Slummin It – Myla

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I finally gave up on my dream. It took me a long time to realize it was hopeless, but it finally sunk in. I wanted a big house, a six-figure income, travel, a Porsche and lots of expensive toys. And I wanted a husband who loves me, and to be a respected professional woman. Unfortunately, I took a long detour in my attempt to get there and didn’t make it, and it was all because I made some stupid life decisions and ended up having to pay the piper.

Let me start at the beginning. My name is Myla and I’m an attractive black 52-year-old woman. I’m fortunate that I’ve always been attractive. Although my high school was 80% white, I was still one of the most popular girls in school, and was never lacking for dates or steady boyfriends. I was on the cheering squad and was even the Winter Homecoming Queen.

After graduating, I attended college and got my Bachelors degree in accounting and landed a job in a large hospital’s billing department. While working, I spent the next couple of years studying and preparing to take the CPA exam, which I successfully passed at the relatively young age of 25. Three years later, due to retirements and resignations, I was promoted to corporate comptroller of the hospital. My six-figure income at the age of 28 enabled me to buy an Audi Cabriolet and put a down payment on a beautiful condo.

I was never lacking for dates and had men hitting on me all the time. But I was looking for that special man, especially since I had my 10-year class reunion coming up in a month. A friend was invited to a party at Sean Atkinson’s mansion and she asked me to go with her. Sean was known for having the greatest parties of all time, and getting an invitation to one of his parties meant that you were finally accepted by the moneyed people in the community.

I wore a short little black number that had a scoop neck, was backless and was quite short. It hugged my curves and promised a good time for any takers. I’m 5’4″ tall and have always measured about 38-26-38 so quite a few of the men at the party were checking me out. But I was on a mission and after about 35 minutes, I found our host. I had never been with a white man, but Wow, what a hunk! I thought I was in love. He was about 6’2″ tall with shaggy blond hair and blue eyes. His skin was bronzed from the sun and he was gorgeous. I worked my way to him and introduced myself.

It appeared as though Sean was interested when he asked me to hang around after the party. After most of the partyers left, he found me and sat next to me. He spent the next half-hour asking me about my life, my family, my job and my interests and I was hooked. After looking into those beautiful eyes for 30 minutes, he had no trouble getting me into his bed.

Sean wasn’t the best lover I had ever had, but he was quite talented and explored my whole body several times that night. In the morning, I awoke to the smell of bacon. I put on a tee shirt and then followed the smell to the kitchen where Sean and a half-dozen remaining partyers were drinking Bloody Marys and eating breakfast.

“Hey baby,” Sean said. “Come on over here.” I moved to him and he pulled me onto his lap and put his hand on my breast. “You have greats tits, babe.” I smiled at him and enjoyed his hand on my chest. The others in the room were grinning at us as Sean squeezed my breast and then began tweaking my hard nipples.

“Mmmm,” I moaned. “You’re getting me all hot again.” His hand moved down to my legs and escort izmir then slid up under the shirt. I made no effort to stop him as his hand found my bare breasts. He manipulated and squeezed my breasts eliciting moans of pleasure from me. Before I knew it, he had my tee shirt off and I was sitting on his lap nude. As his hand moved down and began fingering my wet pussy, I opened my eyes and saw the others watching us. I was so turned on that I didn’t care.

Sean stood and lifted me onto the table. He laid me down and then dropped his shorts and easily slid his hard cock into my waiting pussy. “Aarrrrggh!” I screamed. “Aahhhhhh! Oh fuck!” He pounded my pussy while I moaned and screamed and the others watched. When he finally shot his load deep into my womb, he stood and casually asked, “How about some eggs and bacon, Myla?”

I lay there breathless and nodded my head as I heard, “Good show, Sean. I was wondering what was under that little black dress and I wasn’t disappointed, buddy.” The others all laughed as I climbed from the table and put on my tee shirt.

During the next month, I spent all my extra time with Sean. I just knew that he loved me as much as I loved him. We went to out-of-the-way restaurants and bars and ended every night back at his place in bed. At the time, I thought that he just preferred these dark bars outside the city because they were more romantic, but I was to later discover that Sean only had one interest in me, and that was to make me his whore.

I asked him to take me to my 10th-year-class-reunion and it turned out just as I thought. All of the girls were envious of me as they drooled over my guy. The white girls were especially upset that I was taking one of the hot white guys that they felt should be reserved for one of them. After the reunion, we went back to Sean’s mansion where he used my body for his pleasure.

After he blew his cum into my willing body, he turned to the table and pulled out a small mirror and a package of coke. He did a couple lines and then turned to me. “Here baby, give it a shot.” I had only ever done a little grass so I wasn’t sure what to do.

“I don’t know, Sean. I’ve never done coke before.”

As I was talking, he made two lines on the mirror and handed me a small straw. “Suck it in baby. It’ll be great.” I hesitated, but eventually gave in and did the coke. And then we did more a little later.

That was the beginning for me. Within a short period of time, I was trying everything, and Sean had no problem supplying it. He always had people at his house and I knew many of them. Actually, Sean had stripped and fucked me in front of all of them. There were a few black men who partied with Sean, but I was apparently the only black woman. And everyone seemed to love to see Sean using all of my holes in any way he wanted in exchange for a hit of coke or H or crystal meth or anything else that he wanted me to try. I was addicted.

It didn’t take long before Sean began sharing me with his friends. It started one weekend when I was serving Sean and two of his friends some drinks while wearing a French maid outfit with nothing underneath. The three of them were making all kinds of rude comments about me before they stripped me. “That black slut got her some nice titties, don’t she?” “When you gonna let us fuck that bitch, Sean?” “Let’s dope that whore up and then gang bang her.” And that’s exactly what they did.

