Not a Cheater

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Solo Male

A very short, spontaneous, roughly edited piece I wrote tonight in bed. Be kind in reviews, this was just a bit of fun xxx


I love my fiancé. I really do. I had never considered myself the cheating kind of guy. I had always been a loyal relationship-man.

These very thoughts flashed through my mind as I watched this stunning little brunette bombshell, who was most certainly not my fiancé, enthusiastically bouncing around on my cock. I thought of my fiancé as this beauty repeatedly impaled herself on my cock, screaming out as her tiny cunt stretched to wholly accommodate me.

No. I wasn’t the cheating kind.

But here I was, my aching balls buried to the hilt in a girl I had only met moments earlier. Here I was, trying desperately hard not to explode into her too prematurely. I needed this to last. If I had gotten myself in this situation, well fuck… I had to make it worthwhile!

We had met that night, at the beach. I had been having an evening surf and as I walked back up to my car I found her leaning against it. My cock lurched in response to the very sight of this lovely brunette, who wore tiny denim shorts and a sheer white lace tank top, and who was leaning ataşehir escort against my ute casually. She was speaking to me but I was distracted by her toned legs, her curvy waist, her pouty lips. Lips perfect for wrapping around my…

“Well?” Her singsong voice cut through my forbidden thoughts.

“Well what?” I asked, dumbly. My face felt red. I silently urged my dick to behave.

“Uh… I just told you my car had broken down… I asked you for a lift to town. So…?”

I found myself nodding a little too enthusiastically. She smiled and unfolded her crossed arms. She was even more beautiful when she smiled.

“Thankyou! I can’t tell you how much of a relief that is. I thought Id be stuck here, then I saw your ute. I thought I’d just wait here until the owner returned and hitch a ride back into town.”

I just nodded, mute.

I told her to wait while I changed. I made my way to the shower block and turned on the outdoor shower. As I showered I turned back, glancing at the girl waiting for me, wicked thoughts running through my mind. Thoughts that mainly entailed this girl naked, slurping on my cock, taking it from behind, ümraniye escort riding me…

Fuck, man. I am a happily taken man. Sex with my fiancé may be rare lately, very rare, but that was no reason for me to stray!

We drove to her house. We maintained pleasant smalltalk the entire way. She asked me in. And I followed, like an obedient puppy dog. She offered me a beer. I accepted. She asked me to come to her bedroom. I followed, all too willingly.

And then it happened. The moment in which you have an opportunity – your last opportunity – to back out before plunging into a situation in which you know is near impossible to back out from. The moment that once passes you are too far gone…

I won’t lie, once she slipped out of her shorts and sank to her knees I had completely forgotten all about my fiancé. She was far out my mind when my little beach girl pulled my cock out of my boardies and proceeded to suck me off, with such enthusiasm.

I was a bad, terrible, shameful man. I stood there without even a single word or sound of protest as this gorgeous stranger slurped greedily over my cock.

I nearly came kadıköy escort to my senses. For a very brief moment. And then the now naked beauty was straddling me, filling her incredibly tight cunt with my cock. And then she was bouncing on me, fucking me, grinding her clit into me, screaming…

I had my hands on her hips and guided her. I guided her up and down on my engaged cock, desperate to empty my load inside her. I cared about nothing more than my dick and her sweet, tiny cunt. Nothing else mattered. No one else.

She came violently on me. Her pussy started spasming. It felt like she was milking me, her muscles clenching furiously hard. I was climaxing too, my load pumping deep inside her. She was bucking and arching her back. Her perfect tits, her sweat-slicked fit little body… she was so damn delicious!

We both came hard. She swore repeatedly, her whole body shaking as she pressed her palms into my chest to steady herself. I wanted to shout in pleasure but instead let out a deep, low growl.

She climbed off my softening dick and kissed me softly. It was our first kiss. And I knew it would be our last. I got dressed and quickly left. I started to drive home, a mixture of emotions. Part intense guilt. Part insanely satisfied.

I had just cheated. I was a cheater. It felt so wrong and dirty and I knew deep inside myself I would never ever stray again. But I also had the sweet satisfying memory of the sexiest, sluttiest girl I’d ever met, and her gorgeous face as she came violently on my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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