New Year’s Day in Lockwinnock

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Forward: This is the second story in the Lockwinnock trilogy. It is the sequel to New Year’s Eve in Lockwinnock. To fully appreciate the context of this story, it is suggested that New Year’s Eve in Lockwinnock be read first. As always, the author appreciates your comments and suggestions. Enjoy.


Beth stirred in the bed. There was noise in the kitchen and the smell of fresh brewed coffee. She slowly stretched and drew back the covers. Sitting up she found her terry robe neatly folded at the end of the bed and her slippers at her bedside. Beth slipped them on her feet and smiled.

The touch of the soft sheepskin against her toes brought back the memory of the night before. Her left hand involuntarily caressed her breasts and the thumb of her other hand brushed her pubic hair. The sound of dishes being placed on the dining table made her start. Embarrassed she rose, put on the terry robe, and began to shuffle out of the bedroom. She mused to herself “…memo to the management: a proper fitting robe and slippers are a must to ensure a repeat visit…”

At the door, she stopped and watched for a moment as Aaron scurried about the kitchen. He was dressed in a T-shirt, sweat pants, and slippers and moved about with quiet efficiency. The table was set for two. There was bread, butter, jam, and cheese on the table. Aaron turned away from the stove, coffeepot in one hand and mugs in another. He spied Beth in the doorway and said, “Morning sweetie. Hungry? I known I am.”

“I thought with everything you ate last night that you would still be full,” she coyly answered.

“Different restaurant, different menu,” he replied, “but I do in intend to dine there again today. Want some coffee?”

“Are you sure that restaurant will be open?”

“I’m sure I can get the meal I want. I know the waitress.”

“Waitress, hell…you better suck up to the owner if you want to dine like you did last night,” she retorted with a sarcastic smile. “And the waiter of this establish better hurry up and pour me some coffee or his tip might be drastically reduced,” she added playfully as she sat down at the table. Aaron poured the coffee and placed a kiss on her forehead. He set the pot down and joined her at the table. The banter continued as they ate.

Breakfast finished, Beth announced that she had to wash her hair. She shuffled into the bathroom with Aaron and watched and listened impatiently as he demonstrated how to use the portable showerhead. Suddenly she was overwhelmed with his pedantic and specific tones. She lost tolerance. “Seems simple enough.” She said curtly and grabbed the showerhead from his hands.

Aaron withdrew slightly deflated. “There’s shampoo and cond…”

“I know, I know.” Beth cut him off. “I can find it. I’m a big girl. Now be off.”

Aaron quickly closed the bathroom door behind him bemused by her sudden change. He shrugged his shoulders and wondered as he cleared the table if it was that time of the month or just too much caffeine? As he put the milk and cheese away in the RV refrigerator, he reminded himself to drop off a bottle of scotch to Ian on the way home tomorrow. As usual, the old groundskeeper had done a great job ensuring the preparation the cottage. Without his assistance, Aaron knew that the previous evening would have been a total disaster.

The dishes were soon washed and put away. Aaron was just tidying up the table when he heard Beth’s screams. “Aaron! Aaron McGregor! GET YOUR ASS IN HERE!!!!”

“Oh Jesus, what now,” he muttered as he opened the bathroom door and entered. “Beth, Beth, what’s the matter?”

“Ooohhhh, it took you long enough. Oouuch. The shampoo is in my eyes. It hurts something awful and I can’t turn on this fucking shower! DO SOMETHING!!!”

It was all Aaron could do not to burst out laughing at the comic scene of Beth writhing about in the tub, rubbing at her face, and swatting at the shower controls. However, Aaron was smart enough to realize that laughter was not appropriate at this moment. “Just a second and I will help you out,” he said in a calming voice. He grabbed the washcloth from tub and gently mopped her face with it.

” I need the shower not the…”

“Shhh, my love,” Aaron stopped her by placing his fingers gently on her lips. As he turned on the shower and adjusted the water temperature, Beth squirmed with annoyance. Gently he used the washcloth and the shower water to remove the rest of the shampoo from her face. Then with the sprayer and caressing hand movements, he removed the shampoo from her hair and rinsed the remainder of her body. He could feel her relax as she leaned back in the tub. He gently kissed her forehead, then her lips. He hoped all was forgiven.

Suddenly there was a splash. With crocodile quickness, the showerhead was wretched from Aaron’s hands. Water sprayed into his face, over his T-shirt, and onto the floor. Aaron reeled back blindly and reached for the main shutoff valve. Finding it, a half twist muted the irritation. “What the hell was that for?” roared Aaron rubbing his face with his hands and flicking away the water.

“That’s for the shampoo in my eyes.”

