Cards Night Distraction Pt. 01

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It was Tuesday afternoon. I did a quick dash to the shops to pick up a few supplies and headed back home. As I made my way into the lobby of my building, I bumped into George, one of the tenants I had met at a previous party. George was in his mid-sixties, tall and very fit for an older guy.

“Hi beautiful, how have you been?” George asked.

“Hi George, I’ve been well, how about you?” I replied.

“Been pretty quiet. Got a few friends coming over tonight, cards night. I’m hoping to not lose my money.” He said, with a smile.

“I remember the last cards night I went to. There wasn’t much card playing going on.” I said, with a laugh.

“Maybe that’s how I can win tonight, you distract them.” He replied.

“Is that an invite? I’m sure I can distract them,” I said, with a cheeky grin.

“See you at seven o’clock, you know the apartment.” George said, as he walked off.

I headed to my apartment and unpacked the groceries. I made a coffee and something to eat before spending a few hours sunbaking on the balcony. At around five o’clock, I headed inside for a shower. After washing my body and hair, I shaved my legs and pussy nice and smooth. I hopped out of the shower and dried myself before doing my hair and makeup. I headed into the bedroom and pondered on what to wear, remembering I promised George I would be a distraction. I slipped on a black tiny g-string and a short black teddy with a thin black summer dress over the top.

I had finished getting ready and looked at the time, it was almost seven o’clock. I grabbed my keys and headed out the door, locking it behind me. I caught the elevator to George’s floor and made my way to his apartment. As I knocked, I could hear the guys talking loudly inside, and after a quick wait, the door opened.

“Hi baby.” George said. “My distraction. Come in.”

“I’m sure what I’m wearing underneath will be a distraction.” I said, looking at George as I walked inside.

“Everyone, this is Toni.” George said, Introducing me.

The guys all said hi as they looked me up and down. I followed George into the kitchen where he poured me a drink. He never told me their names which didn’t bother me; it actually turned me on more.

“George, are you still playing. Is Toni joining us?” One of the guys said.

“I’m coming guys. George replied.

“Can you grab me a beer from the fridge George?” One of the guys asked.

“I’ll grab it.” I replied.

“What have you got on under that dress baby?” George asked as I grabbed the beer.

“Why don’t you remove my dress and find out.” I said, as I put the beer down on the bench.

George slid the dress off my shoulders dropping it to the floor, revealing my tiny G-string and teddy. The card game paused, as the guys stared. George headed over to the table and sat down ready to play as I picked up the beer, delivering it to the table. As they continued playing cards, my almost naked body was a distraction. Between turns, their eyes stared at my body.

“Honey, could you grab a few more beers. Grab yourself one.” George said, with a smile.

“Sure.” I replied.

I grab a few beers from the fridge and took them to the guys. As I opened mine, I stood at the table watching the game. I noticed the chips in the bowl was running low, so I picked it up from the table and headed over to the kitchen bench. As I grabbed the bag of chips, I dropped it on the floor. Knowing the guys were watching, I bent over to pick the bag up. I could feel my g-string buried in my pussy and could feel their eyes staring at my pussy lips escaping from my panties. I picked up the bag slowly, giving the guys a chance to have a good look. I filled the bowl and returned to the table, placing the chips in the middle. The way the guys were staring, I could tell I was a distraction.

As I watched the guys playing, I felt a hand rubbing my leg. I didn’t move, allowing his hand to wander, as I could feel the wetness between my legs growing. All of a sudden, I had two hands exploring me. The second was on my arse while the first hand moved up my leg rubbing my pussy. As I finished my beer, I moved my legs slightly apart as his fingers teased my pussy lips. As I looked down, I could see a few guys had a hard bulge in their pants.

After a few minutes of my pussy enjoying the attention, I headed back to the kitchen for another beer. I opened the fridge and bent over, slowly grabbing a beer from the bottom shelf. As I got up and turned around, the game had paused. I walked into the lounge and sat on the couch facing the card table as I drank my beer. As they continued playing, their eyes spent more time staring at my pussy than the cards. My pussy was wet, and I knew my panties were buried in my pussy.

“I think we need to take a break George.” One of the guys escort izmir said, looking over at me on the couch.

“Sounds good to me.” George replied.

