The Key to Everything

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Big Dick

– It doesn’t look like much, does it?

Andrea handed her the computer and Danielle turned it around in her hands. She opened the screen. There were plenty of scratches and small dents all over the casing and even some discolored parts here and there.

– Cute..

She weighed it. It was a heavy beast, nothing like the sleek computers she was used to.

– Are you serious, Andrea?

– Since your Macbook was sent for repair last week and you’re looking for something to use during the holidays, I thought this one might do the trick?

– You don’t have anything else? A fucking PalmPilot?

Andrea pursed her lips.

– We’re not a rental store, Danny. Bill assured me it’s fully functional.

– The janitor?

– Or why don’t you take some time off? Charge your batteries? Enjoy some free time with your family and relatives?

– Ain’t gonna happen.

Danielle snatched the laptop, put it in her bag and left the office. They publish my books and I make them money, she thought. Then why do they still treat me like shit?

She took a sip of wine, turned off the Christmas music and examined the device. She ignored the obvious irony; that this was pretty much how she managed to spill wine in her Macbook. Don’t drink and write, folks.

– Well, let’s see what this piece of junk can do..

She found the button, pressed it carefully and to her surprise the screen lit up. After a minute or two it booted up the operating system, but there were no icons on the desktop. She wasn’t used to Windows but managed to locate Microsoft Word from the start menu and open it.

– Right on.

Danielle typed and it worked like a charm. This will have to do, she thought. She cracked her knuckles one by one – a disgusting habit, but when you live alone with a cat, who the hell cares – took yet another sip, placed her fingers on the keys and started typing.

“The woman knocked desperately on the door, dressed in nothing but a white nightgown made of the thinnest of silk fabrics.”

She pressed the Enter key and heard a knock on the front door.

– Oh, for fuck’s sake.

She was about to get up but froze and stared at the screen.

– God.. I’m writing shit!

She erased everything, put on a robe and walked downstairs. Of course there was nobody on the other side of the door. Damn kids, she muttered. She walked back up, let the robe slide off and put her butt back in the chair.

– Now, where was I?

She pictured a woman on the run from her husband; scurrying through the heavy rain in her skimpy clothes and seeking refuge in the arms of the handsome.. pool boy? Her evil twin brother? A secret lesbian lover? Now the last one would definitely shake up some of her more conservative readership, she thought and chuckled. Instead, she wrote the first thing that came to her mind.

“My Christmas tree is a huge cock.”

Fortunately she didn’t turn around after pressing Enter. She deleted the childish sentence, spun the chair half a turn and looked at her poorly decorated plastic tree. All the decorations were lying on the floor.

– Missy, did you do that?

The cat gave her an unconcerned look and went back to cleaning her butthole.

– Whatever. I’m hungry.

She wrote “make me a sandwich” and pressed the Enter key by habit, then she walked down to the kitchen for some snacks. And more wine, of course. When she came back there was a rectangular piece of bread lying on her desk, kocaeli escort bayan complete with smoked ham and a slice of cheese on top.

– What the..?

She had a blackout or something? She took a bite and shrugged her shoulders. It tasted pretty good, so.. once is a mistake but twice is a habit, right?

She put it down and deleted the text. What followed was one of the weirdest experiences of her life. She almost bit her tongue when the bread disappeared inside her mouth, just as the sandwich on the desk vanished from existence too.

– Impossible.

She wrote “burger” and pressed Enter. A few seconds passed and there it was. As clear as day. She picked it up and bit through layers of soft bread, lettuce, bacon, onion and oh so juicy meat. She ate the whole thing and washed it down with more wine. Her finger hovered momentarily over the delete key, when she remembered what happened to the sandwich.

– What if..

She wrote “woman” and closed her eyes. Nothing.

– Anyone there?

No response. She looked around and screamed out of shock.

– You scared the shit out of me!

A skinny woman in her mid-thirties sat on the couch, looking straight at her. She was wearing a dull dress, plain shoes and a completely blank facial expression. Missy rubbed up against her but didn’t get any reaction, so she walked insulted out of the room.

