), she had never been with a woman or ever considered it, and felt a need to control or suppress herself when aroused. She was one sexually inhibited lady.

All this seemed odd but I told her she’d never have the time to masterbate if I were her husband, that l’d keep her on her back with her toes curled. She appreciated that.

Which was true, I love women and unless they are simply fugly, am willing istanbul escort to treat them all lovingly.

So, she wanted to meet…

To make sure she felt safe in meeting me I insisted we meet in a very public place and suggested an eating place off of I-5 just north of San Diego. I told her what I’d be wearing and she asked what I thought she should wear. I asked her to wear one of the dresses she had on in a picture she had sent me. A very nice white nice blouse with embroidered flowers and a dark blue mid-calf length skirt that buckled with a black belt high around her waist. This way I was sure to recognize her and I besides, thought she looked very nice in it.

Our meeting was put off several times due to mutual doubts as to whether it was wise or not. She was afraid her husband would find out, then she was just afraid, then she stopped talking to me for a week, then popped back on. Finally we set a date to meet when her husband was up north on a salmon fishing trip.

We were to meet in the evening after supper and rush hour… hoping the place would be fairly quiet. We were set to meet at 7:30pm. I was a bit late and arrived close to 7:45 pm. As I’m walking in I see her outfit walking out.

Finally seeing her in person, Susan was a simple looking woman, height about 5ft 6in, weight around 160, I’d estimate her measurements as 34D-32-36, she wore what I asked her to wear, brunette hair wrapped up into a bun on the back of her head, brown eyes, and flat shoes, if you had put glasses on her she’d look like someone’s Mormon grandmother. I called her name and she stopped. I went for the hug and she presented her hand for a hand shake.

I explained why I was late, she thought I’d gotten cold feet, I had missed my off ramp and wound up several miles down the motorway. We went back in and sat opposite each other in the darkest booth I could find which was several tables from anyone else.

She ordered a slow gin fiz and I had a Long Island. Our conversation started quickly because we already knew so much about each other. I was more than a little surprised to hear her immediately ask if she could trust that I had had a vasectomy. I confirmed I’d had one and added, “That’s not something to joke about with women.”

I had slipped my shoes off to be more comfortable and as we talked I’d let my foot touch hers from time to time. At first she jerked butt then didn’t seem to notice, we were getting along famously. She said something funny and as we laughed I reached out with my feet and put them around hers.

She kicked my feet away playfully. I said, “Don’t you play footsy with me,”

and reached over with my foot. She moved her feet and wound up kicking me accidentally.

I said “Ouch, you have your shoes on. That’s not fair.”

She moved a bit and said, “Not anymore.” I searched her feet out and found she had indeed removed her shoes as well. This led to our putting our feet together as we talked, we’d touch toes, tickle the bottoms, link toes, generally playing footsy as we talked. It was surprisingly relaxing.

This went on for a bit and then I tossed caution to the wind let my fight foot slip up the inside of her left leg, up under her dress, and onto the seat between her legs. When I’d gotten to her knee she had gasped and clutched at her dress to keep my foot from raising it. I took a drink and looked over the glass as I pressed my foot forward and between her legs. It only took a moment and the sole of my foot below my toes was resting firmly on her mound.

Poor Susan was actually shaking, her eyes darted around looking at everything but me. I pulled my foot back a bit and let my big toe tickle her clit once and then moved my foot back to the floor. I’m not a foot person by any stretch of the imagination and doing all that had just occurred to me.

Well, she didn’t leave.

She hesitantly started talking to me again and then I felt her foot move up my leg, she was rocking it back and forth hitting my thighs. I smiled and took her foot in my hands and pulled it closer so I could rub it, she shifted herself closer to the edge of her seat. I began to massage her foot and she commented on how nice it felt, she was relaxing either because of the foot massage or the alcohol (of which she’d had 2 by this time). As I was massaging her foot I intentionally moved if from time to time into my crotch. Not making any comment on doing it. This went on for about 10 minutes before I put my right foot back between her legs. She actually facilitated it when she felt it on her knee. She spread her legs a bit and up it went under her dress.

Her hands had dropped to her lap and she was smoothing her skirt but didn’t do

anything to move my foot away. She looked up at me and I lifted her foot so she could see her toes above the table, I made motions to massage my foot as I rocked my foot back and forth between her legs against her thighs just like she had done. Since my legs are longer than hers all I had to do was move my foot a little toward her and I would have been avcılar escort against her pussy again. The sole of my foot could feel the heat emanating from her pussy, I must have been very close to it.

