Paradiso Ch. 04

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Day 2

I awoke to the sound of Lauren and Sara talking and laughing. It was morning and the apartment was filled with light. I rolled out of our big, messy bed; the sheets all twisted and stained with our dried sex juices, and walked into the kitchen. They sat on the other side of the island counter and were eating mixed fruit from little bowls. Both young women had that sexy, disheveled look and I imagined I looked the same. They smiled at my approach.

“Morning, sleepy.” said Sara. I returned the smile and sat across from them as Lauren slid another bowl of fruit toward me.

“Well I think I should thank you two lovely young ladies for a wonderful evening.” I said, taking a bite of a piece of melon.

“It was our pleasure.” Lauren replied.

“I dare say it was a pleasure for all of us.” added Sara.

“So what’s on tap for today?” I asked, popping a sliced strawberry into my mouth?

“First, we get washed up.” said Sara. “Then Lauren and I head down to the beach.” That puzzled me.

“What about me? Is this just a girls only thing?” I knew this vacation was for living out fantasies and I didn’t expect to be joined to Sara at the hip, but it was a little disappointing to think that I was being cut loose this quickly. We hadn’t even been here a full day yet.

“Actually I got a surprise for you.” She and Lauren gave each other a knowing look and I knew they had concocted something wicked. My curiosity was piqued but I knew Sara well enough to just wait it out, whatever it was.

After we had finished our breakfast and some conversation including reliving some of the hotter moments of the previous day, the three of us went to the bathroom. I went to the toilet and lifted the lid. Sara stood next to me and watched. Her face always took on this adorable fascinated look whenever she watched me pee. I didn’t understand it myself. Watching her pee didn’t really do anything for me, but to each their own.

I gathered up my toiletries and turned to the sink counter. Both Lauren and Sara had begun brushing their teeth and I could see their beautiful backsides and their fronts from the waist up in the mirror. Their nude forms were stunning but, as sexy as they were, being unclothed for the last day had also made their nudity feel perfectly natural and casual.

I joined them at the counter and began brushing my teeth. We had just finished when the doorbell rang. I wondered if it was some kind of room service, but Sara practically started bouncing with excitement.

“It’s here!” she squeaked. “Come on, Gary. I want to see your face.” When Sara gets this excited it usually means I’m in for something wild.

Sara put me in front of the door and wrapped her arm around mine. Then Lauren turned the knob and opened the door to reveal a willowy Asian woman with pale skin, jet black hair tied behind her head in a ponytail and the thinnest little landing strip of fur over her otherwise bare pussy. She wore a white anklet and had one of those travel cases on wheels.

“Good morning.” She said brightly with just a tiny hint of some European accent. “I’m Danielle and I’m here for your massage.”

“Surprise!” Sara purred.

I was dumbstruck and just stood there a moment with what I imagined must have been the world’s stupidest grin, but Sara saved me from total humiliation. She stuck out her hand and welcomed Danielle inside then introduced the three of us to the sultry masseuse.

“I’m the one who called,” explained Sara “so Gary here doesn’t know what he’s in for.” Danielle smiled and began to explain.

“Well, we’ll begin in the shower and I’ll wash you, then we’ll soak in the tub and I’ll begin the massage there. Once your pendik escort muscles are relaxed I’ll lay down a mat on the floor and we’ll have a full body to body contact massage.”

“That sounds amazing.” I managed to say. I could feel my cock beginning to stir already.

“That does sound amazing.” Lauren agreed.

“Lauren and I are going to be going to the beach while you give Gary his massage,” Sara explained “but if it’s alright could the two of us share the shower with you before we go?”

“Of course.” Said Danielle. “There’s plenty of room.” Indeed there was more than enough room in our oversized shower.

The four of us headed straight there, Danielle pulling her wheeled case alongside of her. Danielle turned on two of the three shower heads and a spray of hot water cascaded down over her lovely naked body. She took me by the hand and pulled me into one of the hot sprays, while Lauren and Sara got under the other.

Danielle reached for the soap dispenser and came back with and handful of foamy lather which she began applying to my back. Her hands moved over my skin very slowly, making small circles that moved lower and lower, an inch at a time. When she reached my buttocks her thumbs worked their way between the cheeks and gently pulled them apart. A moment later I felt her fingers gently gliding over my sensitive anus.