– Who are you?

The catatonic woman didn’t react. Danielle clapped her hands twice; not even a flinch. She decided to try and write some dialogue.

“The woman said: I come from Uranus and I went here on a spaceship”.

– I come from Uranus and I went here on a spaceship.

– Now, did you?

“The woman laughed and turned into a frog”.

The nameless woman tilted her head back and laughed hysterically for a few seconds, then – pop – transformed into a slimy brown little frog. Ribbit, motherfucker.

– Holy shit..

The situation was so bizarre Danielle started laughing herself, and she almost couldn’t stop. She managed to calm down and delete everything she had written so far, except the word “burger”.

“A naked woman is sitting on my couch.”

-Oh no, delete delete..

The grotesquely obese woman vanished.

– I have to be more specific.

“A physically fit, beautiful platinum blonde woman with a cherubic face, 21 years old and 5 foot 6 inches tall, with C cup sized breasts and perfectly smooth, evenly tanned, skin is standing on my living room floor.”.

She had to make several changes to the clunky sentence before she was happy with it. She didn’t hesitate; she immediately pressed the Enter key and took a big gulp directly from the wine bottle. She felt her heart racing faster and faster. The woman suddenly appeared straight out of thin air, five feet away from her.

– Oh my god. You’re perfect.

But we can improve your attire, Danielle thought and started dressing her like an adult doll toy. Black lace underwear, push-up bra, stockings with straps and a garter belt. Add to that a pair of high heels and a bare back, sleeveless dress with a generous cleavage.

– Hi babe, I’m Michelle.

– Hi, Michelle.

She turned around and smiled.

– Do you like what you see?

– You bet.

Danielle kept writing, like in a fever.

– It’s so hot in here. Do you.. mind if I take my dress off?

– I don’t mind at all.

Michelle peeled it off.

– Much better, don’t you think?

izmit escort bayan Can you dance for me, Michelle?

Danielle synced her phone to one of the wall speakers, found a Spotify playlist called “Sensual Songs for Late Night Sessions” and pressed play. Cardi B started spitting out obscene rhymes over a monotone beat. She poured some more wine for herself and slowly swirled around the dark beverage in her glass while she watched Michelle dance.

She turned to the computer again.

– Come here, gorgeous.

– Who? Me?

Danielle pretended to look around.

– Yes, you silly girl. Help me take this off.

She helped Michelle unhook her bra from the back.

– Dance with me.

Danielle put her hands on the young woman’s waist and followed her rhythm. It wasn’t that hard to follow since all Michelle did was sway her hips from side to side. Danielle stared at the pair of magnificently well-shaped tits available in front of her.

– Can I touch them?

Michelle just stared back.

– This feels sooo fucking weird.

She weighed and squeezed them. They felt real, alright. She leaned in and kissed one of the soft nipples, she parted her lips slightly to let it slip in between them. She wanted to suck on it but refrained herself.

Michelle stared blankly into space. Danielle went back to the desk.

“Michelle takes off her underwear, except the stockings and the shoes”.

She finished her glass and realized the bottle was empty. Easy peasy. Two new bottles of Château Cheval Blanc appeared out of the void. She poured herself a glass of the expensive liquid and lowered the volume on the speaker. She felt quite intoxicated.

– Turn around, Michelle.

– Yes, mistress.

– Good girl.

Danielle kept on writing.

– Your ass.. is really something else, Michelle. Do you know that?

– Thank you, mistress.

– Spank it.

Michelle leaned forward and slapped one of her butt cheeks.

– You can do better than that.

Another slap, slightly harder.

– I’ll show you.

She was lightheaded and unsteady on her feet when she walked over and grabbed Michelle’s juicy ass, squeezed it and ran her nails across the skin. She gave it a good smack. There was no reaction from her recipient; so she did it again and much harder this time. The impact was loud and it left a red imprint of her hand on the bare skin.

