Another Round

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We were on our second round of drinks when my girlfriend suggested we leave. A hotel room had been booked for the evening. Her best friend had had an idea but probably didn’t think we’d fully commit. My girlfriend, her best friend and me. The two of them had a twinkle in their eyes all evening. Fuck me eyes. We were all on the same page, though I felt I was the only one shaking in anticipation.

My heart quickened the first time my girlfriend brought it up. ‘…she hasn’t had a good fuck in weeks…’ or ‘…she’ll absolutely adore your cock. She’ll drain it dry…’ would come up when we’d fuck, coursing blood straight to the head of my cock. She loved it. Loved my rock-hard cock throbbing inside her sweet pussy. Loved the thought of us fucking her best friend. Loved the thought of watching me pound her best friend’s tight twat, while she sat on her face and was licked out thoroughly. She kept on bringing it up, time and time again. At first, I thought I was a kinky ploy for our fucks. ‘Fuck my girlfriend while I watch. She’ll take all of you. I bet she’ll let you cum inside her.’ But when she persisted after several weeks, I knew she was serious… My girlfriend. A sex goddess.

And so there we were. Champagne in hand, in the hotel room. No one was drunk, just tipsy enough to take the edge off our inhibitions. My girlfriend got the ball rolling. She was good like that and after all, it was her best friend. I sat on the edge of the bed as I watched these two creatures kiss and devour one another.

A slip of a shoulder strap here, an unzipping of a dress there, and soon they were both naked. Both beautiful. My girlfriend is exceptionally beautiful. With middle-eastern roots, she has an olive tone complexion. I love her body. Her tits and her ass and her pussy, are all magnificent to me and never cease to arouse or intrigue me. Her best friend on the other hand was of Mediterranean background. Small frame, with a tight ass and perked tits. She hadn’t the full woman’s body of my girlfriend. But I could tell she would know how to fuck. Watching them kiss and play with each other’s naked bodies, understandably made me rock hard. And when they looked over at me and saw the bulge in my pants, they summoned me over. I stood, but before I took a step my girlfriend quickly added.

‘No clothes.’ We all smiled. I started to get undressed as they continued kissing and playing with each other’s pussies, making them nice and wet for me to eat and fuck.

I stood before them, naked. Cock throbbing hard. My girl’s best friend looking at it as my girl istanbul travesti kissed her neck, she looked up away from it and into my eyes. She smiled and I thought – ‘I’m going to fuck two beautiful women tonight’. I approached and began kissing her lips as my girlfriend moved her mouth down to our sex. We shared a warm, moist, passionate lock of our mouths as my girlfriend went back and forth between eating the sweet sopping pussy, and vigorously sucking my eager cock. She came up for air, she had a habit of kissing me with lips wet with saliva after she’s blown me which is incredibly sexy. Only this time her lips were wet with pussy juice as well. I reached two fingers down to her best friend’s cunt as we kissed. I could feel the warmth at the mouth of her twat, as my fingers easily slid inside her. Her pussy was small. And tight. An expression took her face of anxiety mixed with bliss. I rock the fingers back and forth, and my girlfriend French kissed her, giving her back some of her own juices from her pussy.

And between the two things, her cum’s were very quick. I took my fingers out of her dripping cunt and put them straight into my girlfriend’s mouth before she could react. She sucked on them, licking them heartily. Dessert. I took them away from her mouth, against her wishes and quickly slid them back inside her best friend. Massaging slowly and softly. Letting the juices flow through my fingers, and even quicker again, took them out and slid them into her own mouth.

She looked me in the eyes as she tasted herself from my hand. My girlfriend told me she loved the taste of cum. Men’s and women’s and obviously her own. I wanted her to taste our cum. My girlfriend’s and mine. And she would, in due course. My girlfriend wrapped her hand around my cock and brought it to her best friend’s pussy. She slid it in for me. The first plunge was ecstasy. Here I was fucking my woman’s best friend with whispered encouragement from her, in my ear, while she toyed her own twat.

I picked up momentum starting slowly and steadily, gaining speed and bringing her to climax with rapid thrusts and hard pounds. Her pussy was amazing. A playground of pleasure to fuck. I told her what a slut she was and how I loved to fuck her cunt. She laughed through pants and rocked with the rhythm of our fuck. A malevolent smile took her face. All three of us stood in the middle of the room. I abruptly stopped, took my cock out of her and threw my girlfriend on the bed. I climbed on top of her and stabbed my prick inside her, not needing any hands, her pussy istanbul travestileri already flooded wet. I didn’t start slowly; I just gave it to her hard and fast and she fucking loved it. Her best friend lay down next to us and began kissing me hard. Her tongue in my mouth, licking my lips, while I fucked for dear life. My girlfriend screaming out, cumming. Her friend rubbing her clit rapidly. I fucked and fucked and fucked, my life’s mission at that moment, was making her cum. And she did. Again, and again, until…

‘No. Don’t blow your fucking load. Not yet.’ She pushed me off. I slid out from inside her. She put her hand to my cock. Stroking slowly.