“Holy shit.” I heard Lauren whisper. I looked over to see Sara’s back against the shower wall and Lauren standing next to her, finger banging her pussy while the two of them watched me getting washed in my most intimate places by this eastern sexpot.

I closed my eyes and moaned softly at the pleasurable sensation of Danielle’s fingers circling my asshole and then rubbing my taint before gently caressing my balls, tugging lightly on the loose skin of my scrotum. By now my cock was at more than half-mast. Her hands then continued down the insides of my thighs, then down my claves and finally started to make her way back up. Just as slowly her hands worked the outsides of my thighs, my buttocks, hips, ribs and then shoulders. Danielle then asked me to turn around.

When I did as she instructed I opened my eyes again and saw Sara and Lauren locked in a deep French kiss and they were both now furiously stroking each other’s clits. Suddenly I felt Danielle’s fingers on my cheek turn my head toward her and she leaned in and pressed her lips to mine. As her hands had been, her tongue moved slowly and sensuously in my mouth, caressing my lips and tongue while her hands caressed my shoulders. She broke the kiss and I leaned against the wall, relaxing and enjoying the sensations of her fingers teasing my nipples. They lingered there for a while before moving down my stomach and finally my now fully erect penis. She stared right into my eyes while her fingers moved up and down my length, teasing the sensitive skin.

Off to my right I heard either Lauren or Sara moaning with an orgasm but over the noise of the showers and in my own reverie of pleasure I couldn’t tell which one. Slowly Danielle sank to her knees and began to lick the swollen pink head of my cock while her fingers glided over the shaft. Her head then dipped down and took my first two inches into her warm mouth, her tongue stroking the hardened flesh.

While she sucked and licked my cock her hands kneaded the muscles of my thighs and fondled my balls and would occasionally slide back between my buttocks to tickle my tight asshole. While this was going on I heard the second showerhead shut off and opened my eyes again to see Lauren and Sara exiting through the stall door. Sara turned to look over her shoulder and said, çekmeköy escort “Have fun.” With a smile and a wink. I turned back to the young woman sucking my prick and in a moment the two of us were alone. It wasn’t long before my groin began to tighten and I knew that soon my cum would be shooting down the throat of this hot little Asian massage expert. However just before I reached the point of no return she pulled her face back and stood up.

“Come with me.” She said, taking me by the hand. She turned the faucet off and led me toward the tub. I knew what she was doing. Sara had done this with me many times. She was going to bring me just to the edge of cumming as many times and for as long as she could before letting me finally ejaculate. It was a test of endurance and my ability to delay gratification, but this was how Sara had given me some of the longest, most intense orgasms of my life.

I just went along with Danielle, putting myself in her skilled hands. She led me to the tub and sat me down on the edge. She then turned on the faucet, carefully gauging the temperature and adding soaps and bath oils as she went. As she did this she would frequently stroke my cock a few times to maintain my aching erection.

The tub was soon full and she eased me down into it while she sat behind me, my back pressed up against her pretty tits. The soap and oils made my skin gently tingle and her touch was tender but firm as she worked the muscles of my arms, shoulders and chest. My dick never softened as she was always careful to let a hand slide down my body every minute or two to lightly stroke my shaft and rub the sensitive head. All the while she would use her lips and tongue to tease my neck and ears. I turned my head to taste that beautiful, warm mouth again and she eagerly began sucking on my tongue.

Finally she told me to sit up on the edge of the tub. When I did she pushed my legs apart and reached into her case, retrieving a small bottle of oil that she applied to her hands. Danielle then proceeded to give me one of the most incredible handjobs I’d ever gotten. Every stroke was like silk, the oil creating a warm, smooth friction between her hands and my penis. My breathing quickened and my groin began tightening again, but she pulled back, just as she sensed my orgasm approaching. Three times over the next fifteen minutes she led me to the precipice but pulled me back just before going over the edge. I wanted desperately to cum, but she wouldn’t let me. When she saw my tortured pleasure she smiled and stood me back up on wobbly legs.