She began to rub my foot and we talked about massages. She knew quite alot and had read extensively about pressure and release points. I was (and am) clueless and just know what feels nice. As she rubbed my foot I would slowly tilt it toward her until it was against her panties and moving around against her clit as she rubbed it. She’d get clearly embarrassed and try to shift her hips but because I had her left foot she never could go far. As I said, I’m not really a foot person but she had very nice feet, smooth skin, no roughness anywhere, no bunyons or corns, calluses, long and thin much like mine, well kept, pedicured, and painted.

I let my hands slide up her thigh and massaged her for a few moments, when I slid my hands back down her leg I pulled her foot hard against my cock and moved her foot around on my cock and balls, in the same movement my left foot went hard up against her clit. I moved my foot a bit and felt her clit move. It seemed huge compared to what I was used to. Not that I’ve made a habit of feeling clits with my feet, mind you.

She began to look around again to see if any one was noticing. No one even close to us. I pressed my foot forward to get her clit under my toes. Curling them I decided she really did have a huge clit. It was the largest clit I’d ever felt… I moved my foot around a bit and figured it had to be protruding about 1 inch from it’s sheath and had a pencil’s diameter. The entire time she had her hands on my ankle but never stopped my foot movements. In fact, her eyes had closed and fluttered a few times in concert with my toe movements. I took my big toe and pressed against her clit and made it move back and forth against her mound.

Susan gasped and involuntarily lurched forward a few inches over the table. She let go of my ankle and placed her hands on the sides of the table, palms down and thumbs gripping the table.

“Wow, you have a very sensitive clit,” I whispered.

She had never mentioned anything unusual about the size or sensitivity of her clit so she was either unaware it was larger than most or was embarrassed by it.

Susan nodded her head and said, “Always has been”, I began gently massaging her clit and said, “Is that ok?” She nodded and I felt her foot press harder on my cock. It didn’t take long and I felt her crotch getting very wet. I bent my knee a bit so I could put my toe more firmly against her pussy and moved it up and down and found she was getting a lot more than wet, I could feel fluid.

Susan was someplace else now, her eyes were closed and she was breathing deeply, every few seconds she would give a little shake almost like a spasm. I managed to hook my toe on her panty leg and slipped it under her the egde directly onto her clit. Her eyes shut, hips jerked back, and legs clenched together to grab my foot. Her clit was super sensitive.

“What fucking guy wouldn’t love to have this woman in bed?” I asked myself. She was more responsive that anyone I’d been with or fooled around a bit with.

She slid back in her seat away from my foot. She remained partly bent over, it took a few moments but Susan relaxed opened her eyes, smiled at me, withdrew her foot, and glanced at her watch.

It was 9:30 pm and she said she’d better be going, “before I get myself in trouble.” She said she needed to go pee and I paid the bill. She came out of the bathroom and we walked to her car. She was parked on the side where no one else was parked. Seemed intentional to keep from anyone seeing her car from the main road. When we got to her car she turned and leaned against it, her arms in that same crossed position at her waist. I stood in front of her and we mutually said we’d had a good time and it was ending well.

I asked if she saw us meeting again and she said, “Maybe.” “Well, give me a hug and I’ll be going,” I said. She came off the car and hugged me. I kept the hug because I liked her perfume and the feel of her large mom breasts against my chest. Looking down at her I gave her a kiss on the cheek but didn’t let her go saying, “This really feels nice.”

Susan said quietly in my ear, “Yes it does.” I leaned back a little bit and looked her in the eyes, then I kissed her on the left cheek, then on the right cheek… she stayed still looking at me. I bent forward and kissed her lightly on the lips wondering how she’d react. She didn’t open her mouth but I felt her jaw open just a bit but her lips stayed closed, like she was considering kissing me back. I didn’t let her ponder this long.

I kissed her again and opened my mouth to her. My tongue tasted her lips and she briefly hesitated but then began kissing me back, dropping her purse to the ground. Our tongues dueled and I pressed her against the car door putting my arms around her and holding her tightly.