The guys put their cards down and stood up from the table. Looking over at me sitting on the couch, George and his three friends made their way into the lounge. Two guys joined me on the couch, while George and another guy sat on the opposite couch with a clear view of my pussy. As I relaxed back on the couch, the guys beside me spread my legs. Their hands explored my thighs before taking turns teasing my pussy. I could feel the wetness between my legs growing, as I felt a finger bury deep inside my pussy.

“Oh, God.” I softly moaned.

“That feel good honey?” George said, watching on.

“Mmm yes.” I replied, laying my head back.

After a minute, they all stood up and undressed. As I watched on, I pulled my panties to the side and slowly rubbed my wet pussy. As the guys stood naked, they stroked their hard cocks, and with their eyes on me I could feel my pussy hungry for their cocks inside me. Suddenly, two sat on the couch, one each side of me. They slid my teddy off baring my perky breast before both started sucking my nipples. I closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation running through my body. As I rubbed my pussy, I felt their hands join mine exploring the wetness between my legs. As I slowly opened my eyes, George knelt between my legs spreading them wide before softly licking my pussy.

“Oh, god yes.” I said softly, as I ran my hand through his hair.

With my hard nipples being sucked and a tongue licking my pussy, I was ready to cum. I pulled George’s mouth harder against me burying his tongue deeper and harder.

“Oh, my God, yeah, yeah.” I moaned, as my body shook.

“That’s it, cum baby.” I heard one of the guys say.

As I started to relax, I hopped up off the couch and mounted one of the guys beside me. His was nice and hard, and it felt so good as the head of his cock slid inside me. As I rode him, the others took turns fucking my mouth one by one. All of a sudden, George slowly pushed me forward.

“One thing I remember is your tight pussy loves two cocks.” George said, as he slid inside me.

“Oh, fuck me.” I moaned.

While both guys fucked me, the rest stood watching, stroking their cocks. After a few minutes, George slid his cock out and stood back. before I knew it, another cock was inside me stretching my pussy. As both guys fucked me, I could feel I was ready to cum again. I started to moan over and over as their cocks started fucking me harder.

“Yeah, oh yeah, don’t stop, I’m cumming.” I screamed, as they continued pounding every inch inside me.

My body collapsed as both guys slid their cocks out of my pussy. George took my hand and helped me up. One of the guys laid on the floor, and without a word I mounted his cock, sliding him deep inside my pussy

“Having fun baby.” George said, as he knelt beside me.

“God yes. Do whatever you want to me, use me.” I replied, as I grabbed his cock stroking him.

“Sounds like you enjoy having a few cocks to play with?” One of the guys said.

As I rode the hard cock, one of them slowly pushed me forward before I felt a finger teasing my arse. I looked up, and the sight of the guys stroking their hard cocks watching made my heart race. I pulled George’s cock closer and licked the precum from it before taking him deep in my mouth. All of a sudden, I felt my arse being spread. I let out a loud moan as the large head of the cock slid inside me.

“Oh shit your arse is nice and tight.” The guy said, as he buried his cock deep inside my arse.

As both guys fucked me, George and his friend took turns fucking my mouth.

After a few minutes, the guy slid his cock out of my arse and sat on the couch watching. His hand gripped his cock as he stroked it nice and slow, while his other hand rubbed his balls. George’s friend slid his cock out of my mouth and knelt behind me guiding his cock in my arse.

“Oh fuck, don’t stop, I’m going to cum, oh yeah, yeah.’ I screamed. “Oh, fuck yeah.”

My pussy exploded, as both cocks continued sliding in and out of me. I collapsed catching my breathing as a rush ran through my body. All of a sudden George got up. He took my hand helping me to my feet. He started kissing me, sliding his tongue in my mouth as the other three groped my pussy and breasts. Suddenly, George took my hand and led me to the bathroom, while the other three followed. The bathroom was a large wet room with plenty of space. George turned the water on before the four guys surrounded me, groped my breasts and pussy. I took turns stroking their hard cocks as they explored my body. After a minute, I knelt down. As I stroked two cocks, I sucked a third, and as the water drenched my body, the guys took turns izmir escort bayan fucking my mouth. All of a sudden as I sucked George, he grabbed my head thrusting his cock deep.

‘Oh, fuck baby, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. “George moaned.

