Boat Trip Ch. 02

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“That’s bad luck on a boat,” the charter captain next to us said as we were pulling out of the slip.

“Well I’m trying to get lucky today,” Jess giggled as she reached under her barely opaque white dress cover up. She quickly shimmied out of her chartreuse bikini bottom and threw them across into the other boat. “Let’s see if that help!” Jess said leaving the other captain and the guys in the boat staring wide eyed as we went by. I felt my cock start to stiffen as I admired her fit body and Ben just laughed.

Jess leaned against the console looking at me and Ben. “I didn’t know he was bringing a boy toy out today. It’s about time, it’s been too long since the last one. Ben said you were a lot of fun the other day out here, now let me see.” Jess peeled a banana and deep throated it; pulling it out she pressed it to my lips sliding it in to test me. I’d been practicing since having Ben’s cock in my mouth a few days before. It wasn’t as much as Jess could take but she winked, “You’ve got potential, kid.” We were both in our mid 30s so I don’t know why she was calling me kid but oh well. Ben then recapped our recent adventure as we made istanbul travesti our way out to a secluded spot on the ocean.

Once we got away from the other boat traffic Jess got rid of the cover up and top. Naked and fit she was fun to look at. I could tell by her small tan lines and nude confidence that she was going to be more than fun to look at.

“What’s wrong?” Ben asked bringing me back to reality. I snapped out of my trance and looked over to see Ben stuffing his clothes in a dry bag, cock swaying between his tanned thighs. “You don’t want to let that guy out?” he asked giving my cock a playful squeeze through my shorts. I blushed and got naked. Cock standing straight out a drop of precum already oozing out. Staring at Jess while she rubbed sun tan lotion on her body Ben wiped away the precum licking it off her fingers. “We still have a while to ride why don’t you help her lotion up,” Ben told me.

I couldn’t wait to rub her toned shoulders, natural full breasts and flat belly. Jess put some lotion in my hands and turned around flipping her hair over her neck. I started on her shoulders rubbing all the way down istanbul travestileri her back. She kept swishing her athletic butt against my cock teasing me. “Thanks, I guess I’ll catch some sun while we ride. This wind and sun are perfect!” She got down on the padded front open bench. Laying on her stomach she wiped the excess lotion on her tanned with just a small triangle of tan lined butt. They spread slightly and had just the right amount of jiggle when she let go.

I kneeled down between her calves one hand next to her hips and the other on her butt. I squeezed and bent down and bit one cheek. I bit the other then nibbled from one side to the other until I was biting the inside of her butt. Giggling she pushed her hips up encouraging my nibbles and kisses. Reaching up I split her lips running my fingers across her pussy bringing my fingers back tasting her. She flipped over and I buried my face between her thighs. From chin to eye brows my face was wet from her pussy.

She pulled my hair pulling my face up. “I think we’re here,” she said and I noticed the boat had stopped. “I think the captain needs some attention.” travesti istanbul I turned and Ben’s cock was inches from my face. His full, relaxed cock that had been swaying during the ride was now rock hard. I admired the head wide and round. The veins snaking down the base connected to his full balls. Staying on my knees I pivoted. I rubbed that cock all over my face before I pulled it to my lips. Opening wide he slid easily into my waiting mouth. Sucking and twisting his dick, my hands on his butt we got into a groove. I took his balls in my hand, flicking them with my tongue.

“You don’t have to do it all,” Jess said jealously. She then got on the other side of Ben’s stiff dick. We kissed with it between us. Ben was getting closer and closer. His precum was nearly a steady stream as he reached down to jerk himself to completion.

“I can do that,” I told him as I wrapped my hand around his pulsing meat. I set his knob on my tongue and started to stroke hard and steady. Jess’s tongue rubbed against mine ready for what Ben was about to feed us. He came in a few heavy shots. Both our mouths caught much of the load and we licked what we missed off of each other’s faces.

Looking up at Ben Jess said, “oh, you did find a good one” as she smiled at me. We laid out in the sun intertwined my cock hard needing relief after Ben and Jess both orgasmed. I hoped they would be ready again soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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