‘Come inside her.’ I looked to her best friend, Smiling back at me. She lay on her back and opened her legs.

‘I want to watch you cum inside her.’ My girlfriend whispered. I didn’t need to be told twice. I kissed my girlfriend hard on the lips, then I penetrated. Her best friend squealed in pleasure with the first thrust of my cock. I pounded, all my weight behind me. I wanted to break her. I wanted to make her my whore, who I’d fuck whenever and wherever and however I wished. She was a fuck toy, for me and my girlfriend. All these thoughts, the excited motivation from my girlfriend, the screams and moans of utter rapture with every bang, from her best friend. All of this brought me to a shooting climax. I didn’t hold back, I filled her womb with stream after stream of my hot cum, blasting my load up into her belly. Elation as I collapsed on top of her. I came very hard. Our sweat-soaked bodies were eventually pried apart by my girlfriend, taking my still semi-erect cock out of her best friend and eating her out. Sucking up as much of my thick cum out of her as she could. I loved her. I loved her getting excited at the prospect of us fucking other women together. Watching her lesbian exploits that I shared in. Watching her get eaten out, while I fucked another woman.

We rested for ten minutes and to my delight, did not stop for several hours. Fucking in every position. Our bodies slick with sweat and cum. My cock going back and forth between their pussies. Filling their wombs with my cum as I fucked them both from behind. And filled their bellies as I fuck their throats and came on their tits and faces.

They in return came on my cock and in my mouth. We devoured each other, tasting every inch of the other peoples’ bodies. Sweating and cumming. A fuck-fest lasting five hours. When I was too tired, they sat on my still hard cock and rode it back and forth. When they were travesti istanbul too tired, I ate them out and fucked their lifeless bodies. It was hedonism. It was decadence. It was debauchery. By the end, we were fucking not of lust, or love, not even for pleasure, though those things were very present throughout the night. We were fucking out of proclivity. Fucking for the sake of fucking. Tired fucks. Aggressive fucks. Tender fucks. Fucking to a point of reaching a level of emotional vulnerability, only shared between the three of us. The sun came up and I was still pumping away. They had ten loads of cum between them. Some of which I had unexpectantly tasted. Shooting it onto their bodies, only to lick that part hours later.

Eventually, I was going limp from trying to fuck for so long. My girls’ best friend sucked me stiff again, though. She put her cheek against my girlfriend’s ass so I could fuck to and from, back and forth, between them. Desperately I tried to maintain the fuck. Not worried if I looked spent or that my cock could no longer take on the challenge. Finally, it built up in me and I took my cock out of my girlfriends sopping wet pussy, shooting into her girlfriends’ face. Fuck! After I’d finished, she plunged down to the base of my limp cock, Sucking it clean. We had the room till noon, but we needed to Sleep. We wouldn’t get another fuck in, too exhausted.

I woke up a few hours later, alone in bed. I got up and headed into the bathroom. The girls were showering. I was greeted by two beautiful smiles. They stepped out as they dried off and ‘good mornings’ were exchanged. ‘How are you feeling?’ ‘How did you sleep?’ Etc. Etc. Finally, I asked –

‘So how was that for both of you?’ They looked at each other. A look of mischief.

‘Pretty fucking great, I think.’ My girlfriend replied. I looked at her best friend. Still giving me ‘fuck me’ eyes.

‘You’ve a very gorgeous cock. If you don’t mind me saying it was very nice sitting on it, last night.’ I felt a twinge in my cock. I was getting excited again.

‘Maybe we could do this again sometime?’ I proposed. The girls look at each other again and laugh this time. Before my girlfriend’s bestie turned to me and said –

‘Some time? There’s another hour before we have to check out.’ And with that, she walked over to me, kneeled and filled her mouth with my growing cock. I panted with excitement. It took everything not to just shoot my load, there and then. My girlfriend then walked over to me and gently whispered in my ear –

‘I’ve asked her to be our fuckbuddy. She’s more than happy to be. We’ve been invited over to hers tomorrow night.’ Her head bobbed up and down on my cock, and I couldn’t help releasing it into her mouth. A lazy cum. But a good one. My girlfriend…and her girlfriend.

…to be continued?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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