“What the …why is that esenyurt escort my fault?

“Of course its your fault. If your damn shower worked properly it wouldn’t have happened.”

“And if you had…” Aaron stopped. Experience told him not to go there. A calculated deep breath extinguished his remaining annoyance. However, his exasperation remained. “I’m all wet,” was all he could say as he looked down at his clothes.

“Well so am I,” came the coy response. Aaron looked over to see Beth stretched out in the tub, her arms resting on its sides, and her legs parted. “Want to see how wet we can get together?”

Another incredible bout of tub lovemaking began. Splashing, fondling, massaging, probing, biting, and caressing all led to the final scene. Beth found herself kneeling. Her breasts were moulded into the curve of the tub as she leaned over the edge and her breath was coming in short pants. Beth could feel Aaron’s cock piston in and out of her pussy. She could feel his balls bounce against her ass. His hands raked her back, squeezed her breasts, and slapped her buttocks in a tympany of irregular beats. Her mouth gaped yet she made no sound. She instinctively reached with her left hand for her clit. She squeezed it between her thumb and finger. Aaron’s thumb found her anus. It pushed against the muscle. A silent scream filled her head. Blind colours flashed before her eyes. Their bodies rigidly convulsed.

After what seemed to be a sensual eternity, they melted together. Neither could speak only pant. Nor was there the strength to get out of the tub. They could only minutely twist to intuitively make the other more comfortable within porcelain confines. Beth was the first to attempt to talk. “Jesus…Oh Jesus, Aaron,” she said between gasps. After a few more involuntary breaths she managed, “When do you think I could make another hair appointment?” They both roared with laughter.

After leisurely dressing, they decided to catch a bit of fresh air on the moor. Aaron prepared a thermos of hot tea and found a tam and scarf to help prevent Beth from getting chilled. The sun was bright and there was a slight breeze as they headed hand in hand up the gravel service path towards the 18th green.

They enjoyed the walk, the moments of conversation, and the silences. As they reached the approach to the 18th tee, a bounding golden retriever accosted them. “Here Sandy, come boy,” came the call from a barrel-chested older man wearing a Wellington and galoshes. “Sorry folks. Quiet Sandy. Stop that barking now. The man continued to approach and the dog returned to his side and stopped barking. Then he laughed and shouted, “Oh Aaron, sorry I didn’t recognize you. Happy New Year.” The man strode forward and shook Aaron’s hand. “And who’s this charming lady?”

“Ian, I would like you to meet Beth Carin. Beth this is Ian Robertson, the best groundskeeper in Lockwinnock.”

“The only groundskeeper in Lochwinnock. Pleased to meet you lass,” he said as he whipped off his cap and extended his hand to her. Beth held out her hand and felt it surrounded by a firm but gentle, calloused grip. His blue eyes sparkled and a warm smiled filled his ruby face. While this man in his seventies was not what she expected a groundskeeper to look like, she felt an immediate affinity for him. All three shared in the conversation that mainly centered around Sandy as he made the rounds getting his head and ears rubbed. As they were departing, Ian turned and said, “Aaron, what are you and Beth doing for dinner? Charlotte and I would love you to join us. We’re having lamb. Tommy will be there too. Please come won’t you?”

Aaron felt Beth squeeze and tug at his arm. “Thanks, Ian that would be great.”

“Super! I’ll send Tommy around in the Rover about 5, to pick you up.” Waving, he turned and marched down the path towards the clubhouse with Sandy running before him.

The impatient tug on his arm continued. “Oh Aaron, how could you. I hate lamb. Mother always used to serve us boiled lamb and peas. I can still see the grayish mess on my plate surrounded by mushy green. Uuuck!”

“You’ll survive. Come let’s work up an appetite for tonight’s dinner,” he quipped as he started back up to path to the cottage. Beth reluctantly followed.

They cut across the course and approached the low stonewall that surrounded the cottage from the 15th fairway. “Aaron, could we sit here for a minute? This place is really beautiful. I just want to stop and admire it.”

“Sure luv,” he said as he helped her up onto the wall. There they shared the remaining tea, kisses, and the view until the sun began to set and they started to get cold.

Upon entering the cottage, Beth went straight to the bedroom and began rummaging in her small overnight bag. “Aaron, I’ve nothing to wear. Look, we just can’t go.” The contents of the bag were now spread out over the bed. Two thongs, two bras, two pairs of socks and a white cotton turtleneck composed the arrayed clothing. A large plastic make-up bag had consumed most the space. “You see I have nothing to wear.” Her voice was almost a whine.