I let go of one of the cocks and grabbed Georges, stroking him fast. With my mouth open ready to catch his cum, his cock explodes all over my face and in my mouth.

“Oh, baby, fuck yeah.” George said, as I sucked the last of his cum from his cock. ‘Time these old guys filled that pussy of your.”

George took my hand and helped me up. I washed his cum from my face before he turned off the water. We quickly dried ourselves and followed George to the bedroom. They laid me on the bed, while George and another held my legs, spreading them apart. One of the guys moved between my legs sliding his cock deep in my pussy, while another knelt beside me squeezing my breasts. I pulled him close licking the pre-cum from his cock before taking him deep in my mouth. All of a sudden, the guy fucking my pussy started to moan as I could feel his cock getting harder.

“Oh yeah, I’m going to cum.” He moaned, as his breathing got heavier.

“Fuck, fill my pussy.” I said, as he pounded me harder.

Suddenly, his cock exploded deep inside me, filling my pussy with his cum.

“Oh fuck honey, that felt good.” He said, sliding out of me.

As I continued sucking the hard cock beside me, the guys spread my legs wider watching the cum drip from my pussy. Then, my pussy was filled with another cock. He fucked me nice and hard, and I could feel I was ready to cum again. As his cock slid in and out, I rubbed my pussy as I felt my body start to tense.

“Yeah, yeah, fuck me harder.” I moaned, as I pulled the cock from my mouth. “Fuck, I’m cumming, god I’m cumming.”

As my body shook, the hard cock continued fucking my mouth. I could feel the cock inside my pussy burying deep inside me.

“Oh yeah baby, let’s fill that pussy of yours.” The guy said, as he slid his cock out of my pussy.

He helped me up and as he laid on the bed, I quickly mounted his hard cock, while the other guy moved behind me.

“I want to feel you in my arse.” I said, looking around at the guy behind me.

Before I knew it, I had one cock in my pussy and the other in my arse. Both guys fucked me hard as George and his friend watched on. All of a sudden, I could feel both cocks getting hard.

“Oh honey, I’m going to fill that tight pussy. Oh god I’m going to cum.” The guy said, as I felt his cock getting hard in my pussy.

“I’m going cum. Want it in the arse honey?” The guy behind me asked.

“God yes, I want to feel you both cum inside me.” I replied, as I gripped the bed.

“Oh fuck, my god yes.” I screamed, as their cocks exploded inside me.

I could feel their cum filling my arse and pussy, stretching me apart. As my body collapsed, the guys pumped the last of their cum inside. They slid their cocks out of me before I slid off collapsing on the bed. As I lay on my back, George spread my legs wide, giving the guys a good view of their cum leaking from my pussy.

“Fuck honey, that pussy is nice and full. Hope us old guys gave you a good time?” George asked.

“Sure did. You guys felt so good.” I replied.

After a few minutes, I got up and headed to the bathroom as the guys headed out to the lounge. I got in the shower, washing myself clean before hopping out. I dried myself and wrapped the towel around me before joining the guys. They stood naked chatting and enjoying a beer in the kitchen.

“Want a beer honey?” George asked.

“I’d love one.” I replied, heading to the kitchen.

“You sure know how to give a couple of old guys a good time.” George said, as he passed me the beer.

“You know me George, I love being used by older men, always turns me on.” I replied, giving the guys a smile.

“Well I must say, we love using a sweet young thing like you.” One of the guys said.

“I just realised, I never introduced the guys. This is Bob, Mark and Arthur.’ George said, with a laugh.

Taking our drinks, we all headed into the lounge. The guys sat on both couches, while I sat on the floor making myself comfortable. We sat around chatting, and after a few beers the guys were full of questions; and I was getting very turned on.

“So, I have to ask. What is it about older men you like?” George said, as he stared at my legs.

“I’ve always been attracted to older men. Turns me on so much.” I replied.

“What’s your favourite position?” Arthur asked.

“Hmmm. I would have to say two cocks inside me.” I replied.

“Both in your pussy or one in your arse and pussy?” Bob said.

“Either, they both feel so good, and even better when I’m being watched.” I replied, with a smile.

“Being watched. izmir escortlar Nice.” Arthur said.

“Being watched, knowing there’s more guys waiting to use me. Gets me so wet.”

“I bet your wet now just thinking about it?” Mark said, with a smile.