I have no idea what they gave me, izmir escort bayan but I spent the afternoon and evening begging them to fuck me and use their black whore. They were rough with me because I ended up with welts on my ass and breasts the next day. I vaguely remembered them shoving two cocks into my pussy as I screamed like a banshee before passing out.

The next weekend, Sean had another party and I spent the whole time drugged to the gills and on my back servicing his friends. I’m not sure what all they did to me that weekend, but I could hardly walk on Monday. I hurt all over and I needed a hit before going to work, which Sean quickly supplied.

Well, by the end of the week, I had been fired. When I got to Sean’s, I began crying about losing my job. Then I begged him for a line of coke to make me feel better. I asked if I could work for him and he grinned an evil looking grin and nodded his head.

I’m not sure how many men I fucked that evening because I was on a pretty good buzz all night. Sean’s drugs kept me happy and docile and, as a result, I was more than happy to service the men.

Over the next few months, I gave up my condo, sold my car and moved in with Sean. While on a drug induced high, I turned all my money over to him to invest for me. Little did I know that I would never see it again, but since I was drugged up all the time, I really didn’t care.

Sean and his friends turned me in to a drug-addicted whore who would fuck or suck anyone for a high. It was common for me to bang a dozen men in an evening and to have multiple cocks in my holes at the same time. The men used my body, and many times, left me hurting. I licked and sucked their cocks, balls and ass holes. They pissed on me and forced me to eat women’s pussies and asses. There was nothing I wouldn’t do for Sean’s drugs.

Although at the time, I was too confused and drugged up to understand, eventually, Sean and his friends tired of the black whore. It was no longer a enjoyable for them to fuck such a willing and submissive slut.

The next thing I knew, I was moved into a shit hole of a room someplace downtown. A young black man came in to the room and introduced himself as Lamar. He told me he was my pimp and that I would be expected to carry my weight by selling my pussy on the street for him. Then he stripped and fucked me on my bed before telling me to be on the street at 7:00 that night. I cried myself to sleep many nights. I thought that Sean was the man who was going to complete my plan as a wealthy happy professional woman. I had planned to be the envy of all of my friends, but I knew now that that would never happen.

I don’t know how long I worked for Lamar or how many men I fucked. It could have been months or it could have been years. I had no idea since I used all of my money for whatever drugs were available. I even fucked for a line or a few pills whenever I could so I was oblivious to everything except my next high.

When I was eventually found unconscious in an alley getting pissed on by a bunch of bums who had previously fucked me, I was taken to the hospital. How ironic; it was the same hospital where I had worked. They put me in a room and diagnosed me with dehydration, syphilis, heroin addiction, malnourishment and sleep deprivation. My weight had dropped from 132 to 97 pounds. Since I had no family around, and since neither Lamar or Sean wanted anything to do with an addicted black whore, I was izmir escortlar destined to stay until I was on the path to recovery.

Without my H, I lay in bed every night and watched the monsters chase each other around my room. The first night, I even screamed when they appeared. After serving my time in the hospital, I was shipped to a rehab center where I spent the next three months getting clean.

When I was finally released, I was determined to stay straight. My weight was up to 118 pounds. I got a job in a grocery store and found a small dump of an apartment. I tried to contact Sean about my money, but he wouldn’t take my calls anymore. I was fed up, so I found myself walking up Sean’s driveway to get my money.

When he opened the door, he looked at me with contempt. “What the fuck do you want, slut?” I tried to slap him but he was faster and he knocked me to the ground.

I stood up and demanded, “Give me my money, ass hole.”

He looked at me and then started laughing. “You don’t have any money, slut. What you did have, you put up your nose or in your veins, you stupid cunt.”

I was furious and I yelled, “That’s impossible you piece of shit.” I swung my fist and connected with his shoulder. The next thing I remember was waking up in a shitty hotel room. My jaw ached from where I assume Sean had knocked me out. I could tell that I had been injected with some kind of drug and when I looked at the night stand, I saw a few small packets of meth.

Feeling sorry for myself, I spent the next 24 hours using the meth from the nightstand. And that was all it took. I found myself back on the street hooking the next day. I sucked two men in an alley and fucked a white guy against his car behind the 7-11. It took me no time to find a dealer and to fall back into my old habits. And it had the same result. After a few months, I found myself back in the hospital and rehab.

I’m not proud of this, but I was a drugged-out whore for more than 16 years. I was arrested three times for prostitution and once for drugs. I spent more time in rehab and consumed more antibiotics and penicillin during those 16 years than I would have believed possible. My plan of becoming a wealthy, successful woman was in tatters.

At the age of 45, I finally decided that I had had enough. When they released me from rehab, I found a job working for a construction company. I started as a gopher, but eventually, the men taught me to drive a bobcat, frontend loader and small dump truck. I was making a decent wage and was able to get a small house and an eight-year-old Toyota.

My crew was made up of ten of us, and I was the oldest, the only black and the only woman on the crew. The men ranged in age from about 20 to 40, three married and the rest single, and every one of them had flirted with me at one time or another. And I’m embarrassed to say that, even though I’ve stayed off drugs, I fucked all of them.

But we all get along well. They help me with my car problems and home repairs. And I date them and fuck them whenever I want. So, I’m a long way from that successful and wealthy businesswoman with the handsome and rich husband that I had planned and dreamed of many years ago. But like I said, I made some stupid decisions and had to pay the piper. I’m still paying the piper. But I’m happy and I have nine younger men to choose from whenever I get horny.

And even though I never got my money back from Sean, I understand that he was mugged by nine men, between 20 and 40 years old, in an alley outside a nightspot downtown. He survived, but the permanent scar on his face and the limp may never go away. I spent that entire weekend on my back repaying that favor.

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