Aaron cocked his head to the side, paused avrupa yakası escort for a moment, and then strode deliberately to the far bedside table. He opened the drawer and pulled out a series of thin plastic packages. Each contained a silk scarf. Sorting through the assortment, he tossed a multi-hued red one on the bed by the turtleneck. “There that should flatter your colour and temperament. Or you could just wear the scarf, I know that would get Tommy’s New Year off in the right direction.”

“And no doubt yours, and Ian’s too,” she laughed. “And what do you use these scarves for, my little man?”

“As you can see, they haven’t been used yet. They’re still in their original boxes. But, be a good girl and eat your lamb, and perhaps I show you tonight,” he said patting her ass as he passed on his way to the wardrobe.

At 10 to 5, the whine of the gears and the crunch of gravel announced the arrival of the Rover. There was a sharp knock and Beth moved unenthusiastically towards the door. Opening it, her heart stopped.

“Hi, you must be Beth.” She could not move because there before her was the most perfect specimen of masculinity that Beth had ever seen. His melodious baritone voice mesmerized her. It was only the movement of his hand that caused her to come out of her trance. She shook his hand.

“Hi, I’m Beth, ” she said haltingly. She did not know what to else to say and just hung onto his hand.

“Tommy, how are you? Happy New Year!” Her hand was released as Tommy turned to greet Aaron who had just come out of the bedroom. As the two men talked, Beth had time to carefully appraise the young man. Tommy was at least 6 foot 4, and 20 stone, with short reddish curly hair, green eyes, broad shoulders, a tapered waist and his snug fitting jeans revealed a tight ass and that he dressed on the left. Now compared to Ian, he was …

The Robertson’s lived in an apartment over one of the garages that formed the service court for the golf club. As they climbed the stairs to the apartment, Beth met her next surprise of the evening. “Happy New Year Beth, so nice of you to come” A warm hug followed. “I’m Charlotte. Let me take your jacket.” Ian’s wife was not what she expected.

Ian entered the hallway and smothered her in a big hug. “Hope you brought your appetite. It’s going to be a great meal,” She heard him say as he ushered Aaron off to the inner confines of the apartment to get a drink. She was left standing awkwardly with Tommy in the hallway. Tommy just looked at her and smiled. Beth did not know what to say. The click of heels and “Tommy, be a dear, and get us some wine,” ended the embarrassing silence. “Beth is Merlot OK?”

“Yes, yes,” was all Beth could muster.

With the touch of a finger on her elbow, Beth was maneuvered into the living room and offered a seat at one end of the sofa. Charlotte sat at the other end. She was a woman in her late forties or early fifties, with short, blonde hair, and an athletic build. She wore a blue angora sweater and blue slacks. Her jewelry was simple a solitaire diamond pendant and matching diamond stud earrings. Beth was taken back by the significant age difference between Ian and his wife. She nervously tried to start the conversation. “Dinner smells good,”

“Oh it will be. Ian is an excellent cook. I on the other hand, only make tea, toast, and reservations, all exceptionally well.” Charlotte’s self-depreciating attitude and easy manner put Beth at ease. Tommy returned with the wine. “Oh thank you, dear,” Charlotte said taking one of the wine glasses from a silver try. “Now be off. See if you can help your father while Beth and I get to know one another better.” After giving Beth her glass, he left. Beth’s eyes followed him. Charlotte noticed her glance. “He’s a good boy, but a bit of a ladies man, I think,” she chuckled.

In the next twenty minutes before diner, Beth learned a great deal about her host and hostess. They had been married for 24 years and had met when Charlotte was just an intern in the bank. Ian was in construction and land development. They met when he had applied for a loan. Ian had done well and she had risen in the bank and still worked in a senior position in Glasgow. As the two women began to share the similarities of the men in their lives, Tommy interrupted them. “Excuse me, ladies. Please allow me to escort you to the dinning room.” As they began to follow Tommy, Charlotte gently pulled on Beth’s arm and whispered, “Ian has two all consuming passions, golf and airplanes, please try not to talk about those tonight.”

” I think you’re safe,” Beth quietly replied as they entered the dinning room. “I don’t know anything about either of them.” Both giggled.

Beth had never sat through a meal like this one. It lasted until nearly ten o’clock. However, there was never a moment that was not punctuated with spirited conversation, laughter, and most of all incredible taste sensations. A salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing had started the meal. The main course was rack of lamb, with riced potatoes, and buttered green beans. A lemon sorbet cleared anadolu yakası escort the pallet for dessert, which consisted of an incredible trifle. Wine flowed throughout the meal. As they were finishing up their coffees and liqueurs in the living room, Beth found her head resting against Aaron’s shoulder.