I broke the kiss long enough to walk us to the passenger side of her car which was the şirinevler escort side away from the restaurant. I leaned against the door and pulled her to me. Both her hands lowered and cupped my cock. She looked at me with seemingly glazed over eyes and said, “I have to see it.” Taking my arms from around her she stepped back slightly and undid my pants by the belt and unzipped them. She reached in and her finger tips traced up and down and then around my cock before pulling it out. She said nothing as she looked down at it. She fondled it for a few moments before slowly stroking it with her right hand.

I don’t think she was trying to jerk me off but rather caressing it mostly out of curiosity or naivete. I gently lifted her chin and pulled her back to me to kiss her. She kept her hands on my cock as we kissed. A few minutes went by and she pressed her hips against me so my cock would rub against her mound. I put both hands on her ass and helped her grind against me. She started to move her upper body to rub her tits against me as her kiss got more passionate.

This must not have been doing it for her because as she continued to kiss me she lifted the front of her skirt and positioned my cock so it was between her legs rubbing on her panty clad pussy right on her clit. Her hips jerked when my cock touched her clit. I moved my fingers to raise up her dress high enough so that my hands could slip under her panties so I could grasp each ample ass cheek in a hand. She seemed to be completely absorbed in the kiss and humping her clit on my cock. Feeling a green light had been given, I pulled my hands out just enough to pull her panties down in the back and then slid my hands around the front to ease her panties over her wide hips.

Her panties were low around her hips with my cock under them between her legs. I moved my right hand around her left hip so the palm of my hand was on her belly. Then slid it down to discover what I expected, A full bush. My index finger slipped between lips and over her clit. I got her clit between my two middle fingers and since she was so wet I slid my hand back and forth keeping her clit between my fingers. She was still locked to my mouth, now moaning lightly and raised her right leg until her thigh was horizontal and her calf verticle, her ankle wrapped around my left knee, this exposed her pussy completely and she pressed her face hard against my neck, eyes closed, her lips on my neck, tongue licking


I wanted her clit in the palm of my hand and kept sliding my hand down into her hair until, in her wetness, my index finger smoothly slid into her vagina. The entire time my finger was sliding over her clit she was shuddering and clamped her lips on my neck. I almost had to support her with my left hand on her ass, her knees almost gave way. At that point I stopped moving my hand but Susan was still shaking and moved to kiss me with her saliva dripping down my chin. I didn’t know if she was coming or not… but was loving it.

My index finger was joined by another and she had 2 fingers up to the second knuckle in her vagina and my palm directly over her clit. I began to move the palm of my hand in a little circle to feel her huge clit move under it. She sucked my lower lip into her mouth and pulled it as her hips jerked. I stopped my palm and started finger fucking her. Her reaction was a moan and a grind of her hips toward me. She was getting wetter and wetter as I finger fucked her. To a moan and jerk, I removed my finger from her vagina and grabbed my cock by the base. I maneuvered my cock between her legs and slid the head between her lips and over her clit.

Pushing forward, her well lubricated labia and lips folded around my cock as it slid between her legs, I had not penetrated her bu. I was very close to cuming because of the situation and state of arousal. I pulled her ass hard against me with my left hand. Her arms were now wrapped around me clutching her chest to me. My cock wanted to stand straight up and was pushing hard against her pussy. I felt if I moved a single stroke I would wind up inside her she was so wet.

So, I made little movements with my hips and she showed she liked by raising up onto her toes, putting her hands on my shoulders pushing herself away from me and tilting her hips toward me, her right ankle locked behind my left knee. This was a “fuck me” move if I’d ever seen one. I moved my hips away from her and my cock slid until my cockhead was on her clit. Then I started to push back in and because she had tilted her hips and was so wet, my cockhead slid right to her. She was hot and dripping wet and just as it slipped deeper beyond the cockhead I guess it hit the “Awareness Button.”

Susan’s conservative side suddenly reappeared.

She broke the kiss, opened her eyes, and stepped backwards away from me all in one movement. My cock slid up and smacked me in the belly. Susan grasped her chest with her arms, hands clenched, and said, “Oh my God”, stood for a moment and then pulled her panties back up and put her skirt back where it belonged all the while looking around frantically. This took a few moments and she was talking to herself the whole time saying she should never have come, husband to worry about, ashamed children, proper women don’t do these things, selfish actions… etc. She fumbled in her purse for her keys as she walked around the front of her car to the driver’s side and got inside.

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