“I am.” I replied, feeling my heart beating fast.”

As I moved my legs slightly apart, my towel loosened and fell to the floor. The guys stained, enjoying the view of my naked body.

“So, you seem to enjoy asking me questions, anything else you’d like to know?” I asked, with a smile.

“Have you ever been with a woman before?” Arthur asked.

“Many a times. I love men and women. I’m bi.” I replied, feeling the wetness between my legs growing. “I love pussy as much as you guys do.”

“Have you ever had a husband watch while you were with his wife?” Bob asked, as I noticed their cocks started to get hard.

“Yes I have, after we both came the husband joined us.” I replied, as I moved my legs a little further apart.

“So, is there anything you don’t like?” Bob asked, as he rubbed his cock.

“No. I just love letting guys do whatever they want to me.” I said, with a cheeky smile.

As I answered their questions, I felt the alcohol go to my head making me feel very turned on. I looked at the four guys now holding their cocks.

“I’ve got a question. What do you prefer, a guy to cum on you or in you?” George asked, as he stroked his cock.

“Inside me always feels good, but I also love the feel of cum all over me. Guys watching me play with my pussy, stroking their cocks and cumming all over me.” I replied.

“What’s the most number of guys you’ve let gangbang you?” George asked.

“My god these questions. The most was thirty.”

“Sorry honey, we will stop asking.” George said.

“No, don’t stop. You’ve got me so turned on. I like it.” I said, as I touch my pussy feeling the wetness between my legs.

“Thirty guys, were you the only female?” Arthur asked, as the guys enjoyed watching me softly touch myself.

“I was. It was an amazing night. So many guys doing whatever they wanted to me. There were two cocks inside me most of the night” I replied, as I laid myself back.

As I slowly rubbed my pussy, the guys watched, as they stroked their hard cocks.

“You like two cocks in that tight pussy?” Bob asked.

“God yes, and two cocks in my arse.” I replied, with a moan.

With my head spinning from the alcohol, I was enjoying the feeling. I closed my eyes and spread my legs wider, and with both hands spread my pussy before sliding a finger inside.

“Oh, fuck honey, finger that pussy. Looks like we have gotten you nice and wet.” Bob said.

“You have.” I moaned.

All of a sudden, I heard the guys getting up. I opened my eyes as the four knelt around me. Their hands groped my breasts as I buried three fingers deep in my pussy.

“Does it feel good know we are watching you finger that tight pussy?” Arthur asked.

“Oh my god yes, you’re making me cum.” I moaned, as my body tensed.

As the guys pinched my nipples, a rush ran through me, and I came. My body shook over and over as my pussy dripped with my juices. As I started to relax, the guys stroked their cock harder and faster while their other hand continued groping my body. With fingers fucking my pussy and arse deep and hard and my breasts being squeezed, my heart was racing.

“Ready to be covered in cum honey.” George said, as he moved in close.

“Oh god, give it to me.’ I said, as I let out a loud moan.

The thought of being covered in cum got me so turned on, I was ready to cum again. I started rubbing my pussy, moaning over and over as the guys moved in close. All of a sudden, the guys started to moan.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming again, oh god” I screamed.

“Fuck, oh fuck.” Arthur moaned, as his cock exploded shooting his cum over my breasts. “Oh, fuck honey.”

As Arthur finished coming, he wiped the last of his cum on my lips. I licked it off before sucking him clean.

As Arthur sat back watching, the last three started to moan as they were ready to cum. I opened my mouth waiting for their cocks to explode, ready to taste them. All of a sudden, the three shot their cum, covering my breast and face. With cum in my mouth, I swallowed before taking turns sucking the last of their cum from their cocks.

“Fuck honey, that was incredible. Wish my wife would fuck like that.” Bob said, as he stood up.

“Maybe you could teach my wife a few tricks.” Arthur said, with a laugh.

George helped me up and I headed for another shower washing the cum from my body. I got out and dried myself before heading back to the lounge.

“Thanks for an amazing night honey. We need to do this again.” Bob said, as I slid my panties on.

“Maybe your next cards night I might bring a friend.” I replied.

“Same time next week honey, we look forward to it.” George said, passing me my clothes.

“So do I.” I replied.

Once I was dressed, I said goodbye to the guys and headed back to my apartment.

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