Danielle led me back to the shower to wash off the soap and again she took my cock in her mouth and held me there, at the line, but never crossing it. When the warm spray had washed us both clean she shut off the water, went to her case, got out a foam rubber mat and unrolled it on the shower room floor. She had me lie on it, face down, and a moment later I felt her begin to pour oil over my back. My straining rod was pressed between the mat and my stomach, and I could practically hear it screaming for release. When the oil coated my skin Danielle straddled my hips and began massaging my buttocks and back with the whole front of her body. Up and down my prone form she used her whole self as a massage tool, skin to skin. I could feel the contours of her body; the swells of her breasts with their stiff little pink nipples, her shapely hips, her smooth, flat stomach and of course her silken pussy. Without willing it a moan escaped my lips and Danielle giggled.

“It sounds like you’re enjoying this.”

“Fuck, Danielle. This is the best massage I have ever had.” That elicited another maltepe escort giggle. After a few minutes of this she had me turn over and once more she applied oil to my skin before sensually rubbing her body against mine. She started with her face down by my hips, where she would give my cock head a playful lick. Then she would slowly push herself up my body until we were face to face and we would softly kiss, before she made her way back down. By the tenth repeat of this pattern I was writhing in barely restrained ecstasy. Danielle sensed it was time. She moved her hips against mine until my cock poked between her legs and came to rest against her slick pussy lips. Then she angled her body so that we lined up perfectly, and eased herself down on my rod.

Her pussy was warm and wet and soft and felt even better than her hands or mouth had. Achingly slowly one inch after another began to disappear into her tight little treasure. Once her hips came to rest on mine she leaned forward, her nipples pressing into my chest, and pressed her mouth to mine in a luscious French kiss. Danielle started moving up and down my body in a shortened version of the motion she had made earlier. Three or four inches one way, then the other. Our mouths never broke the kiss and her pussy milked my dick until I felt my orgasm coming, once again.

Danielle sensed I was about to cum, but this time instead of pulling back she sped up and sent me crashing through the barrier. Normally when I cum a warm sensation spreads through my groin, a sweet tension that builds and then explodes. Only now the tension grew larger than it normally did. The warmth spread through my stomach and chest, then all my limbs. In that prolonged moment it felt like every inch of my body was my penis and every touch on every inch of skin brought forth as much pleasure as the delicious Asian cunt now stroking my sensitive stiffness. Then, like a tsunami, the wave broke and an orgasm as intense as any I had ever experienced burned through me. I heard a moan of pleasure turn into a cry and only realized afterward that it had come from me. I fell into a timeless void where the only thing that existed was ecstasy. Jet after jet of hot cum flowed into the tight hole gripping my cock and once more Danielle’s hot mouth pressed against mine and our tongues swirled and caressed one another.

I couldn’t tell if my orgasm lasted seconds or days, but slowly the pleasure began to ebb and was replaced by a wave of satisfied exhaustion. Every muscle in my body was completely relaxed and Danielle lay motionless on top of me, her pussy muscles slowly squeezing the last drops of semen from me. For a time the only sound I could hear was our heavy breathing. Then, once our breathing had returned to normal, Danielle slowly began to rise off of me, my softening cock slipping from her velvety pussy.

I looked up at her glorious form, standing like a sexual goddess over me. She reached down for my hand and pulled me back up to my feet. She then led me back into the shower. The two of us stepped under the warm spray and Danielle began washing the oil off of my skin. Her fingers caressed every inch of me and she rubbed our bodies together. The warm water and soap and oil made our skin slide smoothly over one another. When the last of the oil had been washed away she turned off the water and started toweling me dry. Soon the both of us were dry and she led me by the hand back to the bed.

I thought that maybe she was going to get in with me and we were just going to fuck, but once I had laid down she covered me with the comforter, reached up to my face, closed my eyelids with her fingertips. A moment later I felt her lips press lightly against mine. Then she pulled back, I heard her gather up her things, her footsteps walking toward the door, and then I heard her leave. I breathed in deeply and enjoyed the warmth and satisfaction radiating out from my chest all the way to my fingers and toes. I kept my eyes shut and drifted off to sleep.

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