“I think its time we got your lady home, Aaron,” Beth heard Charlotte say, through half closed eyes.

She started. “Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to nod off. Its just that…”

“Oh, no, no, my dear. Everything is all right. I’m tired too,” Charlotte winked and smiled.

Aaron helped Beth to her feet and Tommy assisted her into her jacket as they entered the hallway. The men gathered at the door and exchanged god nights. Tommy slipped Beth a kiss as he headed down the stairs to bring the Rover to the door. Beth smiled at the feeling his lips left on her cheek

Charlotte gave Beth a warm embrace. “Thanks so much for coming. I have not enjoyed an evening like this in such a long time.” Then she tightly cupped Beth’s hands and added, “I am going to make sure you come here again.”

Before she could reply, Beth found herself in the bear-like grip of Ian. She spontaneously kissed his cheek and thanked him for the wonderful meal. With Happy New Year’s ringing in their ears, Beth and Ian negotiated the stairs, climbed into the back seat of the Rover, and quietly cuddled during the drive back to the cottage.

After entering the cottage, they found themselves in a tight loving embrace. “That was a wonderful evening, Ian. I really enjoyed myself.”

“Was the lamb better than your mother’s mutton?”

“Oh my God yes and the dess..” A lingering kiss and the feel of his hands cupping her buttocks interrupted her.

“I think its time for bed,” he whispered.

“I think so too,” she replied as she slipped his embrace, gently patted his cheek and headed with a slightly unsteady step for the bathroom.

Aaron hung up their jackets and stoked the stove with peat blocks for the night. At the sound of the bathroom door opening, he turned and gazed. “Well, Lady Godiva, I presume?” was all he could manage to say. A naked vision weaved across the living area and into the bedroom. The red silk scarf had been strategically hung around her neck to cover her breasts. Beth reappeared at the door and seductively waved the scarf ends at him.

“Your Lady awaits your, Lord Aaron, ” Beth said with a sultry tone and disappeared from the doorway.

Aaron turned off the kitchen lights and hurried into the bathroom. He laughed. On the floor beside the sink was a damp towel and washcloth and Beth’s clothes were in various piles around the bathroom. He tied up the room, hung up her clothes, adding his own to the rack, and prepared himself for bed. “Lord Aaron,” he chuckled to himself as he turned off the light and headed towards the glow of the bedroom door.

Aaron’s cock began to stiffen. Beth lay on the bed. Her eyes were closed and the scarf snaked across her body. The delicate material hid her breasts, navel, and pubic area, but left little to the imagination. She stirred as he lay down beside her. They kissed gently and the caresses continued through their fingertips as their hands explored each other. Aaron used the ends of the scarf to tease Beth’s nipples and mound. The silk scarf edges caught and pulled at the tendrils of her pubic hair. Aaron enjoyed her soft moans of pleasure and continued to kiss her cheeks and neck. Her warm hand found his dick and gently began to squeeze it. His manhood hardened and Aaron emitted soft sighs of gratification. He returned the pleasure as his fingers found her cleft and the moisture inside. The sensations generated by each other’s fingers tips soon filled their minds.

They rolled together. Beth felt his glans slowly part her pussy lips and penetrate. She luxuriated in his slow rhythmic movements. She hugged him tighter as she felt the rigor build within him and then felt Aaron spurt inside her. She sighed and hugged him tighter. Beth did not mind, that she had not cum. She just delighted in the pressure of his body, in the warmth of their embrace, and the joy of the moment. Soon both cuddled as spoons and drifted off to sleep.

The morning sun woke Aaron. He padded barefoot to the bathroom silently closing the bedroom door behind him. On his way out of the bathroom, he grabbed his old rugby shirt. As he put it on, lines from bawdy limericks to flashed through his mind. The feel of the heavy cloth hem against his ass and his cock made him feel randy. Wearing only shirt was risqué. What would Beth think?

Aaron started the coffee, preheated the thermos, and prepared some kippers, cheese, and crackers for breakfast. After everything was ready, he looked at it and muttered, “Not much there mate, especially comparing it to last night’s meal. You’re a bloody fool to offer her this.” In spite of his thoughts, he picked up the tray and strode confidently towards the bedroom. As he opened the door he announced in his best booming baritone, “Arise and greet the sunshine, my lassie. There’s another glorious day upon us.” Beth rose sleepily onto her elbows and watched him place the tray on the end of the desk. She yawned and commented with a sarcastic tone, “I see the butler has returned. I like his new uniform. Its very sheik.” Her eyes followed him as he moved to the wardrobe. There he removed a jean shirt. As he did so, the rugby sweater rode up his ass. “Nice ass! A little old, but tight,” she teased.

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