Down under Daniel

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Just to be with Daniel again was so good. He has become my quintessential lover.

We said we’d have an action replay. It had bee five years past since he upped sticks and moved to Australia but we decided it would be nice, now that he had decided to come back to England, to start all over and renew hopefully our relationship.

He was full of apologies saying he’d done the wrong thing moving to Aussy. I stayed put even though the invite was there for me to go with him. It was a hard thing to do because I missed him terribly. I ached for him for weeks after, found Derek who could never replace Daniel and when he dumped me for a coloured guy I was distraught and sickened and almost became a recluse.

Anyway no good harping on bad memories, Daniel was back and there he was, knocking at my door and my heart was thumping like the very first time we shared quality and private time together.

We’d originally met in a car park, me jumping into his car. The general idea being to see if we were compatible, to see if we liked each other and of course, you know what.

The ‘you know what’ inflamed me instantly and it wasn’t long before I surmised myself even, rummaging with his fly zip. I guess I fancied him and wanted to get the preliminaries over and done with. So that I could vent my pent up fantasies of how it might be with Daniel.

He sort of grunted but didn’t stop me. I guess that is what he meant when he told me some weeks later that he loved the way I helped chisel and I certainly was doing that then.

It was divine to feel him swell beneath his jeans and then, unzipping his jeans, his briefs. It was a nice soothing feeling simply to mould him there in my right hand. I continued to enjoy him through his briefs as grew to the full.

“Wed better watch our Pete” he said being apprehensive about being seen. He seemed as though he wanted to zip himself up but I said I would be careful, and for him to keep a watch out and just to chill out and enjoy, because that is certainly what I intended.

He was having difficulty in resisting my feel of him. But he eventually let me winkle bursa escort bayan him out over the waistband of his briefs and it was a joy to rub him up against his tummy.

I was in my own little world. It was so lovely and divine. He smelt divine and I immediately had the urge to suck, especially when I stretched back the elastically foreskin revealing that so beautiful red plum with the p-hole set temptingly in the centre..

I massaged him some, it was beautiful to feel and I gently jerked him off awhile as I heard his breathing become deeper. He was so enjoying my spoiling and so was I.

It was difficult to get to his balls because he was reluctant to slip down his jeans because of being seen. He was terribly worried about that and I wondered if he had been caught out in public.

I could see he was becoming more agitated but instinct made me just get that taste of him before he zipped up and in a moment I felt the divine warmth of half his gorgeous length inside my mouth. It felt good and tasted good, pungent and earthy with a hint of sea salt.

But that was it and I had to wait until we could arrange that first private meeting at my place before we could really let ourselves go.

We talked and laughed about that first time we actually met in the car park;

“You were so impatient Pete like there was no tomorrow. But I guess that is what I find particularity exiting about you, the way you want to take change and help yourself. I do like that.”

“Then into the bathroom with you” I snapped. He knew what to do. Strip and wash himself there. I liked a clean cock. And I did what I did the first time we did it in private. I quietly opened the door and watched him prime himself up. He not knowing |I was watching until I announced that it was my job to do that and there he was, standing there, legs apart, his cock and balls held firm in his cupped right hand and what a beauty it was.

Now I could see the full extent of him and I relished that. Now I could really enjoy him to the full without interruption of him fearing someone might see us.

I stripped in front of him, watched nilüfer escort his reaction which was favourable. He stood there not saying a word. But the flush in his face said that he wanted me.

I’d reached about a half erection when, standing up close I rubbed him up with mine. It was a gorgeous sensation and for a while we simply took turns to rub each other up, his moans were wonderful in sequence to the touching and feeling, his eyes closed, head back.

He had a divine and lovely lucid cock. Now I could see it in its full glory and it must have been a good seven inches which made mine look a miniature at six inches.

But now I could really go to town and résumé the suck I’d missed so much. Something that with Derek was never fulfilled because he always cum almost as soon as I started to suck him. Then often was the case afterwards that he was fulfilled so I was left in the lurch, and never received the fucking I craved for because he was well and truly spent..

I guess I was trying to hard to make it work with Derek but in a way it was the best thing that happened when he dumped me.

But who cares now I have sweet Daniel back.

I sucked him liberally, the taste I remembered was still there, it all came back: the feel and the scent of him. I am obsessive about cock sucking, Daniel knows that from that first time in the bathroom but he enjoys the way I do it, with lots of variations, weaning him underneath from the back, bent sideways and often upside down, he crouching over me, wide open so I can really suck his cock and balls and everything,

I would get him so ripe until he craved for my ass. The first time in the bathroom I bent steeply over the bath and presented myself to him.

It was so exciting and thrilling as he discovered me there.

“Just relax and enjoy” I suggested feeling him rub his cock between my ass cheeks and work it into me. For a while I thought he’d missed the bulls because he seemed to be trying to prod it into me too high. Wanting badly his fuck I went to guide him into me as I wiggled but then all at once the warm feel türbanlı escort if it enter me. The gentle prodding at first, the stretching which always hurt a little after so long without. Then I felt it enter me, the pain had gone and the feeling of sensual warmth run up my spine. He was soon into me, imagining I could massage him inside me with my rectal muscles I soon realised I couldn’t. His bulk was so firm and stiff inside I could not budge anything, I felt I was just being completely speared by Daniel’s hot rod which was magnificent.

Then he spoke for the first time during the foreplay and apart form the condescending moans hoed never said a word, except when he first arrived – and that is how it always is with Daniel, he is plainly a man of action rather than words but I guess on this occasion he thought it important enough to talk.

“Can I cum inside you, Pete?” he asked, just pausing for a moment, me feeling the strong pulse of his cock inside me.

“I want that, Daniel” I replied and instantly his thrusts were more deep as I felt myself build the fuck with him. And when he exploded inside me I knew it, that last thrust nearly knocked me off balance and he had me good and proper. It was a wonderful rekindle of those things we did before. The urge he had to lick me up too, his idiosyncrasies which primarily I did not like too much, like the time he wanted me to pee over his hind in the bath. But it was a thing which never reoccurred so there was no problem, perhaps he though he would like it but decided he didn’t.. That is what it us all about we discovered, we’d try things and if we didn’t like well no hard feelings.

We simply enjoyed what we mutually enjoyed and that was lots of oral and touchy feely.

We discovered the best way to make our fucking work to the best, like when I crouched on my knees on the end of the bed, Daniel could not get the right angle to comfortably fuck me so I compromised by placing one foot on the floor, which made nice space between where he could kneel to suck my hind to his hearts content and then finish the delightful episode of with a good stiff fuck. Perfect.

It was heavenly to be with Daniel again and he vowed never again to go down under to Australia. The only way I wanted him down under was with me.

And we’d both spend many sensual moment s of prime mutual oral extravaganzas down under.

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