– You’re nothing but an empty shell, are you?

She put up her slaves hair in a messy ponytail and grabbed it.

– Come here.

Danielle sat down and spread her legs, then moved her panties to the side. She made Michelle sit on her knees, close enough so that she could feel the warm breath on her private parts.

– God, I’ve never been with a woman as pretty as you..

She grabbed Michelle’s chin.

– Hey, dollface.

Michelle stared at her. The wheel is spinning but the hamster is most certainly dead, Danielle thought.

– Look. You’re my fuck toy. I’m not going to kiss you, buy you dinner or call you when this is over. I just need you for one thing..

She looked around at the sparsely furnished room and came up with an idea.

– I think.. I’m going to spice this place up a bit first.

She filled the living room with Christmas ornaments and plenty of lights on the walls. She framed every window with garlands, installed a luxurious fireplace with stockings, enlarged the plastic gebze escort tree to a mighty lush fir and decorated all of it. She added strobe lights in the ceiling and replaced the couch table with a stage and a pole; of course she couldn’t leave out two living and breathing strippers dressed in sexy “Mrs. Claus”-costumes.

– So fucking classy!

She laughed and emptied the glass. Her fingers danced over the keyboard when she conjured up a table full of delicacies, an 110 inch 8K flat screen TV, some really extravagant furniture and two large marble columns.

– Entertainment, please!

Two naked girls (one of them resembled the actress Chloë Grace Moretz) appeared in the couch and, completely oblivious to everything else around them, they thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company. Two athletic men stood guard at the columns armed with swords and spears, each one with a beautiful palace slave kneeling before them, giving head as if their pathetic lives depended on it.

– Shots!

Danielle held up two fingers. A busty woman – naked except a trifling apron covering a huge boner – walked up to her with a serving tray full of small glasses. Danielle emptied two of them. She was blissfully drunk.

– Thank you, dear. You can put it down.

The ample-bodied waitress put the tray on the back of a gagged woman, standing on all fours next to Danielle. The woman looked oddly similar to one of her ex girlfriends; Gabby, the slut who cheated on her with the male copy editor Danielle introduced at one of her book release parties. Gabby had an XL sized butt plug shoved up her ass.

More women, more men. She had them bring her alcohol, food, berries and chocolate. If she spilled anything she immediately ordered one of the servants to lick it up. It was the most fucked up, decadent and grotesquely sexualized Christmas party Danielle could’ve ever imagined. And she loved every second of it.

– Michelle.

She took off her panties.

– Please me.

– Anything for you, my queen.

She wrote some very specific instructions and eventually she nailed the movements just like she wanted them; she came hard rubbing up against Michelle’s pretty face.

– Good girl. I’ll have somebody wipe that off for you.

Michelle looked back at her with a completely blank emotionless stare; her glistening lips, cheeks and nose were shamelessly covered in Danielle’s vaginal fluids.

– Am I good whore?

– Yes. Yes, you are.

What now, she thought. Money? Sure, why not.

– How about..

“One million US dollars in 10 dollar bills on my floor.”.

And there it was. She was a millionaire. She felt like grabbing as much as possible and throwing it everywhere, but when she got up from the chair she bumped into the wine glass and spilled out its contents all over the computer.

– No.. no!

The liquid found its way through the keyboard; somehow it caused the delete key to get stuck and Danielle watched in horror while pages of text vanished in front of her eyes. She desperately tried to stop it by bashing on random keys but it was all in vain.

The computer went out with a bang and a puff of smoke.

How this story came to life:

I wrote this story specifically for the “Literotica 2021 Winter Holidays Story Contest“. Probably the first time I’ve written a character I didn’t really like at all, so the ending seems suitable and fair. Maybe you’ll like it and maybe you won’t.

I shamelessly stole the idea from Stephen King’s short story “Word processor of the gods”. I haven’t read it in ages but I don’t think it has too many similarities except the computer and what it can do.

So.. if you owned that laptop, what would you do?

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